Freedom of speech, and to do all these other nefarious things. So if we give the government that power – especially you know, as the federal reserve, is looking toward creating a digital currency potentially – and we already have banks being thrust upon them to enforce esg scores and in china, we see where those esg scores suddenly become personal scores. On individuals, its not a far step technologically and in the way we see some some some of the agencies working right now to begin to target those algorithms toward people and their personal habits and and their spending. So how do we compete economically on the world stage without threatening the privacy rights of americans going forward, because that this is a very dangerous slope, if not handled correctly yeah? I couldnt agree more im, deeply concerned by social credit, deeply concerned by some of the proposals for cbdcs, because you can have transactional discrimination against any ethnic group. You want or any political philosophy you want. So the point is the algorithms ought to be built out in an open source process transparent and available to all, and people have to have the ability to opt in instead of opt out, so the power of our industry is we didnt, have a government agency or Some central actor say: oh heres, crypto currencies. It was the tireless work of millions of people, many of which never met each other around the world coming together, voluntarily and building a new economy worth trillions of dollars.

Thats the way we ought to think about it, not um. How do we create some government agency or how do we create some central bank or central algorithm, thatll control everything? And then you ask yourself about the outcomes you desire so its clear that theres been some problems over the last 13 years and were working our way through that. But at the same time we have created value for millions of people and we shouldnt. We shouldnt lose that site were developing through technology and ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint. What does that mean thats? Where are they traveling? How are they traveling? What are they eating? What are they consuming on the platform? So individual carbon footprint tracker stay tuned, we dont have it operational yet, but this is something that were working on were going to a different economy and were going to be learning more about that as we go but clearly were were learning that things can be done From remote locations were learning that technology can replace people even more than we thought were not going back to the same economy were going were recovering, but to a different economy and itll be one that is more leveraged to technology. And i worry that that is going to make it even more difficult than it was for for many workers in silicon valley and my friends who work in technology know that what we did to the manufacturing workers we are now going to do to the retail workers.

The call center workers, the fast food workers, the truck drivers and then even bookkeepers accountants, insurance agents, lawyers and on and on through the economy. So what happened to the manufacturing workers a very clear sign? This effort and china has big plans for this. They intend to seed um their digital yuan into the global environment by giving it away to visitors at next winters olympics when they arrive at the airport theyre going to get. You want digital wallets theyre, going to receive digital u1 theyre, going to use it throughout their visits to beijing and then theyre going to take it back to their home countries. Theyve seen this as a huge advantage. Why? Because who controls the underlying protocols who controls the underlying standards of the future of money will control the future? Welcome to the crypto teacher and guys please like and subscribe if you do like what youre listening to, please inform your friends and family and spread all over social media. It is imperative that we get back to learning finances and understand how the world really works, because once we understand how the world really works, we understand that it is all planned out now i want to thank those who purchased the books, crypto teacher and the new Wrote of the book the new world auto book is gon na. Show you how the world works. It is definitely time to wake up out of your sleep in the times that were in right now, plus guys we know were waiting on that next main event towards the end of the year.

We had the first quarter event like i told you that would have happened. Dont forget this ish meets a year and then also i want to thank those who purchased three kids books is definitely time to re, educate and also those who donate to the cash shop. Patreon much love keep it coming. Do not forget. I have the new world order. Kryptos in my patreon. Do your own research, but going inside of a bear market. You definitely want the cryptos that have real use cases and much love to those who are shopping at both stores, keep it coming and, of course, guys we get into bitcoin and cryptos first and right now, bitcoin and cryptos are slightly moving back. We have absolutely no volume, so that means that were going to stay flat for right now, cme open sunday night and i definitely see a pullback just because of looking at yields and looking at the actual repo. So i see a pullback sunday night and then another pullback when the stock market opens. Now we have pro shares. Shorting bitcoin becomes the second largest bitcoin focus etf, less than the us, but guys it was different if they had launched this. When bitcoin was at 64 000, but at 21 000 bitcoin doesnt have a lot to move down. We know there is a lot of institutional money inside of bitcoin. Now guys do not forget to pay attention to the actual indicators we have yield rates.

We have volume. We have tether, we have usdc and then, of course we have the fed the repo they pulled back a little now we have the bis says that cbdcs not crypto will be the cornerstone of the future monetary system and guys we know theyre exactly right. This is definitely a true statement. We know the central banks are going to stay in control and even that private, stable coin, they still will control. We know usdc right now is definitely the chosen one. Do not forget what brian brooks and jeremy stated that they were working on the united states global stable coin. Now we know the central banks are raising rates and starting to roll off this balance sheet. We know its going to cause mass layoffs in order to bring in this new digital economy, but for right now, these next couple months were going to have some relief. Just because we know midterms is here, we know how it goes and then theyre going to push just a gillian dialectic at the end of the fourth quarter, going into the first quarter. Remember what i stated if we do not get a limited debt selling, the government will shut down next year. How much time is going to shut down? I dont know, but theyre definitely going to shut it down over the next two years. The united states economy is going to get worse and worse, remember the nwo causes the problem, wait for the reaction and run in with the solution, and we know that solution is a free money and when you bring the people to their knees, theyre gon na beg For this free money, we saw this when it came to the stimulus, checks and look what happened they raised.

Inflation took away all that stimulus. Money took away all those raises and those wages with an imaginary tax, its unbelievable what the people fall for, but we know the masses, dont understand finances and we know the devil is always in the details. And then we have great scale picked up a little about 500 million, make sure youre paying attention to the actual allocations and then plus guys. We are days away from the sec decision for that spot, bitcoin etf and we know its going to move us either way. If they say yes were going to get a slight pump, if they say no, we know were going to pull back slightly, so its definitely going to move the market. But lets get over to a little crypto news. We have. Goldman sachs may raise two billion dollars of bobs celsius network assets, but guys we know that big banks and big corporations have been here from the beginning. Microsoft has been here from the beginning. This is the blueprint from big tech by the face shrinking liquidity. These companies are going to have to run to the banks or the big corporations, and we know how it starts. They get a piece first and then they end up swallowing up the whole company crypto, just like everything else is going to end up in a small few hands and remember the crypto teacher told you now we have binance cz says bad crypto projects should not be Bailed out and guys we have over 20 000 cryptos over the next year and a half with all this free money shrinking up were only going to end up with about a thousand and remember the crypto teacher told you now you heard cardanos charles hopkinson at the Beginning of this video guys, we know that algorithms are not just going to change the way we live, but theyre going to replace politicians, but we know algorithms can be manipulated on all these social media platforms.

Dealing with youtube myself, i see how the algorithm can control what you see and what you dont see in my patreon, i put a must watch video. Please go watch that video, if youre part of my patreon, but we understand how we are creating these algorithms. This artificial intelligence, the robots, the drones which can be used for good or evil, but you ask yourself whos in charge of this technology. Evil hands are good hands and guys. We know its the evil hands thats the point they want to take humanity out the workforce. In order to give them all the power and the sheep are going to fall for it because theyre going to have that carrot dangling free money airdrop, but we know theres no such thing as free when it comes to the nwo. And lastly, we have almost 4 billion bitcoin miner loans coming under stress and guys anytime youre shrinking liquidity, youre gon na have what consolidation, only a few hands are gon na own everything and remember the crypto teacher told you because he knows when it comes to the New world order, its all planned out but thats. All i have for you dont, forget about the books, crypto teacher and the new road order book, plus the three kids books is time to re educate. Also, if you do cryptos coinbase, you bunnies, and i forget book links and crypto links are in the description: the crypto teachers stock channel crypto tea to stock.

So you have your call by your chip stocks, your banking, your gaming, well everybodys, sitting at home, get home sucks to see where the biotech stocks are more everybodys at on wishing they were still getting that free money. What are they doing? Drinking and smoking weed dont? Forget about those stocks, you have a wonderful day, ive, always viewed them like financial stem cells, theyre, theyre kind of more fundamental than a particular category like a currency or a commodity, and really it depends on the markets, theyre, traded on and the use and utility that They have, but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what public policy considerations are you attempting to satisfy? Is it sanctions compliance? Is it consumer protection? Is it market stability? What we do as an industry is were all about transparency, so its kind of funny were talking and debating about disclosure regimes, theres no other financial asset in the world. That really is as transparent as a cryptocurrency, every transaction from the very beginning for bitcoin, for example, from january 3rd 2009 is known. Every single one, the holdings of the founder are known because all of these things are publicly available to everybody. So its more about my view, understandability and the tooling required to make this work on a global basis. So i dont think it would be wise to say well. Is it a security or a commodity or fall into this temptation of whos, the more permissive regulator or what is the regulatory arbitrage, but rather just take a step back and say what things do we want to guard against and we now have 13 years of history As an industry of, i think, six or seven collapses a whole bunch of interesting new things like nfts that have always pushed the limit and a global marketplace with more than 100 million people floating around that we can draw from, and we can look on a case By case basis and build a framework that makes sense most powerful person in the world is the storyteller, the storyteller says the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation to come steve jobs and guys.

You know. I truly believe in this when you look at the new world order: theyre the storytellers and thats. The reason why i wrote my new wrote order book, but guys now its time to change the current generation, and i wrote three kids books. You know i love the trinity because i understand the power of that senate, so i have three books. We have an opportunity to change the generation to educate, not just me, but i want to show you that i take action on a daily basis and i want you to take action on a daily basis, whether its your job, whether its in your community. We have an opportunity right now to educate the masses. I posted this on. My twitter account please share, but this is a short clip of the three books theres going to be a clothing line and action figure. Please get these books for your kids, nephews, cousins, friends. So therefore, we can start the re education now because, as we see, the fourth industrial revolution foundation is definitely here: robots, algorithms, drones, taking humanity out the picture we have to re educate but lets get into the video is its mandatory to get part.