Why now may be the last time for you to stack your sats and get one bitcoin before the price explodes you definitely want to stay tuned. Whats up everyone randall here from crypto of todays video, were taking a look at a bunch of charts suggesting. Why now may be the last opportunity you have to own one entire bitcoin before the price goes intergalactic before we go into it guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell come join us over on twitter at thecryptolove. Lets get a thousand likes and lets begin with extreme fear. 12. Pretty much same weve been in for months now, its been a long time. The overall market down one percent today, bitcoin at 21, 336 ethereum at 1228, bnb at 2′, xrp, 36 cents, cardano, 50 cents. Solana, 40 and dogecoin seven cents and if you wan na, know the top coins today based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, they would be woo network storage, helium unit swap and trust wallet. And if you wan na check out token metrics for yourself theres a one week free trial by clicking the link down in the description now today, it turns out that we are currently in the largest bear market. That bitcoin has ever had surprised. I was too, but if we measure the integral function, an area under the bear market curve in the log chart, this is a good impression of this current bear market, currently the biggest area under the curve in bitcoins history time to reverse.

We can see here the area under the curve is 1.026. Previously we were only at 0.893 or 0.952, so this is by far the worst bear market that bitcoin has ever seen and as of right now, there are basically five price valuation models for bitcoin. According to plan b, we are right now on the middle one, the difficulty valuation model were below the stock to flow model and the time model the time model is at 70. 000.. The stockton flow model is at 60, 000.. The difficulty in light blue, where we are, is 22 000 and then underneath of us theres, the mining cost in green at 14, 000 and the utxo transaction in purple at eight thousand dollars. So right now we are sitting in the middle, but taking a look at some charts. Bitcoin does appear like it is repeating history. Once this metric rolls over the bitcoin bottom may be in, we can take a look historically at the realized. Wallaces bitcoin denominated 60 day rate of change from real plan c that when we had a rollover, so we had a real big spike to the upper side and then spike to the lower side. Well, that spike to the lower side was actually after the bottom. The spike to the upper side was actually when the bottom occurs. So right now we have a spike to the upper side. If we get a spike to the lower side, that would tell us most likely.

The bottom is already in. If we take a look at this from stock money, lizards, the ehlers de sarcastic cg oscillator, adjusts to the constantly changing market cycle length. Bear markets end whenever it leaves the oversold area which it is in right now. The oversold area we can see historically as soon as it turns green and starts going up bear market is over bull market. Historically huge bull runs. We are down in the territory as soon as it starts to turn over. That could suggest the bear market is over the rational route, saying hey bitcoin price bounced off of the floor. We knew based on the bitcoin on chain bottom indicator, that this floor bounce would likely happen at 18.7 thousand dollars we broke through the mezzanine we broke through the short term holder call spaces. We bounced off the floor, like bitcoin has done time and time again suggesting that the bottom is likely already in where we are right. Now, the net unrealized profit and loss position of short term holders has reached levels that historically marked bitcoin macro bottoms. We can see when we are down in this low level that was historically bottoms, okay and when we had take a look at this, the weekly price momentum oscillator. We can see when it reaches up here this red line, those are tops and when it reaches down here this green line, those are bottoms, were at the green line right now, suggesting that we are at a bottom, this guy here, ki youngju, saying most bitcoin indicators.

Cyclic indicators are saying the bottom, not not sure how long it would take for the consolidation in this range, though opening a big short position here sounds does not sound like a good idea, unless you think that bitcoin is going to zero hes. Taking a look at a bunch of different oscillators like the knuckle, the mv rv ratio, the utxo bands, sopr ratio, miners position index and point multiple, all these suggesting based on bitcoins cycle, that we are near or in a bottom and right now, when we take a Look at the bitcoin heat index right now, its freezing today and winter is the best time to stack bitcoin. You can see historically, when we were in this blue area, the best time to stack bitcoin, which brings us to this small time. Investors achieve the one bitcoin dream, as bitcoin holds the twenty thousand dollar range. This could be the last opportunity for you or for anyone else to own bitcoin. Remember theres. Only ever 21 million bitcoin up to 6 million of those are already lost, so really 15 million bitcoin there, i think, are 32 million millionaires in america alone, so one bitcoin would have to be split between two millionaires, roughly making it worth at least two million dollars Per bitcoin, but we can see here some people like on reddit here ablest got his one bitcoin. I finally did it operation. One whole coin is now complete. Did it through dollar cost averaging stacking assets? Not only that but reddit user evening, main 5860, one bitcoin stacking sets just taking time little piece by little piece stacking, the sats being grateful.

The price is coming down because whats going to happen. Time keeps progressing whether we like it or not. Time keeps going forward, but in the year 2030 anan. Why did you pick up some bitcoin when it entered the oversold pink box on mvrv z, as we can see right here, where historically every time it picked up a bottom, because it was definitely going much lower and a lot of people are echoing that sentiment right Now, especially with the fear and greed index, where it is right now, theyre thinking, hey price is probably going to go lower and while it could theres no theres no way to tell exactly where its going. The likelihood of it going much lower is kind of small based on how every chart is saying: hey. We have a bottom, so thats all for todays video, if you did enjoy it, make sure like subscribe. Click notification bell make sure to stack your sass and get your bitcoin while you can because uh it may not be down at these levels forever or could go much lower. I dont exactly know.