If you enjoy it make sure to smash all the buttons this one subscribe, all of them down below. If you have any questions for me regarding the market or regarding what you want me to cover in the future, well just comment down below now: im going to start off with a little story of the evolution of decentralized finance or defy, and how its going to Have a place a very significant place in the future of web 3 and crypto development. Now, at the end of the video im going to go through bitcoin ethereum, the s, p, 500 oil prices and all of this stuff that you guys need to know if you want to be educated and up to date with the market, because otherwise youre gon na Be stuck reading online about what other people think, whereas right here im giving you the glimpse objectively of well what i think, so you could say that it is subjective. However, im pretty sure that the info that youre gon na get here will be quite useful for your trading investing or even sitting out of the market. At this point now, first of all, i wanted to talk about why defy isnt dead, but its actually evolving. This is an article i found on coindesk featuring the bancorp protocol, one of the oldest protocols out there for providing sustainable liquidity, a term that i will teach you in a second or two. So, first of all, what we need to know about d5 is that it did start off as a very unsustainable design.

From the start. It was flawed because it provided this liquidity in a way that just wasnt sustainable right. All these automated market makers, which is basically any decentralized exchange out there, basically open liquidity to anybody in the world and what they actually tried to do was create more and more liquidity and try to incentivize it. But they failed because of one very simple reason, which is the fact that people who are investing liquidity into the protocol would lose or suffer these so called impermanent losses in the case that the price of the token actually went up now, if the price of the Token actually went down you as a liquidity provider would be better off, so that would be called an impermanent gain, but that is not very uh. Much discussed. You know these days because it doesnt really matter all you want to care about is losses in the world, because impermanent gains are not too uh, not as large as impermanent losses, because you know impermanent loss means that you missed out on a bunch of profit, whereas Impermanent gain means you missed out on a bunch of losses, so you know one of them is clearly a lot better than the other. However, one of these protocols that existed for quite some time was the banker protocol and you can check it out on the actual website itself. This is how the app looks. They have 190 million dollars of liquidity at this point and youre able to deposit using a one token system.

So usually, as it does say in this article over here, bancor was the one exchange out there. One decentralized exchange that invented the concepts of liquidity, pools and automated market makers. Now. The reason why a lot of these other d5 protocols are failing is because they promised a too high apr. However, they did not get sufficient liquidity from the market because nobody was incentivized to you know lose out on gains, so nobody wants an impermanent loss. What bancro did was they invented the concept not only of liquidity pools and these automated market makers, but they added incentive for anybody who wants to invest in them, so the protocol itself. So if you actually head on over to the app you can check out snx lpl index all of these coins right here and when you deposit you deposit directly in this currency rather than in the typical situation. All these liquidity pools require a provider to provide two assets by selling fifty percent of token, that is staked and combining the tokens in a pair now, one of the main reasons that im bringing this up to you is because d fight, in my personal opinion – and You know probably a lot of crypto experts out there will be. You know i say experts everyones an expert in crypto, because nobody really knows what theyre talking about. All you can do is make a educated guess about the future. But for me personally, an educated guess is that, as time goes by, adoption will increase and the same, as you know, crypto was considered a ponzi scheme back in 2013 2011 when it was incepted back when and if these were considered.

Uh well, nfts are still quite relatively new, but you guys do realize how crypto evolved into something a little bit more interesting and a little bit more uh, with a little bit more utility than just pumping and dumping of coins, theres actual projects, theres actual development and Innovation on the blockchain that is causing current systems to move on to more practical, more sustainable and more efficient forms of business, which is the whole idea of blockchain itself. And the only reason it came to life is because the hype and the adoption of crypto and the knowledge of people like you and me about crypto, have been ever increasing over time now. This is going to be a 30 year process, its going to be a very long process. I dont know how many years exactly, but over time more and more people will know about crypto and learn, make a step up the learning curve, starting from you know, bitcoin and entering ethereum. And then you know you have bitcoin ethereum, and then you have a pool that just trickles down like this, like one of those pyramids and just more and more information all the way down below and it just never ends. Now i just wanted to talk a little bit about bancorp, because it is one of the largest protocols out there theyre inventing sustainable liquidity, because they are the first guys that actually have this single sided staking and it changes pretty much everything.

It allows providers to only provide the token that they hold, for example, snx and depositors can maintain full price exposure, so they take advantage if the price goes up, but they also get yield from trading fees and liquidity mining rewards. So this is a perfect system to incentivize holding of your liquidity in the protocol itself to allow for staking to actually work its charm. Now, if you want to check out bancor you can you can grow your usdc matic, pretty much any coin out there and its very simple: it is audited, it is safe and it is there for a very, very long time, huge network as well. This is how it actually looks you can check out the light mode as well. If you want to – and all you need to do is connect your wallet and if you actually want to buy some crypto in fiat, pretty simple as well. Bancor allows you to do that. Looking at the top 10 cryptocurrencies, we can see bitcoin ethereum tether on the top and nothing too interesting happening right now. The markets sort of wiggly its the start of the week its a monday, and you know, hopefully, throughout the week it is gon na get a little bit more – were gon na get a direction right either its gon na be up or its gon na be down. But you guys got ta understand its. The last week of the month be very careful with your trading, because a lot of manipulation and less liquidity is generally going to be in the market in these times until the next month starts, and until we get a new direction from the federal reserve and the European central bank and all of these organs around the world, the fed.

Let me tell you one thing: the moment: the fed announces that theyre gon na start decreasing interest rates, so theyre gon na say lets, say three months from now, theyre gon na say: okay, end of 2023 were going to start decreasing interest rates. Well, the market is going to start pricing that in right away because thats what the market does and when it does start pricing it in crypto and the stock market and pretty much everything is gon na start moving up now when it comes to bitcoin the giant Of the crypto world we can see, a series of you know falls drops in price, but uh. The thing that we are noticing right now, thats different from before is this right. Here is a correction pattern, so we can. Obviously, we would expect the price to move down. However, this here looks more so like a reversal pattern, so it does look like a very clean head and shoulders bouncing off of a very clean zone of support around the previous all time, high level and we did actually break out on top. But we dont really have any volume to continue moving up, so its very indecisive. At this point i wouldnt be taking any trades personally until we do break lets, say this level right here, but lets see what happens with the price. You know always with these actions. Right here we could always see another, you know continuation, so we create a bigger head and shoulders and then continue moving up or we might just keep consolidating within this area and then form a larger scale.

Correction pattern to continue moving down now. The best thing that you can do is obviously dca said it a million times and also leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel if you did enjoy the content now. Lastly, just a quick glimpse at ethereum, it is looking like, were reaching the bottom same as bitcoin is, however, we still have some more leeway down below you know. In the worst case for ethereum, we could probably go even into the 500 mark, but im not really a worst case type of guy im. Just looking at what the chart is giving me and currently its giving me two head and shoulders patterns from the two largest cryptocurrencies out there, bitcoin and ethereum, and until we break this low right here, i am still standing my ground with that prediction so target above For ethereum is obviously a little correction into the previous correction pattern, but if we could keep moving down below well, i guess im gon na update you all on friday. So, thank you all for joining in for another video hope you guys enjoyed it, make sure to leave a like subscribe comment down below. If you did enjoy the video and lastly im not a financial advisor, and you should do your own due diligence before investing in anything in the crypto world.