I am in dubai. I live in dubai. It is good to be here its my beautiful house on the side panoramic shot again, maybe literally something on the screen. Uh guys yall. You can see the title of the video im going to do a a review of the krypto.com card, guys im going to go through the pros and the cons, because there are cons, guys ive been using this card actually for probably the best part of like three Or four years now, ive been using this ruby red card. I didnt upgrade to the next level but ill. Tell you how you can do that if youre interested but im just going to go through the pros and the cons of this car, guys ive been using it for ive, actually been using crypto debit cards for literally like five or six years since the very first Day the coinbase card came out. I actually had it on the white list. I was using crypto debit cards for so long ive been in crypto legends for a while, so really really really believe in it. So lets go into the crypto.com card im going to go through the pros and the cons, guys and also comment below guys. If you, if you know whether youre interested in it or you like it or what you thought, was good or what you thought was bad, because when people come and watch this video theyll probably look at the comments and say: okay, what was good? What was that? So ill go through the pros.

First guys, whats good about the crypto.com card. Now the the great thing about crypto.com guys is the ease of use with the app. The app is literally the easiest app in crypto to use its like using monzo or a fintech bank, or you know its different from legacy banks, but its as easy as any app to use top the card up. You can top it with multiple cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum. The whole list goes down. You can top this up easily quickly. You know it works also in a lot of countries as well, but that i will go into a con actually about the countries you can use these cards in, but, generally speaking, guys, the app is a really easy place to top up your card and use, and You can be kind of assured that its a visa debit card, so it actually will use a lot. It will work in a lot of countries, but i will go into a con about that in a second, but so the the the actual app experience is really really good with the crypto.com card uh and another. Another good thing about the crypto com card is that you can get perks. You can get extra perks for just only a card now i dont know this is between a con and a pro the staking of the cro token, so its called chronos. Now, the cro token, you have to actually stake tokens to get the perks ill go into the the cost benefit between other cards.

That are the second um, but you can get perks. So with my ruby red card i have here guys i actually get um spotify for free, so i get spotify for free uh. You can actually go up the list. You can get free spotify. You can get free netflix. You can also get expedia. I think even airbnb now as well so thats a really good thing and the car, generally speaking, is easy to use. You get the perks and you can go up this the ladder of different things, but i do want to just mention a few things which arent great about the crypto.com card and other cards would be better to use, and that is actually that, when i was actually In spain uh the kryptolok, this crypto.com card didnt work guys. You know this didnt work in spain at all. In on their past machines. I couldnt actually do contactless. I couldnt actually make any payments either um, so they do say its an international card, but in some countries ive experienced where ive been ive experienced that the card doesnt work also in turkey, had problems as well because they are metal cards and i know metal cards Seem cool but some machines cant actually accept metal cards, so you actually cant put them into atms and also this. This actually did get swallowed. This card got theres, not this specific one, but my card in turkey actually got eaten and i couldnt get access to my crypto.

com card and because crypto.com is a fintech style app. You cant walk into a branch and get a new card, so it did take weeks for me to get a new card. I am traveling around the world im in dubai right now, im originally from england ive been to turkey, spain ibiza, you name, it so thats a problem because you cant walk into a branch and get a new card. So you know some of the countries dont work, guys also the staking levels. You know they are good generally, but i do think that there are better cards with better rewards now out there. If you are looking for just rewards and cashback. I do. I understand im not 100. What the the going rate right today is. You know on this video you might might be watching this. In a year i actually staked about 250 worth of crypto cro chronos to get this card which, yes, its good. You know spotify in itself is 10 bucks a month, but youre, probably gon na get your your money back on this. Maybe within a year or two, there are now other cards out there, guys like, for instance, plutus and even i think, finance as well, which are doing crazy, rewards guys. You can actually get up to like five six seven percent cashback and you can get things like adidas nike, et cetera, different brands, so id say that its good as a its good, but its not as good as it can be in relation to some of the Competitors out there ill put some links in description, guys, uh and just to mention, as well, actually with the crypto.

com card um a good thing about it is that when you actually sign up, you know they give you a free 25. So if you want to get an account with krypto.com use, the link in description guys use my link use the code, they will literally give you 25 worth of free crypto, just to sign up and thats a way of getting you in. So you can experience the app if you like it youll stick around and you actually get the card and spend that money so thats another good thing. I want to also mention guys the uh, the customer service on crypt.com isnt, that good guys, you know, ive been through customer service multiple times, ive lost cards, ive had problems with my two factor: authentication all these different things within the actual live chat and the customer Service, its just frustrating, you have to go through a long process, its not fast. They dont get back to you quickly, so your customer service recruiter, crits.com isnt that good. It has got better over the months and the years, but its not that good its, not as good as some of the competitors again. So i would like to see that get better for me to feel like im in more like a comfortable position right for it to actually be a good long term option. I, the the customer service, is not good right now at all. It just takes too freaking long. One last thing to mention actually about a good thing about this car guys is that you can do swaps within the app for free, so you can turn cryptos into other cryptos for free within the app and then actually top up.

This card with those cryptos so say youre in bitcoin, but you want to be in usdc. You can move that instantly for free, then top of the car with usdc, so it within the app the app kind of brings the whole thing up. Guys, like i do use actually the crypto.com the crypto.com card, the most because of the perks because of the app, but i would say that there are still things i wanted to do this video just to make sure you know the good parts and the bad parts. Okay, just so, there are architectures out there. I have another video actually ill put a video at the top now to another video explaining the other cards, the competitors which i use as well, but, generally speaking, i do use the crypto.com card the most and they have a good referral scheme. They have a good general and their security is very, very high as well. Ive never had a problem losing funds, etc. They actually have some of the best security systems in cryptocurrency hands down descriptor.com itself, so thats kind of it legends hit the link below guys and also um comment which card you use and why and why, its better than grips.com and get the free 25 of the Link below and ill see you on the flip side, legendary.