Obviously, none of this is financial advice. Its for educational purposes only make sure you go away and do your own research im not suggesting that you fomo into any of these projects just because im talking about them. If you enjoy this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video lets see if we can get 1 000 likes and todays video is going to basically be around Dows or based on daos decentralized, autonomous organizations, a really exciting emerging sector of the crypto space, so lets get into it. Okay, so the first project – and it is singularity dao right – and this is ai – powered d5 portfolios to beat the market and manage your portfolio. Basically, its a bit like a hedge fund but for cryptocurrency um, again, obviously being a dow, you would say that that is decentralized because of the governance, which i think is really really good. Now i really do like this project. We can perhaps have a look at the breakdown of this one by going into the d app wait for that to load up um okay, so here we go so when you open it up. First of all, you are there youre in the diner set sector of this one right and basically the dyna sets are, i guess, baskets, of different crypto assets um and they outperform the the market, utilizing ai technology and so yeah really good lots of yield uh and Staking opportunities down the side here definitely want to go.

Do some research on i really like it. The team is immense. You! You got marcelo the ceo of this project, but you know dr bengerts always again part of the agi x or singularity family. This particular project its definitely one with um. You know great backing so estelles, the the ticker for this one, its down 3.31 at the time recording at 0.5167, ranked 579th by market cap really do like this one. Definitely worth going and spending the time to go. Do the research on estelle moving on and we got metis, i think thats, how you say it or metis: metis, um, ethereum, layer, 2, roll up platform again really like this project and its worth spending some time to understand this project in more detail. Now i have done write ups for patreon members. Uh, so do check that out, probably not worth signing up until the first because of the way the patreon uh charges so wait until the first, if youre looking to sign up. But we do write ups on lots of these different projects. It gives you far more information at least youve got somewhere to start, then, where you can go and continue your research, so this one is currently down 3.48 of the time recording at 19.41, its ranked 269th by market cap again. This is a project that i really do. You know like again, a dow. I think this sector is going to do really well. I will say that this sector is in its infancy, so you know make sure that you, you know you you doing your research right and not investing based on anything that i say in this video, but its definitely worth going and taking a look at this project.

In my opinion, so the next one on the list is rv again. I really like this project. I think that its going to do really well its a project that you definitely should go. Do some research on its prominent and uh its got the the back in this one worth every moment of investment, in my opinion, currently down 7.34 at the time of recording ranked 51st by market cap its at 63.87, i think thats, just immense price for this particular Project i mean if we have a look its been as high as 632 dollars, and i think that it can surpass that price in the future. Obviously you know, depending on regulations and all the other risks associated with cryptocurrency, but yeah its just my opinion. Go. Do your research and see whether you were lying to my way of thinking or not really interested to get your views and opinions in the comments of these projects? Do you think that theres any projects that are dowels that you think i am missing off this list? Do let me know moving on and weve got, uni swap uni swap again probably surprises, many that you know its its got, that governance aspect to it and its a dow, but again its another project that i think you know will do really well. I dont know if its going to have the sorts of gains of some of the other projects in the space um, but potentially you know its a safe play for anybody in the space thats looking to stay in crypto but wants to.

You know mitigate the risk of you know. Perhaps projects going to zero and stuff – i i think this ones prominent enough to be staying in the space now its currently down 3.7 percent of the time recording ranked 19th by market cap its at 5.41. Again, i do think this is a project to be keeping an eye on doing the research on um but yeah. I think this ones prominent is its worth looking at moving on to the fifth and the final project, and that is alluvium again this one might surprise. Many people, uh hasnt, really been around too long, probably the more riskier side. You know in this sector, but again i think its a sector thats going to blossom again in its infancy, um and its come up a few times in you know the the write ups and in our discord and patreon and stuff so yeah an interesting project to Take a look at currently down 3.32 174 656 ranked 172nd Music by market cap. The ticker is ilv and uh. If we go back, you know as a it hasnt been going. It was as high as a thousand. You know fat 1041 um. You know back in february when it launched, but you know its its come down, probably alongside the the market really so yeah again, another um dow project to be keeping an eye on doing some research on and uh yeah, like its its probably going to go down Further, so you might be able to get yourself an absolute bargain uh with some of these projects in the future.

So you know no phone owing in go. Do your own research dont take my word for anything that ive said in this video, but these are my picks out of the dow sector currently based on the information that i have to hand, and obviously time can change everything. You know. Events in the real world can change anything teams changing over the course of time can change things, but you know if you want to be kept up to date. Jump in our discord. Weve got over three and a half thousand people in there chatting about crypto. 24. 7., fantastic community supporting one another. You know navigate this space as safe as we possibly can uh. If you enjoyed todays video, and you want to support the channel mash up that like button, its really appreciated helps push the content out to like minded individuals. We really do appreciate it and subscribe if you havent, subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video and ill catch.