A large number of total accounts over here, almost a hundred million crazy stuff. This is a huge project, a very successful project that has been in the cryptocurrency space for quite some time now so scrolling down, as we can see here, is how the trx market performance is currently looking like. The cryptocurrency market as a whole is only downward trend. So this is quite expected right now, but as we can see, total market cap is around 5.6 billion, really so uh its global, ranked as number 13 in cryptocurrencies. Current price is around six cents and, as we can see the uh trend, it was going standing for a bit and now we have been seeing see some uh dips going on right now in the past few days. But nonetheless, that is just the market conditions going on currently right now, so the tron ecosystem as a whole is quite vast and has a ton of different features like, for example, a tron wallet. You know tron scan tron d apps, you know application scenario. The tron sr tron the usdt, their trc 20, which is their kind of smart contract platform and a ton of different cool features. So this is a very vast. You know: uh ecosystem and a platform and a project as a whole. They cover many many different aspects in the web3 space. They also have some very, very big and well known core partners like samsung bittorrent, apen, ft marketplace and as well as opera.

So if youre kind of new to the whole tron ecosystem and havent really heard of it, youre probably wondering what exactly is tron and trx so tronics exactly is the main net native token of the tron protocol issued by tron dao known as trx trx is the Basic unit of accounts on the tron blockchain trx is also a natural medium currency for all trc based tokens. Trx connects the entire tron ecosystem with abundant application scenarios, that power transactions and applications on the chain and heres a little more background about the tron project. Here over on coin market cap, so initially the project was created with the aim of providing full ownership rights to the makers of digital content. The main goal is to help content creators who receive only a small part of the income and encourage them with more rewards for their work. So that was the beginning goal of this project when they set out now the tron software supports smart contracts, various kind of blockchain systems and decentralized applications aka the apps. Therefore, the platform was built to create a decentralized internet and serves as a tool for developers to create the apps, acting as an alternative to ethereum per se. Now here are some of the trx application scenarios. So, as we can see, there are credit card payments. Tron atm machine participate in token issuance on tron. You can obtain energy and bandwidth. You can obtain uh voting rights as well so receive btt airdrop 2, and you can also participate in the tron nyx support plan, so great stuff of overall application scenarios that they offer.

So this is definitely a really cool project and different features, and you know application scenarios are great, and this is a very vast. You know, platform that offers a ton of them. As for where this project is listed, exactly where their tokens are available, you wont be uh kind of short on any different platforms, because this tron project is really really out there in terms of different exchanges in the cryptocurrency space, from the biggest exchanges out there. Like coin market cap, i just showed you coinbase coin gecko, you know kraken, you know they. They do it all right from the big ones to these small ones and uh less known ones. So, as you can see, this is the whole list of all the listing exchanges that they are a part of finance as well, so very great stuff. They definitely uh networked and really took their time to you know, get out there. You know put themselves, you know on these exchanges, make some great connections in the cryptocurrency and web3 industry and space as a whole, as for tron and their kind of integration into usdt heres. A little more about that. So usdt is the usd pegged stablecoin issued by tether on the tron network. The token will be able to complete issuance, holding and transfer via smart contract on tron, with a completely free and transparent process. Zero transfer fee and instant delivery itll also be available or able to write programs that are highly expensible based on the smart contract.

Trc20 based usdt enables interoperability with tron based protocols and d apps. Basically, while allowing users to transact and exchange fiat paid currencies across the tron network, so great stuff that theyre integrating with usdt and have that available to them here are some of the actual exchanges supporting trc 20 based usdt. So once again, finance you know, and some other huge huge exchanges really out there in terms of usdc, its actually a dollar digital currency that offers frictionless, secure and interoperable access to capital markets, global trade payments and modern commerce, dollar digital currencies work just like other digital Content they move at the speed of the internet. Usdc is interoperable across multiple blockchains, including the tron network. Tron usdc was launched in june 2021 and has been significant growth and adoption with more than 200 million dollars in on chain transactions within just a few months. Tron usdc is a trc 20 based token that enables users to transact, store and exchange value across tron based protocols and decentralize apps. So here are, as for reserves, usdc is backed by cash and equivalents and short duration, u.s treasuries, ensuring that usdc is always redeemable one. As of one for us dollar, as for transparency in usdc monthly attestation, reports regarding the reserve balances back in usdc are published by grant thornton a leading global accounting firm in terms of governance. Usdc is governed by center on independent consortium, and then here are some exchanges supporting trc 20 based on usdc, as well as the top tron usd cd apps.

Now we know all the different aspects in the web3 space that tron project has tapped into and they are not short at all in the nft space. So here, as we saw earlier on their website, they actually partnered up with ape and ft marketplace. As you can see – and you can actually convert trx to wtrx over here – and this is kind of the nft marketplace – that tron partnered up with to kind of have their integration with really so, some top different nft projects that are available in uh tron prices as Well, so you can buy and sell with the tron token on this nft marketplace: theres a new journey of nft exploring so set up. Tron link wallet first then explore the nft world and you can also create your own nft, so scrolling down there. You can see what is the ape nft nfp token, exactly so. As for the ape nft marketplace, its an important node for the foundation to lay out the nft field is multi chain; metaverse, game fight and nft trading platform built on bsc, binance, smart chain, tron and ethereum layer, 1 protocol with btfs decentralized storage and interoperable via bittorrent Chain, this thriving platform will be an important support for the value of the nft token, so great stuff. That tron is partnering up doing their due diligence. You know really getting out there in the nft space, with the ape and ft marketplace and last but not least, lets take a look at the tron twitter page and there is a whopping, 1.

4 million followers over here of strong community members that are part of this Tron project tron is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized internet, got their telegram links that you guys can check out as well as their discord so scrolling through here. Here you will find all of the different announcements updates milestones, whats, going on with the tron project, different announcements and different news. You know different deals, negotiations, you know, articles that are being posted, shouted out, retweets collaborations with other projects, other cryptocurrencies out there, and just some cool milestones, just updates that you want to be a part of if you like. This project are going to be using and integrating with their platform their whole ecosystem because they are very diverse guys. Their twitter page is definitely some place. Youre not going to want to miss out on so definitely give them follow over here.