Um were going to take a look at you know. A lot of. I hear this a lot coming out now. You know people, i know a guy that been following youtube: just dumping, just dumped them like millions of dollars into crypto. Just having this conversation with my wife and i thought i would be good to uh, you know pose this question to you guys and get your thoughts feel free to you know, use the the comment section to you know: share your opinions, see what im curious, what You guys have to say i, i think guys, i think, crypto i think crypto is either very, very close to the bottom or were at the bottom um bitcoin. You know if i were to make another projection of where the low is. I would say you know its 14 000 and 10 000., like everybodys. Looking at these two spots, its either were only going down to 14 or were going to 10. um, something i want you guys to look at real, quick before we get into this im going to be talking. Let me just share with you guys what im going to talk about, so you can stick around if you want im gon na talk to you guys about coins that im looking to get into some money that im going to be injecting into the market and um. Looking to maybe hold these positions longer than uh our scalping trades to to take advantage of the market, move up.

Okay, heres something thats happening on um bitcoin right now that everyone needs to be watching, which is gon na, probably affect the overall market heres. What we had before we had bitcoin moving in this upward panel, and we had an ascending support line once this line was broken. We saw a very fast move back down if you take a look at the structures on bitcoin right now and you look at the same spot. We technically have already broken this. So if you take a look at the low and then you see the balance of a low and then a higher low, you know weve weve already got the higher loan. Weve technically broken down below this already. So there are some signs in here where i could say you know we could be potentially seeing a further move down here, um quite a bit further within the next few days. Thats, not all the data i want ill show you guys some more data here. I also think that the well money flow sitting up here this high could potentially be looking for reversal as well as trend exhaustion. Looking for this, you know move back down in crypto back to probably a support level of 18 000.. Okay. So now that we know that – and i and i look in the past and say, okay well, this is how to really you know, strong impact on the market when trade, exhaustion and well money flow are high like this is where were seeing fast market moves back Down guys, we use these and weve done.

124 wins in a row were about to win our 125th um trade on eight, which is about six percent. Like these indicators work. This is how were making money theyre in the description unshamefully gon na tell you guys, snag them. Theyre 82 discounted in the description for these two indicators, they will show you whats happening with the flow of money. This will also show you guys whats happening with the trend, and if the actual structure of the crypto market is over, um overextended to one side or the other, this break to the downside could be faking out a lot of short traders, and this could actually be A short trade trap. Okay, let me go into the next part of this video. I do believe this is some of the best times to be buying crypto, but i do believe there is a chance for crypto to keep going down further. I just think its absolutely arrogant to say i guarantee its going to go down further or i guarantee its going to go up from here. Nobody knows that, so what i teach a lot im, not a financial advisor by any means not licensed or anything its just. My personal opinions, but what id like to share with you guys my thinking is, is that theres no way to take advantage of market moves up in the market unless youre exposed to it now, look i understand. Most of you guys have lost everything in crypto because weve crashed to this point, but people still work jobs.

Some people havent put everything they you know and they havent savings into crypto. Yet you are getting an opportunity right now that some of you hoped and prayed for a few years ago. Okay, i remember when i was talking to my wife about dogecoin and we were. It was literally five cents and i was trying to get money into coinbase and by the time it cleared. We were all we shot up here above 35 cents, and then we shot up above 60 cents and there was no way i was gon na get into it from there. Literally, if i rewind im were there again like this is where were at and if you guys take a look at some of these coins. Let me let me show you this were going to go over the psychology of ill go back to this, but i need to show you guys, a psychology of a market cycle come over here down to resources on our website at the bottom and take a look At psychology of a market cycle, this is printed out by the wall street uh cheat sheet, but i want to show this to you guys on bitcoin, okay, a lot of these new altcoins those including doge, have gone through the euphoria stage already and now were coming Down to this level here where were shelving off and were getting into the anger stage, because people have lost a ton of money, you know guys its when people are the most frustrated and angry in the market after theyve lost most of the moneys, when it usually Goes up and um thats what happened its a history? I do believe its going to repeat itself here.

I believe crypto has a future and i do believe a disbelief rally is coming on bitcoin. It went up 50. So if youre looking at some of these all coins, youre like oh, i wonder how high its gon na go up well, can we can we just use past historical data and look at bitcoin, maybe and just say we could be seeing lets just not be. You know ridiculous in our project project. Excuse me projections but lets look at a 376 pump in the market. Thats. Actually, i would say reasonable, maybe within the next one to two years this to the s p. 500. If you guys put money in the s, p. 500 right now and you guys look to hold to all time highs. You know you could be experiencing up here upwards of 24, okay, if it goes back up to 24 and you look at coins like where its been up there before guys, youre gon na. Do a whole lot more than 24 were talking about like almost 240, getting back to the highs up there with the momentum this could create in crypto. So, looking at this, let me bring us back here. I do believe were in this stage right now, where we are either in the capitulation stage. Where were going sideways here, or we have one more stage to go and thats the anger all right, heres, the fact you and i dont know whats going to happen next.

We dont know if theres another drop off here, which, if we look at some of these coins, like bitcoin yeah, we could go down to this 14 000 level or down here to support, is at 10 000.. So what are we going to do if we get into these markets were going to use really good risk management now lets lets transition. Another part of this video risk management to me always comes down to two things. It comes down to diversification of funds at different, buy limits and then diversification of funds in different coins – okay, so were going to talk about coins. First, im doing a big video on this guys because me and my wife are looking to put in a decent chunk of money into crypto right now, because i believe this is one of the last opportunities were gon na get. If you listen carefully, everybody listen to my voice right now. If you believe crypto has any future in the world, you are getting an opportunity of a lifetime right now to get into crypto this low. Before you decide to do anything. Obviously, im not your advisor financial or anything, but you need to sit down today, maybe with your spouse or yourself and say: okay ive got some extra money. Do i believe inside crypto has a future, and if you do, you are staring at one of the greatest opportunities you will ever get in your entire life. Okay, with that said, lets lets move on here.

Lets talk about first diversification of coins. This these are the ones ive ive chosen at the moment, one two, three four, five, six, seven, eight nine, maybe ill add a tenth one. Maybe well just go down to eight. Let me explain this bitcoin and ethereum. The big blue chips – okay, the big boys – i think we should get some exposure to this if we put more money back into the market because theyre just the big guys and the the big hunches that control everything – okay cardano, i i the vassal hard fork is Coming up its been pushed off uh four weeks, so itll be coming out at the end of july, but i just did a video this morning with this descending resistance. I think this has an incredible opportunity to move up here. Mana i want to get diversified into a um into a metaverse token, and mana is decentraland thats part of that category. I do believe there is still a huge huge. I dont, like this word cult, but i believe theres a huge following behind doge and i believe behind sheba as well, and i believe these guys, because theyve seen this in the past names theyve experienced this millions of people experienced this this. These may be two coins that i think could pump really well and actually see some potential, so i think getting exposed to those are good um. That brings us to dogecoin d.o.t. I, like d.

o.t its just its a project, ive been following for a little while. I remember watching this and its just when this thing goes: it just rips and it just takes off and i believe, theres a theres, a people group behind some of these coins that they just trade a certain way. I think dot is one of those sleepers eos eos is is my highest holding coin, and i was looking at this this morning before i did this video. It is so ridiculous, though, were down at a dollar for eos, and i i had a buddy that that knew some people um at eos and block one and such and and the whole thing with block. One is just ridiculous. You know the lawsuits and all that but eos the actual coin theyre trying to make one of the theyre trying to make it to be the fastest transaction coin out there. But a lot of people dont know that because its not in the news and its not like insider information, im giving you guys – but i do know a buddy thats been telling me about this and that a guy thats actually working on eos. So you know, are we seeing um pretty much the absolute most golden opportunity ever for this coin? Right now, yeah, maybe maybe we are, and if this guy goes, the potential on this is crazy. It is crazy if it starts pumping up again and it has a history of doing this, where it gets.

Slow pumps gets low pumps and gets low and pumps up, and so i think, theres. I think we should look to get some exposure to this okay, sheep and then ape ape is one of those those coins where its still fairly new um a lot of celebrities bought into apecoin. I know justin bieber and a lot of these other people. I know eminem also has their ape coins. I just think that there could be some potential here. I am the im most risky on on ape um. If i were to add a 10th one, i would actually add xrp but were not able to trade it in the us very well at all. So these are the ones ive chosen at the moment. Okay, regardless, if you guys are like travis, i hate your choices. I think theyre, absolutely dumb. I wouldnt do this as this okay, thats fine, you can leave them in the comments feel free to you know, share that you, the freedom of speech, is awesome. Okay share. If you like them or not, the point is diversification. Now let me go into the second part of this. Video diversification in the different coins is very important, but i think maybe more important than actually getting to diversification is using diversification of your funds. Okay, again, this is all personal advice: im, not a financial advisor okay. I just wan na make that really clear. I was talking to a guy the other day im like man, its almost impossible to share your opinions on the market without sounding like a financial advisor, which is why we have to have disclaimers on all of our stuff and, like we literally hire, we have an Attorney that that actually wrote up all of our disclaimers to keep us safe.

So its like hope, you got if you guys are content creators out there. You better have disclaimers on everything. Just you better. Okay, all right um! I want to talk to you guys about buy limits, so i am going to be looking to start transitioning some money back into coinbase pro heres. Why im going to get some questions about this um? We transitioned all all of the money weve been initially trading within this business over to the columbus, advanced trading and thats about sixty five thousand dollars worth ill refresh it. So you guys can see. This is a live account um about sixty five thousand hundred. Fifty thousand is break even still guys. Im were really blessed to have literally the healthiest account. We have kept the most money out of anybody. We can find in all of crypto on youtube or anywhere, because we use good risk management based off. What im about to show you, okay, but what were going to do? I want to keep my funds separate that im about to enter into this market to buy this dip with im going to put them into coinbase pro okay im going to put them back into coinbase pro, because the sun setting of coinbase pro is not going to Happen most likely till the end of this year, so we have plenty of time to actually make these transactions and then decide if we want to lump it back in here. Maybe by that time, coinbase advanced trading will actually have portfolios.

We can separate our money into or ill figure out somewhere else to transition it over to potentially ftx ftx is an amazing exchange. Weve been doing a lot of research on it and i think thats a place where we could put it anyways im gon na put money back into coinbase pro its, not like your moneys, not safe in coinbase pro theyre, just going to sunset it within the next Few months so anyways thats, what im doing because i love coinbase transactions, are easy withdrawals and deposits are absolutely amazing and um its just. I love coinbase pro okay with that said, let me get back over here and lets talk about this. If you guys are looking into the market and ill call all this out, if you guys have a membership with us, i will call every single one of my trades out and tell you guys when im getting into coins, you are gon na need to pay for It because this is what i do for a living okay, 95 a month. I will tell you guys exactly on the inside tips, all the coins im getting into and when i do that, okay, so and ill put a post on telegram. So once you guys have membership click on telegram, access that and then ill give you updates there, so you can get into that really easily. Okay, if you guys are looking to get into coins right now, im gon na use ada as an example.

If you look at it again right now, i would use at minimum one buy limit under a market order. Okay, follow me here, if you guys believe crypto right now, is that the stage where i personally believe it is where you should be getting exposed to some funds in the market lets say, for example, let me let me give something reasonable here. Lets say: theres. Ten thousand dollars, i think a lot of you guys. Can you know some of you guys want to say like a hundred thousand or a million? Some of you guys can but lets say it use ten thousand dollars. Okay lets say: youve got ten thousand dollars what its you take, the if you take the ten thousand, and you divide this okay by ten different coins. You then have a thousand dollars. You were looking to put into each different coin. Why? Because principle, one needs to be accomplished: diversification of coins; second, diversification of funds; okay, so thousand dollars what you guys can look to do. Maybe – and this is your own suggestion, if you might my personal opinion, you guys can do this – is, if you put in 50 right now lets say you put 500 into ada, the other 500. I would look and you guys can choose. I would look to either put it at this buy limit here or this by limit down here. This is the discretion you guys need to use. I dont know if crypto is going to head too much further.

I feel like theres, more signs that this is going to start turning around here, so you dont want to leave. I ill see you and im, not your advisor. I dont want to leave a lot of money sitting in cash down here, just to potentially miss a huge jump, but im not naive enough and prideful enough over here to tell you guys, theres no way its not going to go down further. So i am personally going to be using at minimum guys at minimum. I know its like throw all your money in it wont, go thats, not true. You dont know that so im going to be using that minimum one buy limit down here for these coins and i may actually choose an average between um, the first, the second and third, and i will actually call this out for you guys in the inside tips Of the exact entries im getting into for these coins and ill show you guys, where im, placing those those uh the the extra buy limit? Okay, because for cardano, for example, if we get in right now, we actually have to go over to ada usd on binance. To actually see the full range over here, but i do think if we see a crypto crash, we could see cardano come back down to the structure low here, which is about 38 cents, which also puts us at the structure low weve been before. So that will most likely be where my next biomed is, or maybe put one down here at about 17 cents, because thats, where the next support is about.

Actually excuse me, probably about 20 cents, with this high here correlated to this high over there as well. And this high right here so that might be where i put it, i will call this out, for you guys again part of having a membership. Is you guys are gon na get everything i do all my entries and all that to keep it transparent. I think this is time to get money into the market. I will most likely be calling some entries today on our telegram channel um, so make sure you guys do have a membership for that. I will probably entering some money in um right now and coinbase only allows me to trans transaction. Excuse me transfer over 7 500 on a daily basis, so um, i believe in crypto guys and – and i am going to put my money where my mouth is and im going to put a decent amount of money back into crypto right now, because i think this Is time to buy the dip i will probably put between fifty to a hundred thousand dollars into crypto within i dont know i mean take. Coinbase is only gon na. Allow me, probably, on average, five thousand dollars a day to put in here. So if i do, you know fifty thousand dollars here um, you know divide this by five thousand its going to take us at least ten days to get that money into into um the market.

So i will be keeping you guys updated. What i might do is try to transition some money over here and then see what the markets doing every single injection i do i may just be putting more in. I will just keep you guys, all updated on the the inside tips. If you guys have a membership, so out of all this, if you guys want to follow me, come over here and sign up here guys this 95 dollars a month, if you guys are putting in like 10 000 or such like youre, this is, you could potentially Make this back within like the next seven days, if cardano does what we think its gon na do so i really think this is a good membership for you guys to have um. If you guys trust me, you know this is probably a great place to be. We are literally sitting at 124 wins and were about to win our 125th win. Weve only lost one trade. We have some trades in drawdown. I want to make this very clear. You guys can see all the breakeven entries are here once this is back in the profit. Well take those as wins um, but i i hope you guys enjoy this video. I know its longer, but i just want to keep everything transparent. I want to keep things full of integrity on this channel and just let you guys know fully where i am at right now, um, because i think these are absolutely incredible opportunities to buy crypto all right guys.

I love you. God bless you! So much snag that membership in the description, our indicators are there as well. If you guys would like to use those with our scalping strategy, which has done really well 36 profit pulled from the market. Actually, since um may 18th, you guys can take a look at that on the front page over here under getting started. Here is our scalping strategy, as well as the indicators and the membership to trade that all right guys. I love you have a good one and ill see you later. I got ta update this right now ill update this to 124 because we actually are 124 instead of 123. Sorry, let me um probably blank that out just a chat that we have going on with the team. Were 124 wins right here and were looking for the 125th win on 80.