This is a technology, its a computing language and i can build an app on it like bubble gum just made a meal with my pocket chains, wreck about to go and join the huddle game. Huddle gang holder, gang heart, okay, crypto gang, keep the game big game. All game light game cash game block chain whoa, i dont really ever buy stocks, man, haters wan na, say im in a bubble. Litecoin pays for the jets bitcoin cash for the rest spent 30 racks on an ico. What coin did you buy? I forgot yo just got started last night bro and im already hooked like a pike, though flipping a coin making it grow, taking it slow, letting it go. Cash flows growing its incredible to watch. It flow stacking, the cache taking it home, making it fast. I want to roll little bit mos. All i ask for the bubble, though, currently learning about a new type of currency burning the dollar. Down like an emergency urgently. Listen, my friends have been urging me. Coins have been searching were earning like surgery. We on a mission man, crypto maniac Music, blew up on a scene from the mind of a brainiac back in 2009, where the mind is at silk road baby, its got ta be anonymous. Satoshi blew up about to go and join the huddle. Everybody looking at me now and theyre shocked, now cause the price going down. Meanwhile, ima cop, more at a discount with a smile cause im making money on the altcoins right now, ima double down like animal style, sup.

Now, people in the crowd they watching me bubble up now open up a brand new coinbase account and im buying everything from ripple to litecoin. Now, pull out my principle, keep it real simple, then play with the house investing in crypto im chasing these coins, like they cheese to a mouth im on the verge of a digital currency, merging technologies. This is the future, so obviously im all in theres. No bottom. We holding now hotel gang hurdle gang gang hurdle, gang hurdle, gang holder, gang hotel gang, throw your hands in the air down with the blockchain, throw your hands in the air. If you down with the blockchain, i aint got time for the haters man. No, we about to grow to a million gang gang gang. Tell me, are you down with the crypto? It is the most powerful technology that the world has seen. I believe, since the invention of agriculture bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is is better than currency, as with most major technology shifts, lets think about what young people are doing. 32 percent of young people say they prefer bitcoin to stocks.