com ticker symbol, crow. I want to break down why im still holding my position and why? I am bullish in the long term im going to keep it short and sweet if this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video it helps, reach more people and subscribe to the channel for more updates on co and other projects Within the chronos blockchain, and also if you want six totally free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars, use that link down below sign up for weeble deposit, just one dollar onto the platform and again youre going to get six absolutely free stocks worth All the way up to three thousand dollars guys lets go ahead and get right to it. Recapping some of our numbers on the day we are down a little bit over a three percent and to be fair, to be honest, i dont really care about this minor fluctuation. It doesnt really matter, especially in the long term, and you know before we even talk about the volume or the trading activity here on the technical side. At this moment, uh crow, it is. It is still way too early to say that we are setting ourselves up for a full on rise and for a full on recovery. We firstly need to position ourselves above 16 cents. At that point, its not even like you know, were showing signs of a massive bullish run. Its barely like were showing signs of uh.

You know were in good shape, but when it comes out to showing more so bullish shines, it would be if we broke above the general 22 cent area. So keep that in mind right again, thats just me setting proper expectations. This is coming from someone who is currently holding a position on crow, but i still acknowledge where we truly stand at this moment and where were most likely going to be moving next so again break him up. 16 cents were in good shape, thats a good thats, a positive sign right, uh break above the general 22 cent area. Then i would feel more confident coming out here and telling you all that hey from this point on, we have truly set ourselves up for a more substantial option, but as of right now, you can see that yes, we are positioned above this simple moving average line. This blue line that youre looking at right here so thats a positive sign, but nonetheless um. You know still way too early to to make anything out of this small. You know this small upside that we currently have. Now i will say, on the fundamental side, its a positive sign that our total number of holders continues to grow currently at two hundred and fifty nine thousand one hundred and im currently approaching crow very similar to you know how i would approach a stock, its really One of the main reasons for which im even holding a position on crow is the fact that its an actual business, its an actual platform, with over 10 million users, its a part of a long term growing industry, and it has a lot of interest from investors.

Right if we take a look at their twitter account here, they have over 2.3 million followers and if youre, asking yourself roger, you know i dont care about twitter followers or whatever. I agree with you right to some extent, but also we cant just ignore the fact that this is where they communicate with investors. This is where they can share news with us. It can act as a positive catalyst. This is where they shared with us that they were renaming the staple center into the arena and remember thats exactly when we ended up making uh our all time highs right here right. This is exactly when we ended up peaking here at about 90 cents when they shared all of this positive news with us. Uh through their twitter account. So to some extent we cant just ignore uh how big they are right. So again, im bullish and im approaching this uh almost very similar to how i would approach investing into a stock because its a business right, its an actual business. It has fundamental value and i truly find value in that, as opposed to. If i were to ask you tell me what a cordano is right, dont tell me what its used for. I know it has usage. Obviously right it has a lot of business adoption. It has core updates coming in the long term. I am bullish on cardano. I really really like it, but i also acknowledge that very similar to a theorem, very similar to bitcoin right these projects.

Here they dont have fundamental value. Whatever you want to call them right. Coins tokens projects they dont have fundamental value right: theyre, not commodities, its, not silver, its, not gold, its, not a product, its, not a service, its not a business, theres, nothing tangible. Where, again, i posed a question right and i answered it: whats right, a business, a platform, so i personally find that to be very attractive. I personally find that to be something that you know. I like quite as simple as that, and this is why im holding my position in the long term do i believe that we are going to get to our previous highs in the long term. I believe that we are going to surpass these hives right, as of right now were simply doing what were supposed to be doing, which is follow the lead of the entire market right and as of right now that lead has been downward right. Its been bearish and its been annoying and thats unfortunate, i understand, but in the long term we were setting ourselves up for success if crow at this moment was going to the moon, and everything else was you know, as it is just kind of flatlining or moving Downwards uh, then that wouldnt make sense, itd be very exciting. I mean right temporarily id be like thats awesome right were pushing out, but we would also know in the back of our minds that thats not sustainable its, not realistic right for us to just be like um pushing up while everything else is going to the moon.

It doesnt make sense, so, yes, its this is lame, but this is exactly where we need to be and were doing exactly what we need to be doing, and on top of that im, not the only one that finds value in crow. The numbers are showing us that you know at this moment, 72 percent of its trading activity consists of buyers. Well, 28 of its trading activity consists of wimps that are selling their positions, so the buyers are vastly outperforming the sellers here and, of course, thats. Always a positive sign right, its always a positive sign to have that bullish momentum, leaning for crow here or volume. I will say is very low and i dont like that, especially going from a sunday to a monday where i would expect to see an increase in volume, but weve seen a decrease by 10, nothing crazy right, but nonetheless just going from a sunday to a monday. It would make sense for us to see an increase in volume. Lastly, here again, the total number of holders continues to go day by day showing that im not just building smoke, but also other people find value in crow and theyre. Taking this as an opportunity to pick some up for a discount, if you guys want more updates on crow, like the video subscribe to the channel.