My name is classical theres always week over the most immersing news in crypto currency, but specifically gaming here in our gaming channel. Lets get right into this because i mean im telling you guys im still as excited as ever for gala games. I want to first start this video off by talking about their tournaments. They guys they have had one of the largest tournament pools in history. This was happening on spider tanks. It was happening on pretty much every gala game and not only that, but they also have so many games coming on here. Theres, actually an article out here right now, gala games, crypto price prediction for 2022 will gala recover and in this one they talked about the fact that gal games crypto seen a decrease of 38 percent and that you know gala is trading at 0.058 right now. Actually, if we look at gala games token right now, youre going to see that its actually up 10 on the day, so it is doing that much better than it was doing before, and this is as the overall cryptocurrency market today is up two percent. Now a lot of people have been saying – i will say this for you guys that are getting opium right now. That 25k is gon na happen and then were gon na dump down to 1413k. A lot of people are saying that the internet, historical price hasnt bottomed out yet now i dont know if thats happening, but in my opinion i think when it comes to gaming projects, weve been hit the hardest because of axiom fit on the oxy infinity dumped.

The overall crypto space got a bad look, especially nfts. They are the more risky than not assets, but in my opinion, gal games is a bit of an outlier because of its ecosystem. A lot of people say that theyre building marketplaces, such as to the level of steams but im here, to say that i think a gala games might have a shot at actually making this possible. In fact, theyve kind of got the layout pretty similar to steam. Theyve got the whole black on gray. I love that, but the thing we got to focus on a lot of people focus on the games here, but their store it works and they use gala guys they use gala. This is a token that people actually use. I mean theres, so many ecosystems out there with governance coins. That literally, do nothing. I mean guys. Are you trading axs for something else? I mean its literally just axs for axs, so im telling you guys gala games. People are already using this as a transactional tool to get items, so this already has an inherent value from that im telling you guys. Gala games is going to be one of these surprises in the crypto space. A lot of people have talked about gala games back in november. They win crickets. This is the time to get into assets like gala games when nobodys talking about them when more and more games are coming out for the ecosystem, guys they have partnerships with some of the best builders in web 2, going into web3 check this game out, i mean You can tell me this doesnt remind you of pub g.

It looks great and and thats just something that a lot of people have the stigma against cryptocurrency based gaming. They think its garbage. They think it looks terrible im telling you guys. This looks good, even spider tanks, this ones out already – and this is a mobile game right. We need mobile games. Mobile games make more money than pc games. Do they look better than pc games? Absolutely, not right? First off the screens that much smaller, they have to simplify things, but i will tell you that id rather play a mobile game if im on a trip than play a pc game, because i cant pull out my computer in an airport right. I definitely cant do that, but i can pull out my mobile device and get started, and so when i saw games like town crush get announced, i got really excited because im like okay well, this looks like candy crush. Yes, its a simple game, its a puzzle, game, but its another one on top of this ecosystem of so many games and thats how it should be more and more and more game stacking up. But the cool thing about gala games is that its not just games coming out guys these are gala node holders deciding what is going to end up being a part of an ecosystem. In fact, if you wanted a node today, 1.48 million gala right now and if you wanted to do the math on that guys, that is a lot of money to be able to own a gala no license.

So these are whales deciding the future of gala games and what enters the ecosystem. These guys know what works in this space and trust me ive seen the games here and they are performing very well anyway. Back to this article, they said that theyre expecting pretty much a slight increase in value thats, what they said. They said a 24 rally would be the maximum they would expect from the next gala games rally. If it were to happen. My opinion, i think, thats a bit conservative gala games moves a little bit weird. As you can see here on the metaverse rally. We really didnt see the move up for gala games until the latter end of this run only because gala games doesnt really have a lot of products out right now. So people to really think about it, remember in terms of a metaverse metaverses are what you make them out to be. Every ip intellectual property brand is technically a metaverse right anywhere. You can go the grand theft. Auto is a metaverse, you know theres, so many meta versus out there that, in my opinion, i think the gala verse right all of it combined will be one of the most grandiose metaverses out there, but until it really flushes out and we get that metaverse game On gala games, which it kind of is happening with mirandas, but im gon na be honest with you guys, its more of an mmrpg than just a whole gala verse, metaverse its just a mirandis metaverse, so well see what ends up coming from this im sure theres Gon na be a lot of interoperability, thats a word that a lot of people toss around it just means that you can use the assets from one nft to another.

Nft from another game, so well see how interoperability happens on gallo games. But the fact is that theyre already on the gala games ecosystem so im sure its going to be that much easier to make the possibility and thats pretty much. Why im still very very bullish on gal games and im surprised that gal games is at 6 cents and as long as its at the six cent mark, im gon na be buying more gala games. So let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Regarding gala games. Crypto currency, my name is classic crypto.