Im not huge into cryptocurrency, but again, i think, based off of current price levels, its something that has caught a lot of peoples attention. One of the things that i want to remind you is: please never put yourself in a position that you cannot tolerate. Yes, theres the potential for cryptocurrency to recover and it could exceed previous all time highs. But with that being said, it could also not recover and continue to sell off. So make sure that you only put yourself in a position in which you can tolerate making sure you take worst case scenario into consideration, and i think that this chart does a beautiful job explaining to you for bitcoin ethereum and i had to add it dogecoin. If you were to invest a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars a hundred thousand dollars, what is the roi potential based off of current price points, all time highs, and what does that roi percentage? Look like i love putting things into perspective and again, if you guys want to download uh this little excel sheet, i made it free and available to all of our traders that are part of our free trading group chat and thats, going to be that first link In the bottom of this video, the first link in the description make sure you click it make sure you join. You can join over 40 000 free members all over the world and you guys can download this uh quick little excel sheet and its available in the announcement section.

So lets go ahead and jump ill jump right into it. Uh bitcoin right now trading at twenty thousand dollars. I set my overall market value and it um pretty much as an expectation of where i want to buy bitcoin eighteen thousand dollars. I mean the last time that bitcoin was at eighteen thousand dollars. When was this. This has to be back in you know: twenty twenty yeah last time it was at twenty thousand dollars um. It was back in 2020, so pretty much has given back to everything for the past two years is unfortunate for a lot of people that were invested, but for people like you and i, if youve never really invested into bitcoin and or if its, not really something That you partake in you know, maybe this could be our chance right so with a hundred dollars. First, let me explain to you: what is the roi potential well based off of previous all time highs of 69 000 for bitcoin and based off of current desired price levels? For myself again, you can change. This is eighteen thousand dollars if it were returned, if it were to return to sixty nine thousand dollars. That is a three hundred and eighty three percent return for ethereum. One of my personal favorites from nine hundred dollars is my target buy price if it were to return to previous. All time highs again. Expectation into gold doesnt actually have to happen, thats a 541 percent return and then dogecoin right right now, trading at around five to six cents, a share if it were to if it were to return to previous all time highs of 74 cents.

That is a 1 488 return based off of what i calculated here. I did this for fun. You definitely dont have to, but i put overall expectations. People think that bitcoins going to hit a million dollars. You guys can, let me know down in the comments section, people think ethereums going to hit a hundred dollars per coin, and then people think that dogecoin is going to hit a dollar per coin. With that being said, that would be a 5 55 return based off of current price points. This would be an 11 000 return and this would be a 2 000 return. So what does this break down right because were all at different levels right? Just because i might be willing to risk a thousand dollars, doesnt mean that you need to right. Well, you might have a different risk. Tolerance, and i mean this in a very encouraging way. We have a lot of people that might be willing to risk much more than me right. I have friends that um have six figures in uh crypto. I dont know if i would feel super comfortable right now with whats going on to have a hundred thousand dollars plus in crypto thats. Just not where my risk tolerance is the stock market thats a different story. I dont know if i have that trust in crypto, but again thats just me with that being said, ten thousand dollars. That seems a little bit more realistic for me right for you.

It might be a hundred thousand, maybe its a thousand, maybe its one hundred. But what does that correlate to if we do return to previous highs with one hundred dollars? Thatd be right under four hundred dollar return: im, sorry uh right under three hundred and eighty three dollars with one thousand dollars. That would be a three thousand uh. 38. 35 return with ten thousand, that would be a thirty eight thousand dollar return and with a hundred thousand, that would be a three hundred and eighty three thousand dollar return, ethereum from a hundred dollars to five hundred from a thousand to five thousand from ten thousand. To fifty four thousand from a hundred thousand to over half a million and now one of my favorites not that im actually gon na, invest in it because i probably wont the dogecoin right from 100 to nearly 1500 from 1 000 to nearly 15 thousand. From ten thousand to nearly fifteen thousand im, sorry, a hundred and fifty thousand and from a hundred thousand to nearly one point, five million dollars kind of sounds like the dodge coin. Millionaire right went in 100, 000 and now im sure its probably not feeling the best again. This is one of the things that we love to talk about within our group, its we always like to encourage you to walk in profits and yeah. You might miss that on a little bit, but guess what its a high risk high reward type of market and if you just feel like its not worth the risk anymore.

Because of how much money you made the idea of locking in profits. If thats your focus, you should never be discouraged to not do so. Right always put yourself in a position where you have enough money that you feel motivated to take it seriously, but not so much that you become an emotional mess. If things begin to go south – and this is only something that you can manage yourself right – this is something that youll have to work as time goes on, but i think that this is whats most exciting about investing its that nothings guaranteed right. Everything is earned based off of your ability to tolerate the time that it takes for these markets to recover if they recover, but heres. The last thing that im going to leave you with. I would rather be someone that prepares for an opportunity and doesnt actually have to you know and lets say an opportunity. Doesnt present itself. Who cares right, but i would hate to be someone that doesnt prepare for an opportunity and then the opportunity does present itself and you arent prepared to take action so kind of just think about it. Would you rather be someone that takes time? Takes this into consideration and sees you know, hey do i feel comfortable investing a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, ten thousand a hundred thousand. Whatever the case might be, it could be fifty dollars, it could be one dollar, it could be five hundred its all relative to what it is that youre okay with, but i like putting things into perspective and also taking into consideration the risk management.

So i think that again its those that prepare for their future self that end up making a big difference and im very excited to follow up with the overall market. I hope that you guys are too. I was thinking about doing this for a couple of the stocks that im a little bit more heavily invested in in the stock market. So you guys can. Let me know down in the comments section if you guys think that would be a good idea. But overall, i really do appreciate you guys time again. I personally use weeble to buy my cryptocurrency and i also use weibo when it comes down to trading in the stock market. So if you guys want to download weibull its actually going to be the second link down below in this video, and you will actually earn up to six free stocks, just by using my link and funding your free account, one dollar just making sure that youre aware Youll automatically get two free stocks, but if you actually fund it at least one dollar, then you get an additional four stocks. So a total of six uh and again you have another trading platform. A lot of people dont know that they can have more than one trading platform, so i just want to make sure that youre aware of that it is for free and its available to all those that are within the united states. I really do appreciate you guys time.

I personally trade live every morning exclusively with my learn plan: profit 2.0 team. If you want to be able to watch me, trade live as soon as tomorrow. I encourage you. Take two minutes. Click. The third link down below of this video learn a little bit more about alarm plan profile group and see if you guys want to join us as soon as tomorrow at market open. I hope that i earned a thumbs up um, please consider subscribing.