Obviously, the main topic to the live stream was the fact that uh shebinu has been removed for staking from crypto.com, and i wanted to talk about this because crypto.com has changed everything again now i dont know if they let people know that they were going to change. Um, you know what you can stake and what you cant stake, because people were a little upset with what went on when she being some people were doing flex terms and theyre no longer doing flex terms. So i wanted to talk about crypto.com breaking some things down and show you guys uh. What has changed here? Im not gon na show you all the the cryptocurrencies, because i dont know the difference between the two. I wish i had a screenshot. That would have been amazing, but um were gon na get into this in a little bit, make sure you guys hit the like button hit. The subscribe button hit the notification bell for more videos like this one. Also, if you guys want to check out some of the links down below, feel free to check out those links, and if you want to follow me on twitter at perry8k, you can follow me on twitter. So this is not really going over any type of position when we talk about um, the cr cro, making some changes right. This is talking about a platform that an exchange that gives you or did give you so much value but has changed, and you know its changed multiple times in the past half a year or even year, right its changed quite a bit and some changes were for The better, where you see um, you know changes of instead of um cro its for cash, to give it a little bit more sustainability because the amount of cro could fluctuate.

You can have 400 000, and you know you end up staking it for the top tier card getting too much back, so its really for sustainability. It seems like a lot of it is for sustainability, but the recent changes that we have had with the staking program and the tiered system, a lot of people were against that also with the cards and dialing back the rewards that you can get a lot of People were against all of that, so theyve changed multiple times and its not something that im excited about to report, because i do believe in crypto.com as a big big part of my portfolio right, i hold a lot in crypto.com. I really like cro, i like their native token, and i talk them up constantly, so i want it to be nothing but positive, but i am going to talk about some negatives as well thats. What makes my channel as transparent as i can be because i try to be, or i try to show you the negative as well as the positives, and just you know give you all that information so, like i said, hit the like button hit the subscribe button, But if you go on to crypto.com, if you go into crypto.com youre, going to see um you go up to products and you go to crypto, earn its going to say. Um up to 14.5 uh pa rewards on on your crypto right and youre, going to see that here it comes up after you click on it, you get 14.

5 percent up to 14.5 percent right up to 10 um for stable coins. So it just depends how much you stake, but its not about how much you stake. That has changed its not about the fact that you have the tiered system, because you do have the tiered system and things do change as you do invest more. But if you scroll down and you go to the the amount uh or the reward rates right, the compare reward rates. Youre gon na see that um. If you compare this to how it looked before, there is significantly less coins – and i dont know every single coin that has been removed from this, but i can tell you one that has definitely been removed and two that has definitely been removed. Uh two dogecoin and chiba inu, so it seems like crypto.com, has removed quite a bit now. Why would they choose to remove these these coins from their staking list? Well, theres multiple reasons right, um, theres, a reason to where they could not see the benefit right. Um, because, if theyre not ending, uh, ending up gaining more people into the platform like gaining a lot more users onto the platform because of those being able to stake. Those youre not going to be able to or theyre not going to have that live also, if theyre not gaining enough of a benefit in the form of cash. So say: if you stake it a lot of times, theyre loaning, that out giving that out, so that they can get a higher percentage interest rate and if they cannot get a higher percentage interest rate theres, nothing in it for them theyre losing money on the deal.

So some of these exchanges will will opt in to a crypto coin to lose money just to bring in the traffic, so people will put on um lunik. They will put on shiba inu theyll put on dogecoin, because those are popular coins, popular tokens, that now you can stake on this platform and gain more, even though the platform or the exchange cant gain anything from it and thats whats kind of um eye opening right. You see that they do this, and you see that you think that theyre gaining some sort of percentage, but most likely theyre, not so for all the people that were staking flexible. If you were staking in a flex term, your staking period is over and youre not going to be able to gain any more shibinu. But if you were staking in a um what one month or three month fashion. So if you decided to go with a three month term, then you stay with that term. However many days you have left, i have two terms. I have one for one month that has like 19 days left or something or 14 days left. I cant remember, and then i have another one that has 40 something days left, because i had a 90 day term, so im still gaining my shiba inu, but after the staking period, theres no more staking for shibuyinu on crypto.com unless they decide to bring it back. In the next 49 days right or something like that, another position of mine was compound.

They took compound off the board and now you cant take compound on this this platform. So what do i plan to do with my crypto? Am i going to move my shiba inu? Not yet i i can tell you that im not greedy with my crypto i like to gain apy, i like to gain um passive income. I love it but im not greedy on certain positions she being new. I know i hold 400 million so im looking for that to be a long term gainer, and even if i did stake it for three percent, it would still uh get me up to 500 million, which could be a significant amount. But 400 million is perfectly fine. With me, im not gon na move it im gon na keep it on crypto.com or probably just move it into the d5 wallet and just have it in the wallet its its not going to be any changes there. So i just wanted to let you guys know that that has changed its kind of um. You know weird that i didnt at least get any updates. I guess maybe they did have something on twitter, but i havent been um. You know into crypto this this weekend. I was busy this weekend, so i didnt see any type of update on uh coins that were going to be leaving the platform, but shibeinu is no longer. If you were staking flexible, then you do not have anything staked there and you can move it to wherever you want.

There are other areas to where you can stake. It same thing with compound and im, not sure if theres any other ones. Besides, you know, obviously there has to be, but i cant picture what they are. You know shiba inu, dogecoin compound omg omg is not on here as well thats. Another position that i had staked or i have staked and im waiting for that to finish up but thats, a position that i cant stake now so obviously, uh crypto.com is changing things just to make sure they everything is 100 sustainable. You heard that they laid off what 10 of their workforce or something um thats, definitely understandable. I i dont like when people lay anyone off, but we understand that, if exchanges arent getting a lot of volume, theyre not getting a lot of fees which not theyre not bringing in a lot of revenue if theyre not staking um or if were staking – and they Are not getting anything in return, theyre losing revenue there or theyre getting less in return or break even, and it makes no sense its no benefit to them. So i understand where theyre coming from um, but maybe a little bit more of an update, would have been great and maybe we did have one i just missed it. I get a lot of notifications, so anyways thats. What i wanted to talk to you guys about um crypto.com, has changed everything again and i hope that things start to stay the same.

I know chronos will always be here so im going to stake it uh. I have it staked in the d5 wallet for 12. It may not be worth 12 um for long, but i am staking it and were gon na see what i can gain out of that passive income wise. But if anything was to go youre gon na see some of these other coins go. You might see something like vvs finance go even though its under the kronos network or text honey, even though its under the kronos network uh some of these other coins, like solana or bitcoin, maybe you wont be able to stake those over there, so anyways hit the Like button guys hit, the subscribe button hit the notification bell for more videos like this one.