A lot of short term and longer term stuff going on so make sure smash that, like button subscribe to the channel help out the algorithm push the stuff through that damn youtube algorithm to more people and ill be forever grateful. Plus. You can also leave me a comment down below with one of your favorite emojis ill, get back to you down there. All right guys lets crack on with the video were looking at bitcoin. This is the rejection that we have been following the line here at about 21 and a half thousand dollars, so this is going to come into play because we need to understand what the market wants to do next and then thats also going to help out our Cryptocurrency trades so were going to be following a few things today is obviously bitcoin, the overarching cryptocurrency that tells the market what it wants to do. Next, i want to look at an update of the s p, so the traditional markets as well to give us an insight as to what the bigger money is doing. I know we tend to forget about the s p, the traditional markets, but we need to know whats going on there to. Let us know whats going on over here, of course, the biggest cycle of everything, no matter what anyone says. The biggest cycle is the land cycle, so the economic rent, the land, the 18.6 year cycle, quick update there and then lets look at these crypto trades on a shorter term time frame.

I know people are loving to get out there into the djen plays and getting up on leverage. So i just hope that you are remaining safe. You are creating your plans and not entering markets until youve got a plan and if you need more information, obviously go check out the channel theres plenty of videos under playlists on what i do for exit strategies where i was entering. I did a lot of this stuff through the bull market, because i knew we had to take profits for the bear market. Its just natural you need to get in you need to get out for crypto needs to be quick for longer markets, bigger markets like the real estate cycle, its longer term stuff, while i talk about trading buy bit, is having their world series of trading on now. So use the link in the description you can get a much larger sign up bonus using that 4 450 bucks and you can join us over there in the team. Crypto hobos ill leave a link to this stuff in the top of the video description. So you just got to click those sign up and use that trading group if youre experienced – and you want to get involved in that over the coming weeks, because its just on for this period, all right, so the fear and greed sitting at 10. We dont need to ramble on about this too much. We know that weve been in extreme fear for quite some time now.

If i go back three months, we basically broke down into that extreme fear in around early may, so weve been plottering along down these low figures for some time, so extreme fear. We know the markets extremely fearful at the moment, its been doing nothing. The market has been down: what does the smart investor for the longer term do when these market conditions are down? Well lets take a look at the wall street cheat sheet. Yes, i think were sort of in this period here. What do they do? Well longer term? Is going to be buying theyre, not concerned if they get the exact low, but they wont have an idea of. Is that low a lot further down or a little bit further down? And i went through that in more detail in yesterdays video which ill leave a link to at the end of this video, so stick around for this, and you can go and check that one out put it on one and a half speed whatever you do. So you can watch it quicker to get that information in wall street cheat sheet capitulation, look were probably through the majority of the major capitulations. In my opinion. I know there are other people out there thinking 10 000 or 8 000 or 3 000 bitcoin. I i dont tend to think were going to get that far if we do of course, happy to be wrong and ill just go and buy some more, but i think were probably somewhere in that ballpark zone.

Now, like i talked about in yesterdays video in more detail, if you want to understand why, so if we do get any sort of falls into lower prices, then i think were sort of looking at something like this. Where weve had the capitulation and then we dump into that final area, where people get even more angry than what a lot of people are at the moment, and we could do another dump again. But it doesnt really matter, because i think the price range isnt going to be that far. The only difference is that is going to squeeze a lot of people out of the market. Is the time ive said that all along 2022 is going to be the year to buy, get the timing reasonably right? Doesnt have to be spot on, but if were looking at that timing, probably now mid year to end of year, pricing is going to be somewhere around this zone, but were just going to have to wait longer than the person who might buy in six months time. Theyll have to wait six months less for that next cycle. To kick on up. Speaking of our cycles. Lets take a look at the macro cycle. Where are we well the 18 year property cycle? This is the overarching macro view of everything in the entire world. Obviously thats my investment thesis and how i invest, where i put my money, whether its in real estate, stocks medals crypto, my primary two are real estate and crypto, and i leave cash there to then buy up in some of these macro dips im seeing 2022 as The mid cycle of this macro cycle, so i think its another good time.

The winners curse phase will come later in this decade, maybe 20 24 22, probably more, like 2025 2026. Something like that and you will see the same emotional uh feelings from the everyday person who is interested in the stock market and real estate. Uh youll see that because youve already experienced it in crypto youve seen what the d gens do in crypto. When things go. Nuts, that will happen again in real estate thats. Obviously, as i said, my thesis, which is why im investing in uh real estate now and im waiting for crypto to bottom out a little more bitcoin, you know were sort of in that zone now and other cryptos. I think will take another 6 12 18 months, something in that zone uh for that longer bottom before we start to move with those again. So this is where we are were just coming out of the first half weve, seen that correction in 2020, which is the covert crash and were sort of bouncing through the second correction. Now dont get too hung up about the highs. The highs can be higher. The main thing with this is the movement of the market: thats it the lows: dont have to be the same level. The highs have to be the same level, is the movement of the market, and so this move up is what were going to experience next, and this high may only come out just above these highs. So its got nothing to do with the exact area of the of the value on the side of the chart.

Its just looking at the movement of the market were going to have another big upswing and then well have a much more significant crash than what were currently experiencing, but i think this is still a few, maybe several years away before we get to this part here. Im, not you know, im, not blindsided, that this will never happen. It will happen, but its not. The time is not now thats going to be later on. So lets get back to the charts after weve had a look at all of that macro stuff. Taking a look at bitcoin and the rejections that weve seen since lets, call it the 17th so the last 11 days now that price is that yellow line here that ive put up 21 400 one rejection, so we didnt really know that was the price at the Time and you have to wait for the market to show you what that is next rejection. 21St. So we started to get an idea that its not able to get over that 21. 4. 21.5. Too easily. We come at it again. You can call this a small rejection here. We are on a four hour chart, so were looking at the micro at the moment. The micro term time frames theres the rejection and i called for this low around that 20 700 as an area that i would look to put my stops. If i was trading this on a a leveraged trade, you know looking to go long in the bitcoin market, because im still expecting us to go a bit higher, which is why ive talked about the the bull trap.

The you know the fake out to the upside anything like that, because i think thats, possibly what were trying to set up for here it is slow going. I dont think its going to be as big as what you know. We were hoping for in terms of that higher price, but we do still see a few rejections in the market still trying to hold up. So you can see all of these. These wicks here, uh higher price here rejected, rejected, lets, use uh. This little triangle rejected rejected, rejected even in this little space, and then we got the final rejection here before we came under tested the rejection and fell underneath this so im just using this range. Looking at the 50, the market is struggling at 50. Its trying to hold it so we need to close above 20 800 to keep the dream alive of testing the that 21 7, 21, 8 and then the 23 000 level and thats. Why ive got this level here? You can see the tops that came in as the market bounced before it fell into that final low or that current final low. So now that ive got the micro idea of whats going on for bitcoin, you know: weve looked at the macro review. Lets leave that aside for now, the micro on bitcoin is still attempting to come out and give us some more gains to the upside. It hasnt fully broken down yet and id be a little more concerned if we did break 19 and a half so thats.

This low here id be concerned there because its around the 50 percent, and now we can move this to the new top, which is just about there, and that will give us the price at about 19 7.. So if the market breaks down under 1970, then i would probably think that were not going to go on for that. Next leg up, cryptos have taken their profit and were just going to wait and see what happens next and then the final exit here area here is about under 19k. I think all right things are starting to look a little bit, not great for the short term. Looking at the daily, that was, the micro daily looks obviously quite similar, but the moves are just a little bit cleaner to see so im still hopeful that we can get to 21 and a half 7 21 7 up to 23.. That, then opens the door for the altcoins to have their move. Whats eath doing you know its on a similar sort of trajectory here. If we look at eth, this was our first target at one. So its still about 20 away – and this line here was still in play at about 1050 odd bucks as the support level to hold for those upper long targets for cryptocurrency, so im, seeing them as kind of like the easier targets here for the short term. Because theres not too much resistance along the way for things like eth at this point now, total 3 needs to be talked about as well, because this is all the cryptocurrency market caps.

So, im just checking off my list here as i go through my trades as to what is what is the market doing and is this in favor of my trades or is it not in favor of my trades? Is there still room to go up, or are we going to get rejected here and its going to be struggle street until we find another trade, so crypto total market cap total three excluding bitcoin, excluding eth weve reached pretty much near number one here so thats at About 400 billion market cap, so yeah ‘4 billion is what we reached. That should be quite obvious now, if you guys have been following im sure you have, i see your comments down there. You can see the resistance levels that come in as as we look at history to the left, all the history is to the left, and this gives us a ability to reasonably forecast to the right, because the right is blank. No one can tell the future 100, but we can get a little bit better of an idea of what may happen next. So these were all of the support levels. There was a support and guess what, when that market broke the support you can see that it just moved very quickly down thats, pretty clear. Look at that support came up, tried to get it again and then quickly down to the next levels, support and then broke down. So now were coming up to test that level against.

This is going to be the first level and theres not too much room to move for these altcoin trades at the moment, but they havent broken down thats one and two. The trend is still up. The short term trend for those trades is still up so theres. No reason just yet to say that this is over and we cant go back and retest this level at the moment. Number two is way up here and i had that on earlier. If you guys have been following im, looking at around that 580 billion level, just to give us that that quick, bump up and test higher prices, because this market has been so suppressed for so long, i figure that we will come and test something a bit higher Of course, weve got to get through here and maybe its better to say this is 2. This is 3., but i dont feel like this level and from what i can see. The objective view here is that this is going to be an extremely strong level. Of course could be wrong, but it hasnt shown that much in the past, because you know weve seen that level. Then i think if the market can get above that 400 billion, then it shouldnt get. It shouldnt be too hard to get past. That 480. lets wait and see the good news on both of those, even if im wrong is that if it gets past this first level at 400, that still leaves us enough room to run in those trades for the altcoins to get up to that that higher Price around 28 and in some of them, which well have a look at probably a little bit further to the 50 level.

Here before we get some more significant resistance, theres about 54 percent up to this level here so thats what im liking the look of so now that weve got that in the bag. The total cryptocurrency market caps looking at ether still a little bit of room to run there. Obviously this is going to be the key level on all of these charts that low from the week of the 13th of june. That was that major low thats going to be the key level to the breakdown of this entire thread and looking for shorts instead for a more macro daily, four hourly play weve still got some more upside there, so bitcoins done eths done. Total threes done were looking in this short term environment for these trades. So with that said on to solana, solana, we had the rejection about 42 bucks and now that we can look back, we can see that 42 wasnt in 42 was a good area for some resistance and using our trusty 50 tool, the low here at 2580. To that peak on that bounce of may at 59, look at where 50 is always always always always always use the 50 tool, because that will show you in advance what a price resistance area could be, and you can see that the market now has hit it. Weve had a few days down, so this has proven to be a resistance level trend is still up. You can see that, with our ti again swing indicator again ill leave a this will have a link in the description as well on how to how to use it, and you can grab that tool, but the trend is still up higher highs, higher lows.

This is how the tool is used, so you can see the the trend as well. So if we break through the 50, then we can run. We have the possibility to run from that 50 im going to measure from there up to that next resistance levels of of about 59 bucks, so getting closer to the ‘ percent, all right so im saying above that 50 because im looking for confirmation that the trade Is ready to go, we want to see it go above that close theres, a few more things you need in order of a plan to get above there now, if the momentum takes us through and we fall back under thats, a weaker signal and the stops should Be nice and close underneath these lows that you can see on the swing chart, so it basically gives you that idea. It shows you some of the areas that could be significant support levels depending on your time frame and areas to put those stops in order to protect the capital thats, the beauty about this yellow tool. Here it helps, this is a swing indicator, its what gann came up with, and it helps so much with identifying areas for stop losses and for profit targets as well. If we factor in or if we use this tool right here, the trend base, fib extension, just using it from tops to low, so that can help us as well thats how all of these pieces come together for a trade, so celina still has potential move up.

Has some room to move, provided we get over? The 50 percent ada is also in a similar sort of boat, but its looking a little bit weaker here as its still grinding within the same range, and you can see on the swings that its grinding in this range compared to solana, where it started to move A little bit further, you know its just having that room to run, whereas ada is being pushed back, but we can see its been pushed back by this downtrend. So if it can break above the downtrend, you know sort of 54 55 cents. Thatll give us some room to 65 and some more room to about 75 to 77 cents, so in terms of a percentage gain from the current price. These tops are 36 and theres about 59. So, overall, we can expect that the market may find some resistance here and if we can break through this shorter term resistance. The same deal goes to this total market cap. Then theres some room to room to run up to that next resistance point, like we pointed out its about 20 25 away on the total market cap, so that still is in line with what were doing with our crypto trades. Then, up to that major point about 55 percent, so its all sort of working in together im still liking the look of these provided they dont break down and on the s p, hasnt broken down yet were seeing shorter moves to the downside, so thats also a Good thing, because we know crypto and the traditional stock markets are intertwined, theyre still correlated, unfortunately, for a lot of people who believe they shouldnt be.

But you know we dont control, trillions and trillions of dollars. Here were just following what the market is doing and what the smart money is doing and what the charts are telling us. I cant, i cant tell you anything other than what i see on the chart here, based on based on my experience in the charts. So the good news here is weve got a long move to the downside, sure to move up, and then you can see this move to the downside is shorter than the previous one. So it looks like the steam is running out to the downside. For now its a good thing as well for cryptocurrency, so hopefully you can see that ive tried to tick all the boxes for a trading plan where im looking at the macros on bitcoin, the bigger plays here in the traditional markets, like your eighths, your smp. So the traditional market here as well whats going on out there are people looking to go risk on for a time being hours days or are they fully focused on risk off? So really, when i break it down im just trying to answer that one question risk on risk off and then ill go through and do all the analysis in bitcoin, eth, total market cap. Look at s p! Put it all together. Trading plan lets fire it away and see if we come up stumps stumps with any of the trades on this side.

If you are trading, you want a different exchange. Definitely check out. Buybit link is in the top of the video description up to 4450 of sign up bonuses, its a no kyc exchange, so you can protect your privacy over there and, of course, the world series of trading is on as well. So you can see how im putting all this together for a trading plan thanks very much like subscribe, ill, see you guys back here at the next video. Let me know in the comments what other cryptos you are looking at trading as well, and well, try and add those in into the upcoming videos.