I want to talk about how you can make 1 000 a day in crypto every single day, so im be using the mindset that im brand new to crypto im brand new to d5. I have a relatively small amount of money to invest. What would i do, what would be my strategy to make start making a thousand dollars a day in crypto? How am i going to build it up that fast? So if im brand new to crypto, i dont have a huge amount of capital to invest. My number one strategy would not be over diversifying all right a lot of people in investing talk about diversification and in crypto they talk about diversification as well and from what ive learned from what ive been told from a lot of rich people. That i know is that diversification is an extremely good wealth protection strategy, but it is not the optimal wealth creation strategy. So if youre coming in to crypto – and you only have lets say a couple thousand dollars or you know something like that, then what you want to do is you dont want to have that. You know a few thousand dollars spread all over the place. You dont want to go 100 here 150 here. Another 100 here, like you, need to be a little more direct in the direction youre going. So if i was a brand new investor in d5 and crypto, i only have a small amount of capital im going hard into one two maximum three projects and im going to build those up, and that is going to be my number one focus to start with.

So it is a little bit more high risk, but if you only have a small amount of capital, i believe the number one thing you need to do to actually start making gains is focus on the projects you think are the best go hard into that build That up and then eventually you can spread out from there. So for me personally, i started with drip. I started i put fifteen thousand dollars into drip. I kept building and building the building when drip went to all time highs. You know i took a bunch of profit, i was able to, you, know, put that in the animal farm etc, and you know it all worked out extremely well now, im still building dirt, so that is kind of the mindset you want. You want to choose. You know for me, i would recommend drip. Obviously i think drip is absolute can, but you can choose whatever you know. Whatever project you want. Whatever project you think is the best. You only have a small amount of capital, so youve got to choose what you think is the best go hard to that and build that up. So im gon na show you some of the projects right now that im in and maybe you can choose one two maximum three. You know if you have a smaller capital to go super hard into. So obviously here we have drip, drip is the go drip. Is the ken, in my opinion, were gon na go to the swap page over here? The price is eight dollars and fifty four cents.

It is an incredible bargain because we all know whats coming for dirt. We all know that you know major price appreciation is coming very soon. Whats going to happen with the animal farm over the next few weeks is going to blow everyones mind. I dont need to keep repeating this. You guys know whats going to happen by now, but what has happened in europe is major, so this is an incredible investment right now, if youre looking to get in another project that im into is ooze finance. You guys probably know this by now and its extremely early and ooze, and i think it has so much potential so were gon na go to the leaderboard real quick. So you guys already know if you want to get into ooze and you want to get into the best team and ooze, then you want to get into the crypto cans. The team at that is fastly becoming the number one team in all of ooze and will 100 be number one within within the next few days. Honestly, this is the crypt of kens takeover. We are taking over whose finance. So what were going to do now and ooze? You guys you can watch my previous videos if you want to know more about it, but were going to do our daily ear drops. So once again we have another 30 oohs to give away. So what im going to do differently today? These are all the all the team members here i have it.

All organized is im going to give three oohs to 10 people. I gave it to everyone yesterday, but it took me like 45 minutes to do. The air drops so now im going to give three oohs to 10 people and we have a random lottery system over here. So we have a random number generator between 1 and 45 and im going to spin it and its going to come up with 10 random numbers. So, as you can see, i have you all numbered here. You guys should be able to see your name somewhere over here and were going to do a lottery right now. So lets go number 34, number, 38, 36, 23, 7, 41, ‘, 17, 25 and number one. So congratulations to all you! People ill put it over here. If you are one of those numbers so boom 34, for example, that is that thats, how i say it: 38 g, gmb, 36 rig a bob 23 splinter, 7 crypto warrior 1 cron. So congratulations to everyone that will be receiving air drops. You will have received the airdrop by the time this video is out. So congratulations to you, but anyway, guys whos finance. I think it has so much potential, so thats another potential investment all right now. This is a major opportunity right here. What were looking at right now is the animal farm and right now, the reason this is a major opportunity is because of the pegs price, all right, this peaks price, its probably going to keep going down for a little bit longer.

You know i can imagine getting down to, i think, were going to get close to a 50 pegs price and then potentially start going up from there. So, im going to start to look dollar first averaging, maybe once we get under 60, maybe around the 55 dollar mark, i think, were gon na get that low and then im gon na start going hard, then to buy some pegs and get in a strong position. Here in the pig pen, so right now is a major opportunity, because people were buying pigs for 400, 500, 300 and right now the price is so low and the rewards youre gon na get right. Most people arent seeing the opportunity so theyre selling their picks out of the pig pen. You know theyre not theyre, not looking at the future value, but if you get pigs now, an extremely cheap price, youre gon na get a massive ownership in comparison to what you would have got off this farm and youre gon na get a massive share of the This busd rewards, so you know right now, id be looking extremely closely at buying some pigs. This is an incredible investment. The animal farm undoubtedly is going to be the biggest farm in all of crypto, so im extremely excited to um. You know improve my position here and see what happens in the future. Obviously we have the piggy bank as well, which you know. If you can time a good thing and a piggy bank youre gon na make some mega gains.

You know you can lock it up. Make some bigger gains as well the drip garden which has you know it when we see our next ball run for drip, i do think the drip garden is going to do extremely extremely well, so that is the animal farm, so guys theres other investments as well. That you could be looking into, for example, im an emp im in a few other things, but those are if you are looking, you know if youre first starting out in crypto and your goal is to make one 1 000 a day. Those are the three that i personally would be looking at the hardest, especially you know. The the ken here drip, in my opinion, is the foundation of everything. Drip is the number one thing in all of crypto, but if you want to start making a thousand dollars a day in crypto, that is the way. That is what my mindset would be. Looking towards its like focus on my main thing, build that up and then the future i can spread out a bit. So that is the mindset that is the game plan so guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and i will see you in the next one.