My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video and right now i want to show you that bitcoin is currently breaking out right now out of this inverse head and shoulders. My long position is right. Now, 200 percent in profit 200. All of you guys who are trading on buy with my link down below, are making money currently very, very, very, very good. Leave a thumbs up down below if youre one of those people um and dont, forget guys. If you scroll down below this video and press the buybit link ill show you look at this. If you click this link right here, then you get four point. Five thousand dollar bonus only for the next few days here and zero percent maker fees for 30 days. Incredible only for experienced traders guys um so yeah. What im seeing here is this massive inverse head and shoulders and a breakout is currently happening, so were already 200 in profit, because we called the bottom correctly right here together, i told you: this is the bottom for the time being, uh we we pumped from there And then i showed you this bigger uh inner head and shoulders, and this is the breakout. Obviously i would love to see more volume here. So im not gon na go crazy with a two million dollar position. However, im gon na show you right now uh what im gon na do basically um im, adding im doubling this position right now so im over on by bit, im clicking buy long and right now im confirming to double the position there.

We go now its double the size. I just added a bunch of bitcoin to this position. Um and um im doing that over on five bits. So currently we have this inverse and shoulders and um. Of course nothing is guaranteed here but uh, but we did see a fantastic pump from the bottom. We might see a smaller retest of the the support here, but hopefully we might be able to see bitcoin uh break towards that side. But for me to add, like um millions to this position, we need to see some big volume confirming the breakout because right now, theres a big risk that we might just come back down like this, unless the volume can confirm this breakout so uh, there is risk Here, theres risk here for sure, but theres always risk risk reward thats. What were what were looking at here, always uh looking at ethereum ethereum is also getting a beautiful, beautiful rebound here after this um bullish divergence. And if you want to trade ethereum, you can do that. Also over on bible to the link down below uh were breaking some pretty nice resistance here uh, but the biggest resistance that i want to see broken. Is this one right here? At 1240, approximately thats uh thats, basically our big level to watch um and um yeah bitcoin – is essentially right. Now uh, hopefully going to close this cme gap. Remember theres a gap right here at 29k approximately so, hopefully we will see bitcoin break back up to 29k.

With big rebound, we make some good money on that balance. Back up, take some profits and maybe then we see a reversal and we then try to catch the bottom again. Thats. What im trying here, uh personally and um yeah the whole crypto market, seems like its kind of collapsing a bit because of uh all these different defaults. We saw um three or four exchanges now halting withdrawals which is not so nice, obviously um, but um yeah binance is okay. By bit is okay. They completely fine uh personally, im trusting that theyre, its all fine, but you know, celsius went under. We had um three hours, capital becoming insolvent, and i heard another two exiting exchanges, also in trouble. Um, usually smaller exchanges, though um celsius is the only one thats like a very big one, um, but yeah crazy times crazy times. Uh leave a thumbs up down below.