This is short for initial coin offerings companies with new crypto projects, usually launch with an ico in order to raise funds. Take, for example, if you invested in ethereum during its launch, you would have been smiling with a 14 000 x roi insane, if you think about it. If you missed that opportunity, dont despair, there are plenty more projects launched in the crypto market. For you to jump into, take a look at this one, for instance its called eth 2.0. It uses a unique architecture and it sounds exciting now dont take my word for it im, not a financial advisor, and i cannot 100 predict the market to say that this would be a success for you, but it is a great opportunity. Nonetheless, ethereum 2.0 is said to completely disrupt the financial industry, as we know it. In fact, ethereum has already established relations with major financial entities such as visa, the california based credit card provider, and i could go on and on referencing this article for you to show you the opportunities for huge roi heres. Another one alias, for instance, has a 6000 x roi another one. Here is neo. It gave 6000 x again bnb, which is the binance coin 4000 x on investment. This is one of the more recent ones. It was initially created as an erc20 asset based on ethereum. In july of 2017, but then again it was migrated to the binance chain in february of 2019.

I was actually frustrated when i missed this one, because i literally watched this happen without taking any action. I missed this train, but guys this was not the end of the world because by 2019 nobody believed that new coin could skyrocket anymore. The feeling was that crypto tokens peaked in 2018 and 2019 and there was nothing left for crypto investors to profit from, but then binance came to town and skyrocketed, but theres no telling what could happen next. Some companies may launch an extraordinary token in 2022 or 2023 and give smart investors amazing, rois, but lets try to stay grounded here. No new coin is going to give you a 14 000 x. Roi. Well, because were humans and our actions are predictable and the market is fueled by speculators with feelings now lets say that you bought ethereum on the day of its launch lets say you bought eth worth a thousand dollars and then it skyrockets from 30 to 600 thats. A 20x return now, honestly now would you have cashed out or lets say you have more restraint than the average investor and you held on until it was a thousand dollars wouldnt, you have cashed out im betting. You would have because not many people can bear not cashing out on the profits in a bull market. You see, 30x return is actually spectacular and there are not many instruments that give such returns. That is why i say getting 13x 000 rri is not realistic, but a 100x return is 100 realistic.

One thing to note about the crypto world is that its always evolving theres, so much information out there. You need to invest a lot of time, researching and learning about new technologies and projects, but luckily for us there are a number of tools designed to help ease the stress of doing all this work before we get into that, though, if youre holding on to your Crypto stash and are tired of seeing it stagnate or even lower. You got ta check out this platform. You can get over a hundred thousand apy on your crypto portfolio, which compounds multiple times an hour its passive and makes your stash grow every 30 minutes up to 300 a day. The link for that is in the description check it out before it goes away, because this seemingly is too good to last long. First off is, which i consider the most basic tool for any crypto investor. This helps you stay up to date and also learn how the market works. Then theres, you can find new and exciting projects. By going to the recently added tokens page there youll see the list of coins in the market now be sure to note that not all of these coins and tokens are going to be successful and not all of them will revolutionize the financial system. A good number of these coins are meme coins or even worse scams, but for the trained eye, youll find some hidden nuggets there.

This will take time and a lot of effort. So go that extra mile and read about some promising projects. There are some things that would help you out because, like i said not all projects are winners. For instance, if the volume over the last 24 hours is only 200, then its clearly not worth your time. So what you do is sort them out by volume. So, as you can see, the most popular coin here is the apecoin, which has just been released theres an example of a huge success, but, based on this chances, are you cant afford one of these nfts to get into the action so lets look at the second One, maybe the third one you can look at these and find some hidden nuggets and if you keep looking youll, be sure to find one here now, after youre done doing your research with as little as a thousand dollars, you can head over to to start Staking your cryptocurrency when you start accumulating crypto assets, this website is quite easy. All you have to do is deposit crypto and start earning rewards. You can earn 14.5 on cryptos and 14 on stable coins, lets get into the details and see how it works. Under the hood on this website, you can deposit over 40 cryptocurrencies and stable coins. Lets do the math here lets say you have 500 to invest in usdc and you deposited it on for a period of 3 months.

Well, if you decide to leave it, youll be getting 60 every year. It sounds like a little, but this is cash that youre generating without any efforts whatsoever. Now you could leave all your coins in one single token, but i recommend you go deeper and start researching the technology behind these high volume tokens. This is the way wealthy people keep getting wealthier. Is there something real behind these tokens? Does this technology hold the promise to improve the financial system in any way? If you can answer these questions after doing some research, then youre ready to jump in on the early stages of these projects, thats how youre going to get the highest paid yields and guys. One last thing i would do if this was my first time getting into crypto is to determine whether a cryptocurrency is mineable and then start mining it. Some of you guys, might already know if youre involved in the cryptocurrency world for a long stretch of time. Some tokens released on the market have the capacity to be mined. Some popular examples are bitcoin ethereum, dogecoin, litecoins, others like cardano are pre mined, which effectively means that you cannot mine them. Mining crypto is beneficial because it helps the development team working behind the project and, at the same time, youre getting rewarded with a certain amount of cryptocurrency. So after you mine, you can hold your stash ill, not be recommending any one particular promising cryptocurrency that you should go all out on and invest all your money into because thats, not what this video is about.

What im gon na do instead is show you ways to do your own research or dyor. This is literally the best skill to have when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency markets, and this is the best tool for that. So were not deceived. I want to tell you that becoming a millionaire through cryptocurrency with 500 in your account is not all that realistic you see, but what is more. Realistic is turning that 500 into 20 000. Now its gon na take some time and effort, but its going to be worth it full disclosure, though in the crypto world the returns are sometimes spectacular, but you can rely on the slow and steady approach of growing your investment account with your funds growing and small Returns over a long period of time, this will then give you a safety net to make a few risky investments in the future when you master the crypto markets with in depth research to learn about all the new promising technology on the market. I personally think that nfts will be around for a long time. No, i dont mean those overpriced jpegs, i mean smart contracts and nfts are the future youd see it too? If you did some research, it definitely revolutionized a lot of fields of activity. Lets keep our eyes on non fungible tokens and smart contracts.