We bottomed out this yellow line once again were still stuck between the range. So we take this out. You know theres going to be more support down here. At 207, but the only supports that im looking at are two zero three and nineteen four. If we end up breaking nineteen four, that means that the bottom isnt in and were most likely going to make a new low, so keep an eye on that. A couple things i did want to look at the dxy is still trying to pull back so thats a good sign. If we go to the market cipher, which i already have – oh no, i dont – i guess i got rid of it. Um lets see were getting some red dots coming in, which is a good sign. We got one on the weekly um just now. Actually and then the euro were getting a green dot which its not the its, not the biggest thing so dont like oh, we got ta pile in now, dont. Think of it like that. What im waiting for personally is a green dot on the euro. For us to have a potential move higher. Another thing i wanted to mention was the stock rsi on the euro is actually trying to curl up on the monthly again its, not the biggest sign, but its a good sign, because if we can end up pumping higher on this, then we should see a move To the upside same thing, on the smaller time frames 10 days, starting to curl up as well and then four day as well, actually already up here.

Another thing i want to point out was the weekly. I think it was the weekly or maybe it was the monthly actually, the monthly stock rsi. Oh, it might have been oil, but the monthly stock rsi on the dxy is flat lining which it can hang out here for a long time. Its just something to point out and as you can see here just because it comes down, doesnt necessarily mean that the dxy has to fall, but well see a slow in the push higher, which is obviously a good sign. And then i think it was oil. Something had a really good: oh yeah, it was oil. So then, if we look at oil, which we know if oil comes down, then inflation would have most likely peaked. The monthly stock rsi is trying to bottom as well as a sell, a red dot rather on the monthly, which is a good sign, so its still too early to say. But these are the couple of things that im looking at. We need to see oil and food come down if we look at wheat. Wheat is also flipping red on the stock rsi, along with a red dot on the monthly. So again, if the price of wheat comes down, i would imagine that would that would lower the prices of food, and we know that food and oil well, food and energy, rather are the two main sources of inflation rising. So if we can see a peak in oil and food, then we should be in the clear which is what im looking for, and i think personally, we still make a new all time.

High im, trying to find out where we are. My theory is coming along. A little bit better um. This is what we got so far. I think were gon na top sometime in spring of next year, because if you dont watch the live streams, theres too much to explain in such a short video. But if you overlay the cutout from 2017 like if you take the 2017 bull run and you nail it to the beginning of the bow run were in now, if you include this accumulation, you get the second peak and if you take it out, you get the First peak, so i think the fractals are trying to tell us that the peak is probably somewhere up here. So this is what im looking for. The time frame is unknown. Still, i think somewhere in the springtime and then another thing as well is, if you uh yeah, well, leave it at that. I dont want to make it too long so, but thats pretty much it again. I dont really have much to say in the short term. We we really need to hold that one um 19. What is it 19, 3, but other than that were just going sideways. So if we end up selling off overnight so be it were still holding the yellow line. But if we break the next major support is 2 0 3 and then obviously we have 19 3, which again, if we lose that most likely means the bottom isnt in and we would drop down to 16k cant be bullish in the macro until we get back Over 25k, in my opinion, so thats pretty much it best of luck, as always just my opinion.