Yeah yeah were thats what they want, you to think thats what you have to fight against. Why? Because, even though the cryptocurrency market has been trending down over the last year and its gotten kind of bloody recently its when the times get tough, the fear index is up and actually your stomachs. Turning and you want to quit, you want to stop or you want to not do what you were thinking about doing thats the best time to do it, whether its buying bitcoin or building out mining rigs and buying miners, whatever uh. So in particular, im going to talk, you know definitely about buying crypto, but also i want to talk largely about mining cryptocurrency because thats, one of the main things i do. My name is vosk youre watching the vox coin youtube channel, we have a mining farm, were building on a bigger mining farm and we make some crypto youtube. Videos and uh ive learned a lot over the last five years. Doing this – and i obviously i dont know everything and i dont know the future, but fortune favors. The bold – and i know you know its a cliche quote whatever, but the big takeaway is that bear markets are about survival and its. It really is that thing of buying when others are selling and quitting and interest is low right, so anyway, today were going to be running through really why this is actually, you know, even though it seems like the worst time in recent history.

This is actually the best time to be getting into crypto, to be buying crypto and to be buying and building out mining rigs and mining farms in recent history feeling the financial squeeze of runaway inflation, with prices rising at the fastest pace in four years are selling Investments in cryptocurrency is plunging with the sector suffering a broad based, sell off, which has seen bitcoin drop below 30 000 us dollars the digital currency created a dozen years ago as an alternative to cash. Many financial experts dismissed the cryptocurrency as a fact, because weve seen crypto prices, weve seen layoffs uh in 2022 is how big and mainstream the industry has become. Have you heard about wadom? Yet they claim to be the largest bitcoin mining equipment, distributor in the united states. Yeah so sure they could sell you bitcoin miners, but they also have containers. They have bitcoin mining container shipping containers converted to be bitcoin mining farms transformers as well as hosting and even a pool get your swimsuit on and smash that link in the video description below. Like right now and and i get so heres heres – some cool metrics – i get you know a very unique insight into the crypto sphere. Okay and for example, our views are trending down. Our watch time is trending down. We are getting less daily subscribers than we have over the last entire two years and you may think no boss thats, just because you suck thats, because your channels now and you know i get it right – im, not saying that the channel is perfect whatever.

But i can tell you that weve continued to upload daily, despite the market conditions – and you know obviously theres fluctuations in content creation, but you know from the mining side im mining as many coins, as ever before. You know, at least with most of my mining rigs as coins continue down in price. More people are going to turn the rigs off if youre spending say 10 a day in electricity for bitcoin mining, but youre only mining, eight dollars of electricity, then you might as well just buy ten dollars of bitcoin instead of, but you know essentially buying eight dollars Of bitcoin for ten dollars when it comes to mining, it can get a little bit more complex though operate it like a business as you should, but consult a professional with that, then you could have write offs. You could expense things you own assets. You have a lot of ways to move the numbers in your favor when you operate as a business, its the classic meme right by the dip everybody wants to buy the dip. What happens when you buy the first layer of the god, damn seven layer dip? You lose okay. On average every market cycle, every half decent crypto coin hits a new all time. High right, ethereum will probably dip more than bitcoin does, but it will probably also rise. More than bitcoin does just like it did in the previous previous market cycle, so many people are so fixated on big ole orange coin btc and i get it its the safest bet.

But is that really why you got into crypto is to get into the safest bet and you dont have to get super uh speculative into like dog, innu, inu, jeffrey dangercoin and its like? What the hell is that and im like yeah thats, the new dog coin? They said its going to be the next dogecoin ship and thats uh thats when you really start swimming in the deep end. People like to call that pointing a lot of money to be made there a lot of money to be instantly vanished as well and just in case. Somebody actually makes that coin. That i just said do not buy that coin, its not financial advice, but do not buy that coin. Okay, so coins are trending down big time. We have the best biops in years seriously. Personally, i think, were actually going to continue down, but a lot of people should be considering. Dca dollar cost averaging into their positions. They want they like to call them blue chips right. The good cryptocurrencies for the long term buying into obviously like bitcoin. But then you have things that you know are here to stay for better and worse, like ethereum or a more exciting new contender in my opinion would be solana right. I think the solana has a big opportunity in the next big market cycle. I think were going to see a lot of projects building on solana, but building a lot of dapps takes time and if all these good daps decentralized applications to really get out there and then start getting some traction and then get just gas poured on them.

In the next bowl cycle, and then thats also when so many others come in and just fork the good projects and just make their alternative tweaked versions. Example, uniswap and sushi swap is a perfect example of that, among many other cryptocurrencies uh, but anyway, thats kind of my point there, but i will stay in full. Disclaimer transparency, uh ftx us is an annual sponsor of the vice corn youtube channel and, of course, theyre. A great way to turn to dirty dollars into solana and other cryptocurrencies, and you get a bonus by using our link down in the description below. But you know i just want to address that. So nobody thinks that im, like you know in bed with sbf and were making little solana babies all right, thats, weird settle down, okay, its, not nearly that elaborate im, not retiring of the sponsorship. Okay – and we were the ones that reached out to them, because i think solana is cool so anyway, that said, moving on uh mining rigs are coming down for the first time in what feels like forever in prices and theres. Actually, some availability for what it feels. Like for the first time in forever as well, you look at the second place market. You look at the marketplace on boscoin talk or community rand forum. You look at ebay, okay, mining prices, minor prices are trending down big time, okay, and that means youre going to get more hash for your dollar.

This means more people are unplugging. Manufacturers will be producing less okay, they will make less miners because theres less money to be made, they dont want to be set sitting on a ton of stock, all right, its also more difficult than ever to produce anything look at the supply chains in every industry. However, mining rig manufacturers specifically im really thinking about talking about asic miners, and you know asic minor its a purpose built custom computer. All it does is mine, cryptocurrency right gold. Shell makes asic miners. I got one sitting right there behind me: thats a mini doge pro noir edition and uh. You know that thing: mines, dogecoin and litecoin, uh, 24, 7, 365, its pretty cool those miners are sold out right now on gold, shell, but i did check and coin mining. Centrals has some in stock for very close to the retail price from golds show uh. So again you know its, you know, use it if you want to you, get a discount with our link if you want to uh. But my main point here, though, is that you know these minor manufacturers like gold, shell and bitmain, and and these other producers right, ivy, link, cannon, uh, whats, mine, obviously theres. So many of them now theyre gon na slow down theyre gon na you know settle down. Theyre gon na shrink their workforce, um theyre gon na cut their prices, but theyre still in the business of making miners to make money.

Okay, so they will still continue to make miners and their continued supply. Dilution will bring minor prices down as well as coin prices. Leading to less mining profitability, also bringing bringing minor prices down, which ultimately brings me to my point here that this is the best opportunity to buy rigs from how much youre gon na pay versus hash in this kind of market. You think about how much hash rate i can get hash rate is basically the power of these mining rings, and you start combining them. You get a bunch of hash rate. Hash rates different for different coins right so bitcoin mining hash rate does not translate one to one for ethereum mining, hash rate and things like that. Make sure you understand that if youre totally new to this check out our beginner videos on how to set up an asic miner and how to set up electricity guide for your home, make sure youre doing everything properly and safely um efficiently and thus profitably. But the the the note here, the takeaway right is the simple fact that now we want to focus on getting our hash up. We want a bunch of hash rate, which means we should be mining a bunch of coins and then we start stacking. We start hiding. We start looking, we start thinking, we start going. You know if this hits a new all time high youll be sitting pretty on some coins right uh, for example like caden kda.

If im mine, like a dollar a day with uh one of my mini uh miners, like its just a kd box, the original version im mining like about a dollar a day after i pay my electric bill with that. But if kda hit a new all time high, i would be mining like 30 bucks a day with a device that cost me a dollar to run and im still clearing more than im paying electricity like thats, crazy and thats kind of how you have to hype Yourself up and – and you know its still, some just bullishness in yourself – every half decent coin hits a new all time, high every ball cycle, again. Obviously nothings guaranteed. You look at the fundamentals and you try to place your bets uh. I mean like kdm im, not trying to shill it right and to be clear. Ive actually sold all my kda right now because i think its going to continue to trend down im sitting in stable coins and im. You know i got my powder keg and i want to hit some big buy orders and then, when i feel like were at the bottom and were going to start trending up thats, what im just going to stack stack stack stack, stack, stack all the coins that I mine, but you know, for them, for example, theyre supposed to be dumping 100 million into their ecosystem. Their project is only worth 300 million right now, so theyre dumping theyre investing 33 of their.

You know decent sized market cap into their ecosystem. I really hope that that bores, some you know juicy fruit and you know im gon na, be looking as a miner to to really capitalize on that, and i also want to stack some coins in case. Their ecosystem gets a bunch of traction and a bunch of tokens launch on their chain because of the platform right, then i can get in there real, easy and ill be using this buying that trading into this, and you know ill be, like you know, being like. Oh, i hope this is the next ethereum and all the ethereum tokens. You know who knows time will tell but its fun to play the speculative game and its people that play that game when they hit the right. One thats, when you get the 100x simply put its the real money to maybe be made, will be for a token on top of their platform. Right, just like ethereum has made a lot of people a lot of money, but in the previous market cycles, its ethereum tokens that have made people stupid, rich and its not all about money. I hope you understand im, not here just chasing dollar bills. I love this. I love crypto, i love mining, its so much fun its intoxicating, its infatuating, its just really cool and – and i love that you know these miners process transactions – they solve basic math problems. They they saw blocks, they got nodes running moving the chain along weve had masternodes.

We utilize staking, we lend our coins out. We use all these daps decentralized applications make decentralized trades with yield farm. We do everything under the sun, the digital sun that is, but definitely not just inside okay, but its its a lot of fun and and thats really like the thing when it comes when the market gets red, is its about stacking coins. Thinking about what the future could hold – and you know kind of sticking to that initial enthusiasm you had when you got into regardless of the market condition making friends like in our discord. Server weve got 40 000 incredible people in there and maybe its 50 000 now. But the point is you know and same on the forum too make some friends you dont need to bring your friends from the outside world into crypto. They probably wont be able to handle it most of my friends that i got into this with theyve all capitulated and done terrible me, the exact opposite and im not bragging im not trying to flex, but i stayed the course you know you persevere, youre rewarded its Even just like building a business or doing anything right, you say you pick up a sport and youre, not that good your first year and you get you wrecked and you quit and well congrats you sucked at that sport for the rest of your life. The end the story is over, you start a business. Things are pretty tough.

The first year like with almost every business that started youre like oh, this is too tough didnt make enough money. Im, not rich. I thought, being my business owner was gon na be sick. I watched this tick tock video man, no, the tick tock video was supposed to tell you. I quit my nine to five to work. 24. 7. thats. What entrepreneurial ships like? If you dont know – and you know you, it will bear fruit – probably hopefully eventually but its a long journey, and even when you get there, youll be astonished how much youre working um, but the same rings. True with crypto and really anything you do in life is, if you stick with crypto, you dont invest more than you can afford to lose you get into it. You learn the technicals. You get focused on the fundamentals. You stay away from this technical analysis right. You have fun and you just get rooted in these – just very cool comp, sometimes oftentimes complex but revolutionary, potentially world changing projects and ecosystems and youre going to have a lot of fun, youre going to learn a lot, and hopefully you make a good chunk of change Along the way, so whether youre buying into cryptocurrencies or youre, buying a couple miners or maybe youre a maniac like me – that is basically tripling down building out a studio for our crypto youtube channel proper warehouse. So we can have all kinds of stuff in our facility.

Um, you know really just taking that whole side to the next level, but its also our headquarters and staging area for boss coin, which is what is going to like enable us to build our solar mining farm out of it and then have a solar powered. Bitcoin. Crypto mining farm – just you know, also bought a shed thats, basically going to be the mining shed 2.0, its going to be structured, pretty much like a shipping container and uh. You know build im expanding tenfold because im, confident, im, excited and ive been through it before, and this red market may turn to a crypto winner, but eventually the snow melts it does and its summertime its bull market time. Things will be good again and ill, be there im excited only way i wont be. There is, if im dead. I hope youll, be there too. The best way to make sure youre there is to slap that subscribe. Button, though, join me on this crazy crypto journey and uh yeah, i mean i seriously hope you stick around with the channel. I hope you stick around with uh crypto its easy to get down theres, so much fun, theres, so much noise, theres. So much take a deep breath. Take a step back dont get overextended dont be over leveraged dont. Get dont set yourself up in two riskier moves. A lot of people try to make 10 years of money in one year. Just relax.

Take small steps forward as long as youre moving forward its all its the best. You can do. Okay, you get too risky you get too aggressive. You gamble too hard. It could really blow up in your face and put you in a bad spot, its crazy. How much progress you can erase with a couple bad moves when you make a bad move, take a deep breath, take a step back and relax. It doesnt mean its time to quadruple down, and then you really end up in the hole. This has a tendency to be an addictive and potentially destructive endeavor its up to you to just reign yourself in and trade with your mind and build out and make moves with your mind. Not emotionally, emotions will get you wrecked. Being smart is the clear, concise, statistically mathematically, proven route to success. Again i dont know everything, but i won more than i lose and i try to translate that stuff into these videos. For you guys, i mean im fortunate to that. Even any of you guys tune in and watch the video so seriously, thanks for even watching. I hope you watch our next one too. By sticking around yeah thats. All i got today, dont give up be strong, be bold persevere and i sincerely hope i see you tomorrow. Dont quit dont give up just just relax a little bit im gon na get through this.