You ufo token. If you are new in my channel, please hit the subscribe button and press the bell button for new upcoming earning videos. So you need to click on the depths of from the profile, absorption report and scroll down and click on the pancakes up from popular options. Pancakes off pancakes will be clicked even popular from the game load network. Just after the white carbon – and here you can see the bnb just click on this logo that brother a logo would just click even then go back my telegram, post, okay, telegram posted to lesbian, and here you can see the contract address just to copy this contract Address that working in here and here you can see the meta ufo just select meta ufo, then you need to change from cake to bu sd card update, select event channel maximum management, and here you can see transaction submitted. Look at that transaction submitted transactions. Look at that my swap is not successful and my busd balance is now four point four four and you need some bnb for service desktop another. Obviously so bnb like the service charges in the website, now im going to show you the another swap to economy. I mean uh talking to addiction, i click on the stop and click on the confirm swap and here you can see the input token cannot be transferred, and here you can see my transaction submitted, but you need uh, some bnb for transaction fee, taking up with the Robust equities of bnb, like the transaction fees – and here you can see my balance – is now four point.

Four, four, a b usd token number four point: four: four usd and located my balance is now five point: two seven b usd the more they take. The percentage of five dollars now im going to stop one day, theory uh matter you have to, can i click on the swap. I click on the confirm, swap and to locate it its now a connector protocol. Now i go back my trust, wallet account and click on the wallet for economy, wallet to report click correctivo – and here you can see my bnb balance is now decreasing. Tomorrow, bnb pennsylvania service touch only getting essay, and here you can see my view. Asd balance is now five dollar. Twenty eight cent money more than me: five dollar motor economy, a b usd pegasi look at that i swapped three times so economy ten times three times, seven swap professor and look at that. I click on the swap, and here you can see. I saw four meter ufa token and i click on the swap again and here you can see i swapped 12 meter ufa token, and here you can see i swap again and look at that. I swap look at that. My balance is now five dollar 27 cent and uh. If i click on this logo, though, im talking a transfer logo for click and uh, when i click on the 100 economy to the one hundred percent per click already – and here you can see my full dollar equal to zero point.

Two. For my five point, two seven b usd equal to zero point, two four one as something b and p three on so i always advise you to dont miss any kind of video and look at that. I already shared a lot of and so try to join.