What is going on with tara luna? Why has it been going up? Ive been doing a little bit more research since the morning, and i think i know maybe why its happening. All i ask is that you give me a beautiful smile, smash that, like button and lets stand straight into it. So currently the price of tara luna is at 0.00008891. Earlier today, tara luna deleted a zero meaning that it went over the 1 000 level. You could call it. This happened early in the morning. There was this big big run up here for terra luna, and the price went up all the way to delete the zero, but then we saw it had a big pullback and in the morning i said, listen, guys um. You know i i was looking at the fact that anonymous came out and kind of uh said to daquan, hey, duquan, listen were going to start investigating you and i thought that. Maybe that was the reason why uh tara luna was going up um towards the end of the video well talk about. Maybe why the second reason that tara luna is going up but were seeing that tara luna, has become this kind of dream. Token right. What do i mean by this ive been seeing this uh from my cpms on terra luna? Videos right cpm is the amount uh per thousand views that you would get uh from a video right and the tara luna videos have beginning significantly lower about 30 percent.

Less than lets say a shiba inu, video uh, the best ones from crypto or bitcoin. It seems that advertisers are looking at it and saying oh people that are investing in bitcoin, maybe theyre more sophisticated, more. You know high level people high brow have more money right. Although thats really its dumb because you can buy, you know, satoshi of bitcoin, you dont have to buy a whole bitcoin, but then theyre looking at luna and saying well, people that are investing in luna. They probably dont have a lot of money because it says 0.000 right and thats a weird situation here: um that that the inve, the advertisers are thinking that what do you think in the comment section down below? Why are we seeing this kind of decline because it wasnt like that last month, when luna was a lot more popular? So so why do you think the reason for that is happening if we take a look at the crypto market as a whole? Bitcoin is down a little bit today. 20 735 uh ethereum is down as well half a percent, so the crypto market has been pretty down today and luna classic and also luna, luna, 2.0 and also uh ust has been going up also significantly so so what could be the reason uh why this is Happening well, we know that there is a significant amount of uh tokens owned by binance right. You can see here 2.45 trillion tokens.

According to this website terra engineer, right, kucoin has uh 550 million 50 billion uh binance deposit has another three billion, so they own a significant amount of terra, luna and theres been a lot of talk. Lately will binance uh, you know they also have been accumulating a lot of usd. Will they come out and say: hey, you know what were going to burn uh, the luna that we have and were going to reduce the circulating supply by a significant amount. Now, maybe maybe that will happen right, thats, its a low probability of circulating supplies is 6.5 billion, so even if they would burn all the 2.5 billion wed still have 4 billion, which is still a lot but theres a possibility that that could happen right and it Would significantly help the price of tara luna in the short term? Will it get to one cent, just off of that probably not well still need to get to around half a trillion like 500 billion. Maybe that would be a good place to to start and then maybe the market cap would be around 50 billion, so its still its still a lot right. Its still that, but maybe the reason why terra luna has gone up today, is the fact that, according to this uh twitter handle lunar classic breaking news, terra station wallet is connect to rebel one test net. You can now stake luna classic. So why is this important? This is from the terra luna discord.

Why is this important for tara luna, and why could this be the reason that terra luna classic went up today? The thing was when the ecosystem detached right. There was the fork and we saw luna 2.0 become a new entity and we saw luna classic uh stay. You know the old one right. There was really no utility right because the d pegs from the ust usd really theres nothing there anymore, uh and luna classic became the meme coin right, theres, not a lot behind it. But now, if you have the possibility to stake so maybe thats a plus in the eyes of investors, another thing i think that is helping is that a lot of the investors that bought on the low are saying themselves. You know what i bought a hundred bucks 200 bucks im, not gon na sell it im gon na leave it and whatever shall be, shall be right and i think thats why, when we saw a little bit of a buying pressure, it jumps 30, 40 50 year For tara luna, so its going to be very interesting, uh going forward. I want to show you something uh very funny here, uh, you know its uh, so here well start from the beginning, so it has to do with anchor protocol. You know that was giving out 20 apy and why we need to be careful of this right. The rats are coming, theyre eating it, they keep getting more api.

More everybodys coming in everybody wants to. Everybody, wants the api and what happens in the end right 30. Apy wah wah, wah wah right and what happens in the end boom everything explodes uh and thats. Basically, what happened with the anger protocol and with tara luna – and you know it was a uh uh um. As you know, a slew of things that just happened theres been these conspiracy theories that uh blackrock and citadel attacked terra luna, because they saw a weakness in the ecosystem and they wanted to make money uh. So they just you know, just took a you know, started uh um. I think there was something with bitcoin that they started pushing down bitcoin and then uh. They started selling off usd and they created this kind of uh black swan incident that brought tara luna down. So well see what happens here with luna classic its gon na be interesting to see in the next few days how this plays out guys, if you havent yet sign up to moomoo, and you want to start getting uh. You know those free stocks once you deposit one cent, you get five free stocks and over 100 you get additional lucid and you can get up to 11 all together. Once you deposit, 2, 000 or more ill get a little bit. Commission, australia, people in australia. You can now sign up us so check it out description down below its only for another few days, this promotion to the end of the month.

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