Well, if you ask me, i still got the flu symptoms classic summer, but glad i got my day cool right, all right everybody. So while you and i weigh the crow fam while we wait for one dollar crow, its gon na take a while right, the cryptocurrency crypto.com exchange right is gon na be making what a lot of changes some of them were gon na, like some of them were Not gon na like, and this one is one that some holders are probably not liking in the last 24 hours, because yesterday this was announced what youre seeing right now on the screen, and i waited some time because i wanted to see what the community reaction was. Gon na be and well what im seeing right now is something that i could. I could have predicted right when you removed one or two of the most popular tokens in the entire ecosystem. People are going to say something, especially because its coming from crypto.com and people have their hopes, and you know, have high expectations if im not mistaken, from exchanges like crypto.com and they removed the two of them plus some other ones right. So, by the end of this video im gon na tell you everything you need to know about this news: break it down and give you my insights because ive been using exchanges. Since i started my crypto journey and im gon na tell you exactly what what my thoughts are on this, because things can change very quickly and how to prepare better, so go ahead and smash your like button.

Everybody, if you like this, consider subscribing to the channel and turn on those notification bells lets, go everybody, so this happened yesterday and, of course, right below this. We have all the comments and feedback so ill go ahead and show you that, right after this – and if you take a look at the price for cro coin from bitcoin, sideway trading, everything 12 cents, 20, 000 – not really any news on that, but were starting the Week at least not crashing, which is good, it is a crucial week for crypto when it comes to price. The only one doing like a big scene right now is l unc classic right. So this happened effective yesterday, so new tokens are added. Some of them are removed. Lets go ahead and scroll down and see what happens effective yesterday. June 2022. Well be adding new tokens to crypto earned right to enjoy these rewards so which ones are they fdm? Five percent and selling near six percent, so, if you like them, if you own them well, here it is crypto.com is telling you go ahead if you want put them in our exchange and well, take it from you and give you this apy, not bad thats, really Good right now revised reward rates as of yesterday for seal near new ftm new and all these stable coins, which they give you. You know more flexible when monetary months nice and if you lock up your four thousand dollars great now, you have a little bit more typical right, lock up in crow, thats nice to usually what how it works here on crypto.

com earn. A lot of us who are watching know that just come to d, if i earn uh staking right and thats it if i earn and thats it right. The sad thing is that when you remove from d5 uh well thats, of course a big deal right. But if its still in d5 in the white application from your phone, then youre good, like croco and twelve percent, i mean where you can beat that right. You know its gon na be safe there, so things like that um, but if youre outside and youre, just in the crypto.com main app staking earning you, i think youre losing a lot of value if youre not in d5, but anyone. You know we have different people here. We have different customers here, makes total sense, thats really good, so these rates are only applicable to those allocations placed on our after effective the date. The reward rates of allocations, you know being placed unchanged, crypto.com, private users, great stuff. So nice great job for all these new people and for the cardholders as well. Now here comes the the deal of the story right. Why some people are reacting to this removal of selected tokens effective from june 27 yesterday, in addition to the new tokens or revised rates, the following tokens will no longer be available in crypto earn shiva industry now, instead of adding them at the end, you wanted to Put them in front, so everybody could see it very quickly got it now shiva.

I know doj theres no other way to say it all right, but theyre, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies right now in the in the market, the two meme coin, leader and um. Removing them well youre gon na have some type of um. You know speculation comment. I saw watcher.guru making a an article from this, so i mean theres gon na be the vibe going around and the the sad thing is that you are letting those customers go, because when it comes to crypto its very easy to switch its very easy to switch. So youre letting this customer go theyre, sometimes mad or sometimes frustrated, because the market is already down now they have to change. I can kind of see how theyre feeling right now and um for the rest. Well, some of them. I i see a bnt. I remember maker compound so not beefy, thats nice, so i think the two of them that are going to have more higher implications for the change will be shivan and deutsche kun, so existing fixed terms, allocation for these tokens will remain on change and continue until the Term ends, so if you have a term with this, you will still have it until that term ends. Funds from active, flexible allocations for the tokens will be above will be automatically returned to the users by june 28th cool. So you see how all these changes happen. Welcome to crypt exchanges and now the following stable coins and you know continue to earn.

These are going to be the ones theyre going to be continuing to earn so thats what crow, some of them, mostly in the chronos ecosystem and some of the classic ones that we have now. Why did they remove shivano? That is the main question you see here. In the comments right, why why why um you are losing competition, great news for ftm uh, but um people sat day for shiva in deutsche. You can no longer stake. Bummer people are rubbish for staking anything. Stable coins are a joke and much more. Why remove ships so youre, seeing right, um some at least some of the opinions of the shiva you know army, especially so i think one of my insights will be about exchanges is if you can find a different place to put your money. Your liquidity definitely go that way and make sure its safe. I started with gemini and i started with gemini, adding my money with him token and ethereum back to back back in the day early 2021 to come to find out that at the end of 2021 those percentages were gone. It was my first beginning of crypto right in i come to realize how easy for companies is to change things because they dont own you. They dont owe you anything um and, and they can change anything they want. So crypto.com is one of those companies as well, where they say something, but at the end, thats why.

This is very important right, because the little letters and the fine print is where youll find the companies and even when you do, the transaction and the smart contract. Sometimes thats, where also you know, um youre signing us too far as far as they can create or make some changes later on. So the point of the story, when you add money in earn, expect a change any time they want. I have my apecoin on gemini earning very nice c apy like six percent or so um right after other side, and that was great, six percent, not bad or so. But i know any time they can just lower it to two percent and im completely done right. Theres not much i can do, but just to find another place where i can get more. While i wait so dont be frustrated. If shiva, you know, you know its out um find another way, and i think you will be fine, but definitely for most of us as crypto.com holders. It is a bummer for uh for the holders that are, you know, buying those kinds of cryptos. While we wait for crypto.com to wake to one dollar its there sideway trading, sideway trading bitcoin – i have you know some of my margins – were kind of coming back 12 to 18 cents.