Bear market has been pretty brutal so far, and there have been a fair few days when i havent even bothered checking my holdings at all, because when you know its not going to look pretty well dont make life any harder than it needs to be. And let me tell you from someone: whos been kicking around this space for a while now. Believe me, this is a good tactic to employ trust. Me itll still be there tomorrow now. I should also say that im, not a trader – and i never have been my strategy – has always been to buy and hold the coins or tokens of projects. I believe in i havent really got the time or for that matter, the inclination to look at charts all day long and lets face it most. People dont trading, is not easy and can become all consuming. Now. That said, one lesson ive learned over the years is to take profits. When im up it may be a cliche to say no one ever went broke, taking profits, but the annoying thing about cliches is they quite often turn out to be true. So bear that in mind and try not to let thoughts of sudden moon shots override rational thinking. So with that in mind, the biggest changes to my portfolio in recent weeks have involved selling down on several of my alt positions. Most of the profits from those have been plowed back into btc and eth.

Now my positions on these two account for pretty much 70 of my entire portfolio and for two main reasons. Firstly, i firmly believe both bitcoin and ethereum will continue to be the two main pillars of the crypto market. For the foreseeable future, btc will remain the benchmark. Cryptocurrency and its status as digital gold will only solidify ethereum will continue to be the primary layer. One platform and the base layer for countless projects and protocols – yes, the merge and the roll out of shard chains are both yet to happen, and the continued delays have become a very amusing running joke in the crypto space. But they will both happen and i dont see any meaningful challenge to ethereums dominance any time soon now. The second reason for allocating more to btc and eth is the sad fact that alts tend to get slaughtered in bear markets, and i dont think the bleeding is going to let up anytime soon once conditions improve and it looks like the bottom may be in ill Start eyeing up all coins again, but for now i am steering clear its tough out there and i believe most alts have got further to fall. Now, for all my belief in ethereums continued dominance, i do have positions in several other layer ones, both as a hedge against the possibility that ethereum may lose market share if the switch to full proof of stake and sharding is further delayed and also because i believe, The future is multi chain, yes, ethereum will still be the big dog, but that doesnt mean other smart contract platforms wont play a role in cryptos future.

So, as a result, solanas soul, polka, dots, dot and cosmos is atom. Are my next three biggest positions and together they make up almost 14 of my portfolio a further four percent is made up of cardanos ada near protocols near and phantoms ftm. Will they all survive the crypto winter and go on to thrive during the next bull market? Well, i cant be sure, but i invested in all of them, because i saw strong fundamentals and although they all face challenges, i still see those fundamentals in place now in terms of what moves i might make in the coming weeks and months. To be honest, chances are ill be sitting pretty tight. These are tough and very uncertain times and as such, are better suited to holding back and taking the time to identify potential future gems, now im a big fan of avalanche and i may be tempted to pick up some avax if the price falls to around the 10 mark, i also love helium as a project and ill be looking to add more to the hnt i already hold at some point in the future. Ave is also a great project and im keeping an eye on its price action as well. I may also look to pick up some more pax g if the world gets even more chaotic in the near future. As you may know, pax g is tokenized gold and a great way to get exposure to the shiny yellow stuff without actually having to buy physical gold.

Now i sold out of my pax g a while ago to buy more btc and eat, but i can foresee maybe getting back into it, to diversify my portfolio, a bit more safe haven. Assets like gold are always worth keeping in mind and pax g is for me a perfect marriage between gold and crypto. Now its too early, i think to start making decisions on what to buy ahead of the next bull market.