Crypto news here are todays headlines, htc launches new metaverse phone, integrating, crypto and nft wallets harmony. Hacker sends stolen money to tornado cash ripple will leave the u.s if sec wins. The lawsuit ripple launches cbdc competition to promote xrpl innovation, ebay ventures with metaverse sends out three trademark. Applications now lets dive into the details: Music, htc launches new metaverse phone, integrating crypto and nft wallets the htc desire22 pro is a smartphone that integrates with metaverse technology, which has the vive flow lens. In addition, diverse also allows the owner to participate in nft trading and create a virtual reality space for himself like previous web 3 smartphones. The desire22 pro also comes with a vive wallet built into ethereum and crypto assets on polygon, shanghi, htcs global product manager said smartphones, open up new immersive experiences through viveflow, whether meeting vr colleagues or enjoying your cinema. Wherever you are harmony, hacker sends stolen money to tornado cash, as previously reported by coin queue. The fact that harmony protocol is offering 1 million dollars in rewards seems to be too little compared to the amount of money stolen by the hackers and, according to the latest announcement by peck shield alert. This money was once again laundered by a tornado cache at 3. 10 a.m: eastern time, on june 28th, a total of 18 036.3 each worth approximately 21 million dollars was transferred out of the horizon bridge exploiters principal wallet over the next 10 hours. These monies were divided evenly three ways and transmitted to three distinct addresses in single transactions.

Ripple will leave the u.s if sec wins the lawsuit the lawsuit filed by the sec in december 2020, alleging that ripple as well as brad garlinghouse and chris larsons two executives had made an unregistered security sale to raise 1.3 billion dollars continued to be delayed until 2023. Specifically, brad garlinghouse clarified his wish in an interview with axios media during the collision conference in toronto. He stated that if ripple lost a lawsuit, the company would not consider leaving the united states, but would immediately do so and said whether the sec won or not. The regulator could not change anything in the crypto industry that was growing enormously ripple launches cbdc competition to promote xrpl innovation. The cbdc, innovate challenge has been announced by ripple with a total prize pool of 197 thousand dollars, the ripple cbdc, innovate. Competition aims to motivate programmers to create applications that can operate on the xrp ledger and assist retail cbdcs interoperability and financial inclusion. The first set of submissions is scheduled to be due on august 25th. Competitors are expected to build or upgrade a fintech or payment solution that uses cbdc and can run on the xrp ledger, construct a solution that can benefit from the features of cbdc or create an interface that allows any human to interact with the cbdc ebay ventures with Metaverse sends out three trademark applications according to a filing filed with the united states, patent and trademark office on june 23, ebay registered protection for nft related products, exchanges, virtual goods markets and online retail stores, with physical and virtual reality.

Goods ebay has implemented nft since may 2021, as well as the ability to issue crypto wallets and support crypto payments or more recently, ebay, has joined forces with one of them to launch the nft genesis collection. Thank you for watching, please like and subscribe to. The coin.