. First disclaimer, we are not giving you any financial advice.You have to invest in crypto. Only after your analysis and risk analysis, Profit and loss is yours.Market is risky, so understand it well and then invest your money.. So lets move to news update.. The first news that is being covered in news update is from harmony., So Harmony. We told that their 100 millions was hacked.. They also talked about giving a bounty of 1 million, but now the bounty that was talked about here.. So after that, the hacker didnt like that 1 million bounty., So whatever stolen front, he had he started moving it.. So first of all he has started moving it. He has done that in Tornado Cash Mixer.. What the Tornado Cash Mixer does is that it doesnt tell where transaction starts and where it ends.. So because of this, he has kept his transaction complete privacy. Now it will not be known from where this data is and where it has gone.. So because of this Harmony will think of increasing its bounty in my opinion., Because the hacker has only transferred 25 million out of 100 million. So now lets see if the amount of bounty is 25 million, then the remaining 75 returns or not. Next news. Here all the institutional crypto asset products. There are all the institutions here, wherever they are investing their money. From there. They had withdrawn his money. So in about a week they had withdrawn 423 million.

Out of all such products. So because of this, the current drop is being seen in the market. The price of bitcoin is running around 20200. Next news. Russia duma passes bill to remove VAT. VAT on sales of crypto assets, removed and lower the income tax rates, so that transaction easily happens.. So it still seems that before those bills were being talked about in Russia, so far this bill has been passed. The Russians have got ease. That they can easily sell out their crypto assets.. Talking about next news. Switzerland based crypto mining, firm operations to texas.. So now they say that white rock managment firm. They also had mining firm in switzerland. So now they are expanding in texas, So they are saying that after total hashrate to be more than 1.6ehs.. So That Means, After That They Can Mining Bitcoin On Big Level.. Next news here, crypto is attracting some institutional investors., Where another institutional investor is withdrawing his money, because he is getting his money here by increasing as much as he had invested in the past, And there are institutional investors who are thinking of investing their money in the Space or it is that they have already done planout, they are yet to make their investment. Huobi global sales head. There are many institutions and many clients who keep billions of dollars with them.. They are thinking of entering the crypto space and their money is going to be invested in crypto.. Talking about next news, cardanos july hard fork prevent ADA price from plunging 60.

Last time it did not survive. Even after that update, there was a drop in the price. Which got a lot of hype in the earlier update and the price was increased and the price was dropped in the same second update.. So now the same situation is going to happen here Or say that it will save it. So these are speculations, so that means cardano in a little dicy situation. KPMG invests for their employees, training That employees should be given training in metaverse. 30 million dollars. Hes going to spend for this work, their employees, their clients and the rest of the people with whom they are dealing with third party vendors.. So, to give knowledge on web 3 to all of them investing 30M due to which They will be given classes, their trainings will be conducted. They will have workshops. so that they could understand. Well, what is in web3, SOL price eyes, 75 rally as solana paints a bullish reversal pattern.. So now, due to this, the value of solana can go up a lot and can cross the figure of 40 and go over it crypto more popuar than mutual funds. So in a survey it has been found that 40 of millennials are saying that Either doing or want to invest in crypto And 20 are such that mutual funds are their safest or say that mutual funds are considering their investment partner.. But if we talk about who is standing against crypto, then stocks are standing at 40.

. 40 millennials are also investing in stocks.. That Means Crypto Has Overtaken Mutual Funds. Uzbekistan warms up to bitcoin mining, But at the same time they has also said that if you want to mine bitcoin in Uzbekistan, you will have to use solar energy.. You have to use renewable source, you cannot do direct electricity consumption.. First, you have to make electricity by utilizing it, you will have to do mining. And at the same time he has said one more thing that you cannot mine. Whatever anonymous currency you have. That means privacy currency. next news here, while bitcoin and ethereum dominance, slides stablecoin market caps reap the rewards. during this recession. So this is a good news for stablecoin.. So friends, this was todays update.. How did you like it subscribe? The channel, if you havent yet and press the bell notification icon to get video notifications timely. and if you like, the video so like and share.