Yet htc delivers the first ever metaverse phone kusama is getting warmed up for a new polka dot. Update tether may be under attack by hedge funds. Krypto.Com makes some rewards cuts. Taras luna 2 rises from the ashes for now, and harmony continues to investigate its 100 million hack heres. Your old queen buzz news, hi, im, natalie and welcome to altcoinbuzz altcoinbuzz is a crypto investing research company. So we are here to bring you the latest crypto updates for your trades and investments and as early investors in the crypto space. We have an eye for potential opportunities that we want to share with. You have a look at our altcoin buzz access pro hub for all kinds of crypto opportunities. Plans start at 99 a month and you can sign up below and we have an exclusive giveaway with the mexi exchange and we are down to the final hours for new users to win up to 6 699 in bonuses to be eligible. You need to start trading and then you can tap into a chance to win twenty five hundred dollars in usdt, a lifetime 10 trading fee discount and a months membership of altcoin buzz access pro for free click, our exclusive link below to start before the deadline and Dont forget to smash the like subscribe and notification button, so youre always up to date with our news deep dives and great offers just keep in mind that this is not investment advice.

So lets get to the news if we look back at bitcoins dip from this time last year compared to now. This has the makings of a bear market of epic proportions. Last summer, bitcoin lost just about half of its all time, high gains, which was a sore spot for hodlers anyways, but in this fair market a few metrics have severely changed from last year to give us some insight to how low bitcoin can go. For starters, hash rates which measures the computing power to mining bitcoin has dipped beyond what we saw last year, when chinas mass population of miners had to flee the countrys mining ban and hash rates temporarily had to drop while they relocated this year. Bitcoins decline alone has asked the profitability of mining, but when we look at, if hash rates can tell if another capitulation event is in the works, this chart is saying that may not be the case, as most miners have likely sold off their portions of their bitcoin. Stash a long time ago to shave some profits. Another aspect is the active addresses where we saw a big dip last summer in new users before bitcoin bounced back in the third quarter and while on chain volume has been low in this bear market. The big difference is that we havent had a new dip in addresses, simply because the priority for most users has likely been to move their bitcoin. So the lack of buying bitcoin isnt helping end this downtrend and then we see how the exchange reserves have responded and they are losing more coins than last summer and normally, when markets collapse, we see an inflow into exchanges for users to buy low, but this summer Has been the opposite, where users are emptying their wallets altogether, htc is bringing us the first ever metaverse phone.

The taiwanese electronics giant is releasing its htc desire, 22 pro, which will have a compatible metaverse platform, crypto wallet and nft capabilities. The desired 22 pro will run on htcs vivers metaverse platform and the phone will come pre loaded with metaverse crypto and nft apps, including trading nfts on the vivers marketplace, and a wallet for ethereum and polygon based assets. Htc is the first company to deliver a crypto phone, but this one is not the first in 2018 htc debuted, its exodus 1 smartphone that had a built in wallet and the power to run a full bitcoin node expect the desired 22 pro to be released next Year with its own vr and ar headset coming soon, a new upgrade is in the works for polka dot and its canary network kusama will be giving it the first test run. But first the experimental blockchain is adding nomination pools to its runtime, which is a feature that helps improve staking on polka dots by allowing users to pull their funds to create a nominator account and test their desired upgrades. This will be an interesting time as nominators and validators are chosen during the upgrade trial, maybe even chaotic, but when the upgrade has passed all the tests well see it live on polka dot and see how it can impact polka dots market value, and you can check Out more on polka dots, latest movements and what to expect in the coming months, in our new technical analysis, video with frank click, the video on the screen to queue it up after the news word on the street, is that there may have been a coordinated short Attack on tethers, usdt, tether, chief of technology officer, paolo ardogno, shared a twitter thread about the alleged attack and that ardonio believes the attack was made by traditional hedge funds, trying to short the stablecoin ardogno says this shorting attempt is a new wave of fud troll armies And clowns and reports say that the traditional hedge funds that could be behind the short may have tried to execute the attack through genesis, global trading, one of the largest crypto brokerages around crypto.

com, has cut more offerings to its staking programs. The crypto exchange has removed dogecoin, shiba, inu and 13 other tokens from its crypto earned. Rewards program, blame the bear market basilica near and phantom have been added to the list and is changing. Reward rates to a handful of stablecoins related to the british pound and australian, canadian and american dollars, but bitcoin solana, ethereum polygon and avalanche rewards rates, have remained the same. Luna 2.0 is back. The controversial token has managed to rise from the ashes and gained 70 percent. After dropping to its all time low of a dollar 62 last week, whos buying the token no one knows but its possible that luna 2s price action may trap some bulls with a bare flag, have a look as luna 2 is priced up after its big drop. The value of luna 2 could come crashing down yet again, should the price resolve and break the previous lower trend and, lastly, harmony protocol is still recovering from a 100 million dollar hack on june 24th and now the layer, one blockchain says that it is working with The fbi and cyber security firms to investigate the hack on friday, hackers allegedly exploited the horizon ethereum bridge to steal a hundred million dollars in altcoins. The harmony team was able to identify the address shortly after the hack and says that it has been working around the clock to retrieve the assets and now harmony says that it has found out that the hacker has been moving.

Those funds through the tornado, cash anonymous non custodial solution and that harmony will continue to keep its community informed on twitter, so stay with us for more updates. Thats it for your altcoin buzz news update. Are you getting lost in the fud around this bear market? Let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed this video and want more insights for your crypto investing, please smash the like subscribe and notification buttons to get all our latest content and have a look at the rest of our channel. Make sure you check out our mexi tutorial on the screen? This is the last day, so do not miss out on this huge crypto giveaway. As always, this is not financial advice, but we wish you the best of luck in your crypto ventures.