We are going to be bringing you the latest on the vasel update. As you guys know, weve been looking forward to vaso launching here in june of 2022. As this would bring about a multitude of major changes to cardano, and if we dont see cardano go through with these updates, then its going to be difficult for cordon to keep moving forward. We expected it with launch this month, but it has now been delayed by four weeks so that the team over at cardano iohk can work out a few more bugs and allow it to go onto test net. In this video we are going to be breaking down. All of the different factors going into cardanos vasel update and were also going to be taking a look at the price. So if you enjoy todays video make sure to hit that like and subscribe button without much further ado lets go ahead and dive right on into it. Music, colorado developers delay vasel, upgrade citing bugs seven bugs remained outstanding before the change could be implemented, and this is something cardanos founder charles hoskinson, and i talked about in an interview a long time ago here on the channel, which i would encourage you to go back And watch he did a phenomenal job and it was great to hear from the man himself one of the things that he talks about quite a bit is that the more complex a project like cardona becomes the larger something called the attack surface becomes, and if the Attack service continues to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Then the concern that we run into is that you have to make sure that everything you were building is able to be defended properly with code. Cardano has had a founding principle that they will not launch something. If they dont believe its ready, because they want to build it right, the first time. So when we see a delay happening on cardano its, not something that i find concerning, because i know that they are only delaying so they can launch it the right way – and i do believe after these four weeks are up, that we will see vasel launch on Time at this new time that has been determined basil, a network upgrade that would increase scaling capabilities on cardano is now slated for a late june release on cardanos test network. It was originally going to go, live on the main net in the late june, but now well be going live in a test net so that developers can work out a few kinks. The input output, global engineering team behind cardano is extremely close to finalizing the core work with just seven bugs still outstanding to complete the hard fork work with none currently ranked as severe developers said. After some consideration, we have agreed not to send the hard fork update proposal to the test net to a day to allow for more time for testing developers said that few outstanding items were needed to confirm everything was working as expected, and they would need a few More days to do that, that puts us behind schedule on our previously communicated target date of june 29th for a main net hard fork launch.

However, the developers do believe that the main lodge will be live within the next four to six weeks, which will be phenomenal because the last time that we had a major change to cardano get implemented alonso was back last summer on the cardano price action. And, as you can see, not only did cardano rally through the launch it actually rallied for a month afterward as well. So lets take a look at the price action really quickly. What do we expect will happen this time, because last time, when we saw a major update, alonzo, the price was already in a bull market, and so it continued to rally in this case were in a bear market and moving on into an accumulation phase here on Cardano considering its already retraced 85 from all time high. In my opinion, it is unlikely that youre going to see a massive rally out of cardano as a result of vasel. However, there is historical precedent to say that that could happen. The question that we are going to have to answer and that youre going to have to answer is: do we believe that when basil does finally go live, is that update going to give the power that cardano needs to continue going into a rally? I cant tell you one way or the other on that. What i can tell you is that basil is one of the most impactful updates. That cardano has ever seen its going to be increasing decentralization, its going to be increasing throughput of the blockchain, its also going to help bolster all of the functionality behind the decentralized application space on cardano, and it also will help developers on the back end building dapps.

For the cryptocurrency, allowing for its decentralized application, ecosystem to grow even faster, all in all cardano is in a phenomenal place right now, price action wise, because it gives us the opportunity to invest at a very low price, as developments are continuing to come down the pipeline And its also in a wonderful place, because developments are continuing to be done, there is a massive amount of development going on at cardona. One of the things charles hoskinson has talked about is that during bear markets is a thats a great time for us to work on cardano to work on developing core infrastructure, because people are not so concerned about the price, because a lot of the people that were Super excited about toronto, going into massive rallies have now left the space, and now you have the core audience left who just want to see fundamental developments, because they know fundamentals are upstream of the price. If youre looking forward to what cardano holds, then i encourage you to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel, because we will be keeping you guys up to date on all the updates going on on the vasel hard fork, especially as it gets closer. So make sure you stay tuned for more content in that direction. Before i go, i do just want to remind every single one of you to join the club. What club club defy it has finally gone into open beta and, if you sign up with the link in the description box down below youll, be getting access to nearly a hundred course.

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