We got a lot to discuss at the crypto market today, um and firstly, Id like to thank uh flight protocol for sponsoring todays video, but more on them in a second, so lets Dive Right. In now, the crypto Market has failed below 900 billion dollars. You guys uh, not only that Bitcoin also fell below 20 000 today in touch nineteen thousand uh a couple hours ago. So a lot of you, you know, whove been following me and watching my videos know that I have been preaching that this is not the bottom yet, and the rally that we seen last week within the stock market and the crypto Market. I explained to you guys exactly what that was, that was a relief rally. Uh relief rallies just tend to happen. You know just to you know kind of get those who are going to fomo into projects and and into stocks to do exactly that. So if you followed in last week and then youre looking at your portfolio today, like I told you in my last update, you chase the green, you end up just seeing red, especially in a bear market. Now, for those of you who are uh dollar cost averaging uh into the market like I am um and slowly you might, I have um, then I would say that thats the best thing that anyone can do right now, because you dont want to be completely out Of the market, but you dont want to be too much in the market either.

You know always uh, you know, try to diversify, and you know just really just pay attention to not putting too much money into any one stock or project right now because, like I said there is still a lot of pain ahead and thats. What I want to talk about a little bit today now, but I did want you guys, like I said to know that we have dropped below that 900 billion dollar total Market Gap and that Bitcoin did touch. Nineteen thousand now, if we jump over here to crypto bubbles, as we can see, I mean theres a you know, mix of green and red today and thats to be expected. Um, you know Luna classic pumping 145 percent great. You know um Luna, the new Luna token pumping 27. You know I love to see it because you know a lot of people lost a lot of money for those projects. So I Im happy to see that those things are popping, and maybe you know a lot of those people can make some of their money back now. With that being said, even though we see this mix of green and red, like I just showed you guys, the total market cap is still in a downward trend. Uh BTC, ethereum in general, are still in a downward Trend. Theres still a lot of pain and pressure ahead. So what what kind of pain and pressure now a lot of you? You know if, if youre a crypto head or nerd like me, then youve probably been up on most of the recent news I mean and Im talking about everything from Tara collapse into uh.

You know trying having issues to uh three arrows Capital to Celsius. I mean come on. There has been a lot of liquidations happening in the crypto market. Now why crypto prices plummeted today, no, after a few days of recovery, crypto currency markets have collapsed again today on Wednesday, with major cryptocurrencies falling double digits, more liquidation seems to be in store for big investors and risk keep being uncovered in the ecosystem. Now so the biggest news of the day is a conflict between derivatives exchange, coin Plex and Roger verb. Now I recently uh did see a news. Uh store uh coverage, um that they did an interview with uh coinflake, CEO and uh. He explained that they were due. This 47 million dollars. He didnt really go into detail um as far as what Im reading now in this article, but that that thats, weird, because hes basically saying that Burr owes the firm 47 million dollars but Burr saying that in fact, he has owed money from a counterparty. Although Ferg didnt specify uh specifically named Point Flex as that party, so again you got a lot of you know: misinformation going on here. We dont really know whats going on with coin flakes as clearly um. It seems like no one is really being honest. Now. Another thing that coinflex is attempting to do, though, is issue a new token in order to make things right, you know with uh other customers withdrawals because they did have the pause withdrawals just as Celsius did now.

You know when people are investing their hard earned money. Life savings, whatever you want to call them, you know its your money, so you definitely need to pay attention to whats going on in the news um in the crypto Market. This is not a safe haven investment space. Yet why there is no regulation. So the only regulation is you paying a lot of attention to whats going on, so you can keep an eye on your money at all times now, on top of the fact that crypto trades 24 7. come on now, so so now what the market continues to Uncover more and more risks that wasnt immediately clear as cryptocurrency values fall now. Whats shocking is that billions of dollars win lent out to leverage bets on cryptocurrencies and that and all those positions unwind its effectively causing a run on crypto exchanges. The ones left holding the bag are small investors who have had withdrawals Frozen by multiple exchanges. Like I said, Celsius, pausing, withdrawals, coin Flex, pause and withdrawals, this is creating a lot of fun in the cryptocurrency space. Now as bullish as I I even have on the future of cryptocurrency and web 3 broadly now, I think that there may be a significant price pressure on cryptocurrencies across the board over the next year or two now thats. What the article was saying and Ive been saying that Ive been saying that I see a lot of pressure for the next six to 12 months at least minimum.

The fact that were dealing with a recession were dealing with inflation were dealing with a possible Global depression. Coming because the FED has been kicking, the can down the road theyre behind the curve and in the most recent uh fed meeting that I just heard. Jerome Powell speak in. He even admitted that we probably will have a hard Landing pretty much. In so many words. He said that he may not be able to, you know, have control of how fast inflation is rising. So when I hear things like that that definitely spooked the market – its not just me, but it spooked the market. Why do you think the market is so red right now because hes finally, now basically telling us what weve been wanting to hear you dont got it together, youre behind the curve, and we are probably going to have a hard Landing. Not probably we will so now with that being out. The way, like I said I just again over here at the crypto wire yall, know what we do. We learn and learn together. So you know, if you got time to sit back and, like I said, learn about whats going on in the crypto Market with me that we gon na make money together and, as always, none of my videos are investment advice, its just Financial education. Now I did want to tell you guys about the flight, uh dial, Fair, private, token sale. Again, they are sponsoring todays video, and you know you know I like to bring new projects to you guys anyway, so you know thats.

The reason why I agreed to you know talk about this project today and now, most private token sales usually are available to VCS. Only and thats one of the things that Im loving about their Fair private token sale that theyre going to give the communities allocation to the flight, uh uh private sale at BC prices. So that is amazing. Now they did have a white list. Um um spots open, but that has now been locked. Um theyve uh fully booked all the whitelist spots. This is actually their medium article um. I will have their uh links to their medium and their Twitter and their website down in the description below. So you can check them out now the flight uh, Fair private token sale will be launched on July 11th. 2022.. So you guys are not late again. Im bringing this to you really early, letting you guys know. You know this is another brand new project. Okay, now its an erc20 token theres, going to be a total supply of 100 million so again right off the bat Im loving that they are going to be. You know at that 100 million total Supply because less of the supply, honestly, the faster the uh price of the token, goes up, especially with high adoption. So you know they have already been doing giveaways and everything so again, their links to the flight uh token and flight dial will be in the description below and again guys, Im always going to keep bringing those early projects.

Because again, I believe that the community needs to have that fair chance, just like uh VCS um do so and and, as you can see, flight actually feels you know the same way. So again, you guys are early click, the link in the bio. You know in the description and check them out, you know, go follow their Twitter go visit. Their website again. Do your research, because this is something that you might want to be a part of okay. No, so to end the story again guys we are not at the bottom Music best thing you could possibly do is dollar cost average into the market slowly and have patience honestly, because patience is going to get you that return youre. Looking for, I dont see me actually making any real money on my crypto at least for a year and Im being honest, you know I dont see the market really. You know turning back around, like I said minimum six to 12 months, so you can take. My word for it or you can you know you know, try your luck, but again I dont like to gamble I like to make smart decisions and, if you like, to make smart decisions, then, like I said, stick around subscribe to the channel and Ill be here. Always dropping updates and education, okay, because I want everybody to see just uh to succeed. So with that being said, yall guys know. I love you and Ill be back with another one.

So until then, yall be good.