So i figured well since were coming into the quarterly close and um yeah theres, a lot of macro things that are going on lets, start off on a higher time frame and then well work our way down into the lower time frames. For those of you who might be sculptors looking for intraday trades, i will also touch on that a little bit its going to still be a relatively quick show for those of you that dont know me since im, usually living on the crypto shorts channel. My names kyle im, one of the technical analysts im sure most of you are familiar with me, but for those of you who dont youre welcome to have a look in the link in the description below you can follow me on twitter. I do keep everybody up to date on this, so lets get straight into it. The bitcoin price over here is twenty thousand and seventy nine dollars. We have this quarterly chart over here and i have marked out two important levels. So for those of you that uh understand technical analysis and you put all emotions aside and you just say well, the chart is a chart as a chart. This is what we have in front of us today, and it really looks like its going to be heading down to that ultimate level, at least from a higher time frame perspective thats, not to say that there will be zero bounces along the way.

I mean something like this could happen at any point, you could hit target this area as your mid range. It could deviate, go back above and then eventually come down, but ultimately for those of you who kind of keep maybe like 50 in cash at all times and thats kind of sitting in the bank account. You know, youre not earning any interest on that. I know in the usu you guys get something like 0.2 interest or something ridiculous. You may as well put that into an exchange and set some sneaky low bids, so my advice would be the two main areas of interest are coming in at thirteen thousand. Eight hundred and eighty dollars, the other one, is going to be ten thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars, and that is for bitcoin. It really doesnt look good ill put it on a monthly chart, and then i also just want to show you with regards to what the macd looks like you can see that the macd histogram is actually strengthening to the downside, so theres absolutely no relief. You kind of want to be looking for a sort of tick up. You see how that color changes and becomes a little bit lighter. That kind of is your first signal that maybe there is some sort of a bounce or major reversal, but as you can see, this is just strengthening to the downside. So this bear market is absolutely brutal, its its definitely taking a lot of money from a lot of people.

So i encourage you to be very cautious when you take your entries. Lets have a look at ethereum for those of you that want to do the same thing on ethereum now its very hard for me to believe that we could come as low as 291 dollars, but the ultimate support does lie in that area for ethereum uh. The next level, which is the most likely, i think, theres a very high probability that we do eventually tag this one way or another, whether its in the next quarter or the quarter after that, but that would be 743 for ethereum set your bids over there lets Have a look at the histogram over here: it should be somewhat similar to what bitcoin has okay. If we have a look at that lets just quickly get that away, then its exactly the same right. So you have your all right lets just move that up there perfect. So if you have a look at the histogram over here, this ones got three bars same thing. It is strengthening to the downside, lets just clear that all right moving on from that im gon na go on to a weekly chart, which this has kept us out of a lot of trouble for those of you um who followed me from the beginning. When i joined crypto banter, the i joined crypto banter in uh, the 1st of december around the 1st of december, only started with the shows uh somewhere around this level over here when were at about 40k.

So i said, watch for this bounce over here, most likely gon na be a dead cat bound to any sort of when the the 21 eman or weekly chart is angled down. Even if price captures back above that until it starts angling upwards, i take it as a fake out and a major trap. Also, if you took the fibonacci retracement level from there down, it came straight into the um 0.37, which is a common area where traps get set. I sold everything over there and its kind of still acting in exactly the same way. Weve worked from level to level. We had this level, we said once price started. Messing around over here were most likely going to lose it and go much down further. Now, how much further could this go down? Well, you have your primary liquidity zone over here. This box, which is coming in it, marks out historical areas of significance from the previous all time high, as well as this area, where price broke through the 20k in the last bull run and really started to take off, but im not really comfortable, with the way That price is hanging around in these low areas, which is why i think things may be worse than a lot of people understand. I would be anticipating the potential for still lower prices, and the reason for that is. We have the 200 moving average on the weekly chart. We have one close to close and a nest price.

Absolutely rallies out of here right now were probably going to get the third close. Once you start closing below the 255. Thats never happened before weve only wicked below that level twice. Actually then uh, i would say that the thesis of this chart over here starts to become a reality of tagging, that thirteen thousand eight hundred and eighty so uh. My advice to those of you out there who do have available capital is really just be cautious. With your money, save it for real panic and blood in the streets at the moment this has been a very systematic and controlled sell off. We havent had actual real panic yet, where you just see like major wicks to the downside, and you want to capture that liquidity over there. Ethereum is going to look very much the same as this anytime that these moving averages are pointed down. If you see the the purple 200 or 255 ma on uh, the weekly charts start to angle down like this then long term. That would be an extremely bad thing. Its never happened before, so those are. Those are the things that im kind of watching, which is why im extra careful on my entries, all right lets have a look where there is a burund which is in the dixie. The dexi looks powerful. Its continuing up. You can see that we actively making higher highs and higher lows throughout. I want to see how this quarter as well as the week closes, but its just systematically going up in pretty much the exact opposite of what crypto is doing or what bitcoin is doing.

Lets turn the nasdaq here onto a weekly chart. You can see same thing yesterday. We confirmed the lower high, so previous lower high coming in over here, just below the key quarterly uh broke that down once we lose this level and this liquidity box id say would accelerate quite quickly. For, hopefully, what will be the last leg down and thats to the key quarterly at 247, which im targeting the pre covert levels right so anywhere within this liquidity zone? Uh is the first and closest place that i will start to look to buy potential reversals and bounces on crypto and its really going to be the same throughout. You have your u.s city, so the uh, the government bonds, the yield curve and its so far. Looking bullish, if it clears above this liquidity box, then its mega bullish, so uh. We need to see how it reacts over here. We got a wick into there and some sort of a pullback, which is why um the equity market had a slight rally. Looking at bitcoin dominance over here again, this is going to give you or paint a picture, at least on whats, going on with altcoins ill make it a lot bigger here for you, but i mentioned in the newsletter yesterday and a couple of days before that that This is what im watching im looking for a tag of this 42.76 level on the dominance and, as each week passes, of course, im going to keep rising that so whether it happens this week or in another week id imagine that would be pretty much.

The last of the um run for the altcoins and then im looking for some sort of a deviation right so down bounce off, deviation, recapture the mid range and then target start targeting towards the range high. If you clear that range high, then uh yeah, i mean altcoins will really suffer, then you can start targeting towards the top of the range over here, which are levels that we havent seen for quite a long time. Remember that when price moves down very quickly, whatever chart youre looking at when you see a rapid acceleration like this and consolidation like that, it either means that youre going to break again to the downside or youre going to move just as quickly back up and recapture. That level over there so im paying close attention to the bitcoin dominance. I would anticipate that in a major sell off of bitcoin, the the bitcoin dominance should rapidly pick up and alt queens will lose a lot of steam. So i wont go into too much detail on the stock market like the dow jones and everything, because they all really look the same. Theyre quite close, lets quickly measure out how much further its got um, i mean its another seven percent move, which could potentially be up to maybe 30 to 50 percent on uh crypto to the downside, so thats. What im watching over there on the daily over here ive got the volume bars, which is the first and most notable thing over here? You can see declining volume on the daily.

This is the moon chart, so astrology you can just type in over there mp moon phases im. Definitely not the biggest fan of astrology. I dont really use it, for you know, relationships or day to day matters, but when it comes to charting it has really worked. Phenomenally well and today you should see a moon similar to these ones. I think its some full moon, or something like that which is going to print on the top side, and that usually is an indication of a bad thing. Not to mention that you have the moving average 22, which has been governing price towards the downside right. So uh any sort of a push into this area, i would actually be looking to short and you can kind of see whats happening now right, so you got your your low another or you got your lower high another lower low. If this is going to already be your next lower high, then theres probably going to be one more flush to the downside and its actually better. If we could just get a capitulation candle, the pain will be over a lot quicker. This kind of sideways grinding down is its terrible. It takes forever its painful for everybody to to watch. You know. Okay ive got this chart over here on bitcoin, and this is essentially on the four hour chart. I have my most important emas up, which is the 21, which is the yellow one.

You got the 50, the purple and the 200 ema, which is the light blue one over here, and all of them are angled down. Prices stuck below – and i did mention yesterday in the newsletter that i was very skeptical of this move, because at the end of the day you know as as a trader, you should always put trend first and foremost above everything else. So you have your lows: higher high high low higher high and then this is where the next high low was yesterday and i i wrote in the newsletter for those of you who are subscribed. I said india that i remain very, very skeptical um, so you have a look at these charts over here, its bitcoin on the four hour. Let you see what i mentioned over here. I said that um, however, just to be absolutely clear. I lean more towards this. Being a consolidation range, meaning that, although there is some sort of an uptrend being established, im skeptical of the uptrend and the reason, why is because it looked very choppy right, its a kind of like not a clean higher low. The next higher high was marginal. When you look at this level over here, so you want to compare the closing bodies over there to the closing bodies over there, its such a small difference. It was like splitting hairs. You know i want to see clean high highs. I wanted to see higher low over here next higher high smash into the range high pull back set the next higher low relative to this area over here and then a push up from there and then i would be looking id feel more comfortable once we clean That range, so theres definitely value in those newsletters.

If you have a look over there, i put all my thoughts down on paper and i give you the exact levels to look out for as well. Looking at ethereum now, ethereum has a little bit of a cleaner chart to be honest, youve got here, you got your high high high low higher high and then now we need to watch look if this recaptures this area as a higher low. This actually would bode better than what bitcoin is. But the important thing to note is that the emas is all pointing down and you have price stuck below those emas. So you need to be very careful with any sort of longs that you take um, but an uptrend is an uptrend. Nevertheless, and the trend is your friend until the end of the trend. So where are we now for now im talking to the guys that are maybe on a more lower time frame right, so momentum, oscillators on the four hour travel lets. First, look at the daily. Just to give you perspective, the dailies are starting to curl back down. So uh it depends on what happens on the four hour if it stays that low, then you can anticipate that all these ema, all these momentum, oscillators, are going to cross back down and thats going to be bad for price. So eight hour down, eight hours already reached the bottom, but these things can stay lower longer than what you anticipate, but nevertheless you do have a very easy risk to reward ratio.

So if you are a degenerate gambling trader and you cant sit on your hands and you absolutely have to take a trade okay here, it is look. I mean you have your slide up train right. You got your lows: your higher high higher low next higher high. If this level holds this, is it right here you have the dotted line, which i did also point out in that newsletter yesterday would be your range i mentioned on twitter. I said that i wouldnt be surprised over here, uh autocorrect, by the way, ranger traders, a lot of people ask whats a ranger trader, i mean range traders would be taking a quick bid at the bottom of that line and thats exactly what you can see is Happening over here at this level, you can see the wicks over here that are picking up, but i personally am remaining neutral. There is a possibility if you were to set your bids over here, you could put your stop loss um. Maybe you can enter in a couple of orders, because i do think that we could wick a little bit lower. I think that you could kind of see something like this down over there as long as youre holding this wick over here i want to see price hold above that and thats coming in at nineteen thousand six hundred and sixteen dollars. If you start to lose that level, especially with any candles that close under there, its done, then youve lost youve lost the trend.

The trend has changed now. Youve now officially taken out the next uh higher low and youve made a lower low, so thats bad. You dont want to see that right, so have a look. What i do when i try and take these trades is ill rather look at the one hour chart over here, its a kind of front run. I prefer to trade when certain levels get cleared and for those levels to clear you can see. The bollinger bands are starting to pinch and squeeze. I dont have an any fans account, but james does and ill definitely put it out on twitter, for whoever is asking about that so, for, if you have a look over here, bollinger bands are starting to squeeze as they get tighter. Price starts to enter into this sort of consolidation and thats. When you always see us draw those kind of triangles right where price is going to break out of that triangle, so i would watch for that. I would watch for the trend line to be cleared. You could probably lets see how this will fit in. If i try and draw a trend line right here and now nah i dont like it, it doesnt fit very well. So main trend line still remains this one over here i want to see price basically get above. This price can get back above this retest over there. You can work with something right. You set a new higher high, buy off the next higher low.

So, if price, what do you do if price comes up into this area over here? Well, its probably better for a short right? If price comes up like this, you see something like this. Coming up to 20 667, you have a better shorting opportunity. I like to enter in phases personally, which is one which is two and then the last one will be three, and why is that? Because my validation would be those higher or lower highs on that left hand side over there, so guys that really pretty much is about it from me. Make sure that you subscribe to the newsletter im gon na re, update. What i mentioned about this in yesterdays chart and to find that all you need to do is go to sheldons twitter and it is its pinned to the top of his twitter over there and then you can. You can subscribe to that newsletter letter on that side. If you have a look over here, i do have a funded account by run im not really too excited to use it. Yet i must be honest because im more sitting on my hands, but when the opportunity comes, i will let you guys know when to take the trade, make sure that you click the link in the bio. So if you just go down below youll, find everything youve got my twitter, my instagram, my buybit referral link. If you do wish to support me, that is one way that you can um is by using the private referral link.

If you are gon na trade in any case, oh and you have the link for the newsletter below as well so guys thats it from me um im going to jump off, i will see you all tomorrow. I will also be doing one short video on the crypto shorts channel, so if youre not already subscribed to that, make sure that you head over that side give the video a like subscribe.