My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video and look at this. The bitcoin price is right now forming a beautiful falling wedge here. This is a bullish pattern. If we break to the upside here, the target will be all the way up here at forty eight thousand dollars because thats the top of the falling wedge. Now, if this breaks out, then we have to take advantage uh over on by bit and make a massive massive trade right now, im still in my long position, currently 100 in profits or 200 uh, based on the pre, the initial um, the initial um trade we Made and if, if, if you also want to get 4.5 k on buybit, just click, this link sign up, and you also get 0 maker fees for experienced traders. So right now, you can still get four point. Five thousand dollars on buy bit alright guys. So this is the massive massive falling wedge that is forming currently um and, of course, in the immediate short term, you can see that bitcoin might maybe be forming a small, rising wedge means, which means that we could go lower here before we potentially go higher um. You know something like this is definitely a possibility, but you get the point. This is a massive falling wedge and the target is actually 48 000 if we do break out successfully. So that would be an incredibly incredibly huge opportunity uh to trade.

This uh breakout and im already in the long position as you can see now i want to show you something very, very cool, because yesterday i won a huge award from a uh, a massive massive magazine, golf news, so golf news had an award for the best Blockchain entrepreneur and they honored me with the uh, the um um the win, so i actually got the award. Let me show you the clip here, and this is a cool clip because i was not present at the uh. The award show but da vinci was there. So he accepted it for me because hes so nice. So let me show you here real quick, uh, oh by the way, the other nominees were anthony, pompliano, um, big investor and influencer, and then sam bankman freed, who is of course the founder of ftx. But let me show you here: the winner: the best blockchain entrepreneur is Music, looks a bit different in real life, its like another one, its like michael jackson, the other way around the best blockchain. So essentially, davinci took the award for me. He accepted it and yeah. Thank you so much golf news for giving me this incredible award its uh, its an honor um people have been messaging me non stop for because yeah because they heard about this uh best blockchain entrepreneur. Thank you so much golf news and um. You know yeah. So basically, the the reason is my aggressive investments, ive done 400 investments into crypto startups, ive co, founded multiple blockchain companies and also my millions of followers and all of these combined um led to this award.

So again, thank you golf news. I really appreciate that its incredible im – sorry, i wasnt there to actually accept the award. That would have been even nicer, but i will be there uh in the future. If, if i get nominated again and big shout out to anthony popliano, i think hes, an amazing entrepreneur and obviously massive shout outs to sam banker freed as well, who is uh an even bigger entrepreneur. I mean come on ftx its huge, so um, good stuff, guys uh leave a thumbs up down below if you enjoyed this quick video, big trade alert big falling wedge and leave a comment down below what you think about this award. Obviously, im very happy uh, but this is our award guys its uh its. We are one family here, big crypto family. We are the biggest uh crypto trading channel and the biggest crypto trading community and obviously what im doing currently is more entrepreneurial stuff. But i still want to make one video every day here for you guys, even though i am actually very busy with my my other applications, which is my companies, my investments, my um, you know just general wealth management, theres, so much stuff going on dont forget guys. I have almost 150 employees, so you know that takes a lot of time as well.