. So once again, we have history repeating itself. Im trying not to hit my head on this damn hut and the reality is – is that these are the moments that usually people start to go away. They feel so down bad. They feel so distressed by the way the market has treated them, and we talked about this during the bull market, about how savage and how brutal these bear markets can be. Even i wasnt prepared for the collapse of ust luna celsius and all these things becoming for selling, but now that were here and seeing the bankers once again get hungry for these crypto assets makes me so excited because it doesnt mean were turning around and going up. Only in fact, in 2018, it really felt like the crypto ecosystem was purposefully being held down, range, traded and effectively. There was just too much distrust in the ecosystem and that distrust, i believe, once again, is going to lead to amazing buying opportunities. This type of news to me gives me an entirely new excitement beyond my already very obvious, strong, fomo and belief for crypto, and what its going to do to our overall internet, our societies in the future, but to see the bankers jumping in and joining the party. Looking to buy out celsius to me is a fantastic sign. It means that once again were entering into a market where smart money is starting to make their plays and get offensive, while everyone else is getting defensive, and that is precisely what you want to do with your own mindset now.

I know a lot of people probably dont have a ton of dry powder, and i understand that, and so, if youre in a place right now, where you dont have dry powder, what you need to be thinking about is the basics, saving making income doing whatever you Can to hustle, because in these markets the people who are able to invest – and i dont know how long the bear markets going to last this macroeconomic stuff is way way different than it was in 2018. But i know that if goldman sachs is jumping in trying to aggressively buy out celsius, that theres a reason and that most likely theyre not going to be underwater in their investment forever. So if you can buy and hold in these times understanding that you should only be buying projects that youre comfortable holding for not days not months but years, and this is that long term mindset the people who are able to think like this able to buy in These markets and able to just sit on the sidelines and wait for the markets to come around again. That is the very, very exciting proposition in front of us. I just wanted to cover this because i ive been traveling the last couple of days, but when i saw that news, i got this feeling that reminded me just of exactly the way it was in 2018 when you started seeing the banks buy in, and everybody thought We were just one candle away from another bull run.

What we now know is that these market cycles take so long to work out because of consumer confidence. It takes a while before people start feeling comfortable, throwing tons of their disposable income into this market, and hopefully, when the market turns back on again well have sustainable products with growing user bases and a real foundation for this industry to flourish. The amount of capital thats been destroyed is on par with its actually much bigger than the dot com bubble and whats happening in the macro economy is absolutely historic, so we just need to really be respectful and have patience as weve seen, patience and being able to Sit on your hands has been a key factor for those, especially in the fungible token market once again were seeing compared to ethereum non fungibles and good projects holding up and thats something that i believed was going to happen. Its certainly not happening in the fungible token market and its one of the reasons why i thought nfts were going to be a secret of the bear market and once again were seeing strong communities, at least in eth. Relative value hold up their values. Im going to be monitoring im going to be monitoring this situation closely. Once again, the housing market is looking like its getting onto its last leg were seeing earnings season which is going to be coming into play in the next few weeks and that could represent the next leg down again.

Weve just seen a lot of crazy political news. Im not going to get into it here, thats, not the point of this channel and its far far too emotional for too many people. So what i want to say is: we need to really be understanding the geopolitical situation whats happening in the macro economy and understanding that the fed still has their foot on the gas raising interest rates and creating quantitative tightening that is going to impact all markets. So once that cycle starts reaching its apex, the market can start looking forward to a pivot, but until then patience is the name of the game, slow, dca and ill. Tell you when i start making my big big buys. I still have a lot of my dry powder on the side that i was planning to use in this bear market because we really dont know quite yet. The extent of this macroeconomic situation and crypto is existing within a macro framework. So i hope this helps once again. This goldman news trying to buy out celsius is something that is super super exciting and i think very, very important and understanding is this time different. Is it really different because i dont think it is, i think, its quite similar to the last times, and that makes me excited once again to start going the other way once everybody thinks uh cryptos dead, its its all, just fugazi ive been having a lot of Meetings, business meetings and once again were getting the crypto bro memes were getting the the accusations of theres, nothing here, its all just speculation, its a big casino.

You could say the exact same thing about the stock market. All right. There is absolutely so much substance going on in crypto and i cant wait to be once again called crazy for the next few years, while we accumulate um, because i do believe that the market will return im, not exactly sure when but ill be there for it.