Bitcoin is already in the bloodbath. Is this candle the one in the main signal thats, going to tell us its going to get a lot worse right now were gon na find out if youre new here my name is Steve. I started in the stock market a little over 20 years ago and I made every mistake in the book it was painful and over the last 20 years I figured out how to dominate this game and Im here, sharing my wisdom with you, so you dont have To go through all the painful and ridiculous mistakes that I did weve been covering crypto since 2017 right here on this channel, and our main focus is to help you use your crypto to gain Financial Freedom. Hit that subscribe button were jumping straight into this chart. What I want to tell you first is: this: is a six month chart meaning each candle is six months, and I want your eyes to look at this candle right here, because weve never seen anything like this candle, you may say well, weve had some red candles Before yes, we have but not a bearish engulfing candle, meaning what is a bearish engulfing candle? How powerful is this candle? How can it drastically affect price action over the next year? Im going to break it all down to you were going to cover just the facts. In the charts and then at the end of the video Im going to give my honest opinion as to what I think is going to happen, so lets start here this candle first of its kind.

But how is it different from these other ones? Well, what a bearish engulfing candle is, by definition, is its basically, the prior candle has to be green and the candle after it has to engulf it, has to basically eat it. The body of the next candle has to be bigger than the previous for it to be a bearish engulfing. Okay, for example. This candle is not bigger than this one, its not a bearish engulfing, and you can look across the entire history of Bitcoin. Weve never had a bearish engulfing, never so what is a bearish engulfing? A bearish engulfing is typically found and the most powerful ones are found at the top of a rally, and it signals a trend reversal. It signals lower prices, its something you do not want to mess with. You can find it on any time frame. You can find it on the hourly you can find in the five minute. Those are not very powerful right were on the sixth month. This is incredibly powerful. This is incredibly serious. Make no mistake about it. This is a scary candle. So what I want to show you is what weve seen before this is a bullish engulfing. This is the exact opposite where the prior candle has to be read and the Kindle after it has to have a body that is bigger than this one. This is a bullish engulfing. What does it mean this signaled, that the downtrend that we were in for years was over and we reversed the trend and we were about to have prices go up and boy did we ever? What were seeing here is the exact opposite.

This is a bearish engulfing. It hasnt printed yet its going to print in about a day from now so buckle up its going to get very serious now what I want to share with you is what weve covered right here on our Channel about one year ago, we covered this candle, this Candle about one year ago printed – and this was a gravestone doji – we said right here on our Channel – this is a six month chart. This is a gravestone doji. By definition, these are found at the tops of rallies and they signal that a trend reversal is coming at the time a lot of people said uh, you know the people from The Herd came into our videos and theyre like this guys. Ridiculous theres no way were having a trend. Reversal were going to 100K were going to 200k, 500k were going to a million, were going to the moon. This guy doesnt know what hes talking about, but on this channel were not trying to brag or be braggadocious about anything. We just covered the facts and the facts are the facts. This is a textbook technical, gravestone doji it printed about a year ago, and it told us that a trend reversal was coming. So if you dont believe in the six month chart now, you do also take a look at this candle that were about to print right. Where the body of the candle is right now happens to be the top of this Wick like to the T precisely the top of this Wick is where price action is right.

Now now how about the bottom of this right? We have a wick here. You can see the bottom of this Wick actually went to the top of this Wick to the T. So if you didnt believe in the six month chart in the past 25 seconds, you said: okay, let me pay attention to the six month chart. It has all the answers right, so what we want to do and again, if youre new to our Channel, we cover the biggest moves in crypto back when were at 48k, we projected a mega crash. We actually went from 48k down to 17. so now that we have your attention and youre new make sure you subscribe, so you dont miss the next big moves. Weve been preparing our community for a mega Crest since January right. I want to prepare you for this candle. This is the next big move. This is the next big wave, and this is what Im want you to focus on now. We said that the bullish engulfing the exact opposite happened back here. 2015.. I do want to point out that when you have a bullish, engulfing or a bearish engulfing its, not 100 of the time they play out. In fact, when youre looking at charts and youre looking at trading literally, nothing is a hundred percent. There are no certainties in charts. What there are is probabilities you want to trade with probabilities. You dont want to trade with certainties, so the probability of a bearish engulfing candle is that well have lower prices that will have a trend reversal to the downside.

Thats. The probability – but I do want to point out this one – we printed a red candle here back in 2018 and our next candle was bigger and it happened to be after a downtrend. This is a textbook bullish, engulfing candle. Okay. Now what you want to watch out for for bullish, engulfing you, dont or bearish engulfing you dont, want the bodies to be relatively similar, and just one is a little bit bigger when you see a drastic difference like this. This is a textbook bullish engulfing. However, we met a wall and we actually reversed to the downside over the next year. So again, the probability is that these play out to the upside, but its not a certainty. Okay, so there are whats called a takeout. Now. What I want to do is discuss what this means. In my honest opinion, I need to give you my honest opinion as to what I believe is going to happen, because our honest opinion back in January of this year is that a mega crash was coming. We started to get these signals in the charts and just the facts in the charts that were warning us. A lot of people didnt want to listen to the warnings, but we kept repeating them and repeating them and repeating them. And then when were at 48k, the charts were saying the facts and the charts were saying this is the start of the mega crash. Now I want to give my honest opinion, because those were my honest opinions back then, but I do want to say this.

This is the yearly chart. Okay, we talked about already the fact that well also have a bearish engulfing Candle on the yearly again were still a little more than six months away from printing this. But if Bitcoin continued to have some problems this year, it will print as our first ever yearly bearish engulfing candle and again you can see it here. We only had two red candles ever and then bitcoins entire history, and none of them were even close to being a bearish engulfing. So again, bearish engulfing candles are found near the top of a rally and Signal a trend reversal so were not only seeing it on the six month. Time frame were also seeing it on the yearly time frame, which is Major and again, for I dont know why but nobodys covering this, which is why we focus on the bigger moves now, at the same time, we have this going on this chart. You really it counter predicts what the prior charts say. Now I want to show you weve got some action up here on the top, and weve got some action down here at the bottom. This is a monthly chart. We have our monthly moving average whenever were below that we call it the golden zone. Now, for those of you who follow our Channel, this is a little more big picture than our traditional golden zone of the gaussian channel, but on the monthly chart simply put whenever were in the golden Zone, its the best buying opportunity of your life right now were Knee deep in the golden Zone and thats a fact, however, you ask yourself: okay, so we get into the golden Zone best buying opportunity ever here is a secret tip whenever were in the golden Zone and on our monthly RSI.

We Touch This bottom level, which is at 40 about 44. whenever were inside the goal in the zone and touch this yellow line its the bottom. This was the bottom candle here lets use that same philosophy in 2018 in the golden Zone. Whenever we touch this yellow line, it signaled the exact bottom okay, so its two for two right look at where we are now were in the golden Zone and were on that yellow line and its about to print in a couple days. So what does that tell us this chart? Tells us hey. This could be the bottom and Im going to make a video about it. Itll, probably be our next video, which is my honest, take on the bottom, because Ive got a lot of charts to show you about where the bottom is thats. The biggest discussion in crypto so make sure you hit the Subscribe button, so you dont miss it. But what we have here is a bearish engulfing candle thats about to print bearish engulfate signals a trend reversal, bearish engulfing signals, lower prices, its not a certainty. Its a probability were also seeing it potentially print on the yearly later this year, but at the same time, this chart is saying that we could be at our Bottom now. Let me give you my honest, take knowing what you know now watching this video through. I want to give my honest opinion as to what I think is going to happen, because Bitcoin has been in a bloodbath.

We have fallen all the way down to 17 000 in change, which happens to be precisely this Wick whats next whats going to happen next. For Bitcoin – and I want to say this – I want to help you move away from the pain of not knowing when to buy and sell, and I want to move you towards knowing exactly when to buy and sell our courses. The all in one bundle is on a major discount right now because of the bear market and Im going to help you move away from that pain of not knowing when to buy and sell and with the all in one Its Your solution. You know exactly when to buy and sell. I also want to move you away from the pain of your losses, and this is your solution, the all in one and you sign up right here you go to This will help you recover your losses and start to gain Financial Freedom thats what you deserve this is your solution, move you away from that pain and stress and Agony and towards the joy of winning and recovering your losses. Go to! You can sign up here. This has minted a lot of millionaires, my program here, its all of my knowledge, condensed down into simple and easy crypto crew University sign up right here and sign up with crypto theres a major discount with crypto. So now my honest opinion, my honest opinion is on occasion these bearish engulfing these bullish engulfing candles dont play out right.

We do have some information in the charts that are saying this is a potential bottom again Im going to do a further video on that theres. Some investigation were going to do into some critical critical charts that nobodys talking about, but right now, weve got to pay attention to this candle. This candle prints in about a day from now, so is it likely that well avoid having a bearish engulfing candle? No, its almost a certainty that Bitcoin will print unless Bitcoin rallies in the next day up to 35 000. Then we can avoid it, but thats highly unlikely at the moment. Right so were more than likely going to print a bearish engulfing. But can this actually signal a further reversal in prices and further downside and where would it go to for a while weve talked about this 13.7 K? Why? Because its a body of this candle, the body of this candle, the wick of this candle and the wick of this candle, so for two years we played with this level weve got a lot of support there. And if we break that to the downside were in deep trouble really and that would take years to recover from so weve got to pay attention to this candle, its a big one. We have to continue to monitor what its going to print six months from now when we close the yearly, but we also need to dig into the facts of. Where is the bottom? What kind of facts do we have to support? The bottom is in or not in, and once we have that information we can make a further educated Assumption of what this is going to do, but for now this is something thats very serious.

We need to pay attention to it. Weve got to look further into the charts for further information, so we can make a sound decision, but for now this is a really bad. Candle were about to print it. Its likely well also print it on the yearly, but weve got to dig in to the facts. Hit that subscribe button Ill see you right back here in the next video about.