Welcome back to Cryptonites., And today we have a very special guest. upbeat music, One of the biggest crypto influencer YouTuber serial entrepreneur, a personal friend of mine from just mining. man. Speaking French upbeat, music plays Owen Simonin. Owen. Thank you so much for coming bro.. How are you Great yourself, Yes., Very great., Youre talking so fast in English, bro., Wow., Alex laughs, So Owen, the vibrations, the energy yes. France.? Something is happening, these days. Yes.? How is the the situation in France? A lot of things is moving very fast in France.. First thing was the announce of Binance.. Binance will set up an office here, and you know how much is important to have a very strong company that has Binance here.. First thing for the ecosystem, but also that, as you can imagine its important for us to build the ecosystem with the regulator. And actually hopping, that will propose a lot of thing, a lot of restriction and we need this kind of actor for investing a lot of Resources for talking explaining what is our job today And creating a regulation adapt to this ecosystem and to this different job.. In addition of this power blockchain, we summit thats, not the first addition and trust me for the first time.. This event is very, very amazing.. Look at all this event, all this huge company, very important brand.. I feel that cryptocurrency space is just pumping now and Im, not talking about rising.

Im talking about initiative, company people. And, as you can see, we are a lot to wait. This event every year. Very nicely said., So he just said that Paris will be the crypto capital of Europe.. Is that a bit too much, or are you really seeing growth through the local engineers local projects, or is it only foreign projects coming to Paris? To be honest, its very complicated to understand what is the position of CZ sometime, its just political or not just the future will answer to this question, but I think Paris can be a very great place because French regulation is already here. And that can be an Example for the European union. And the best thing is going forward to the market.. As you know, Binance is going to catch any users as fast as possible and starting a country wanted to create a basis of the regulation with a huge community. Already established from a long time is the best place for start.. After this, only the future well answer, but also the different political will take some decision very important for ecosystem. And, as you know, crypto space is derived by money and by opportunity we have to lend this country propose something very attractive to a entrepreneur. Very nicely. Said.. Congratulations for upsetting friends.! Ah, thank you so much.. It was a long time, but you mentioned money and opportunity. Yeah.. You are in love with proof of stake. Yeah. Its something you started way before.

It was trendy and you know cool thing to do.. Why do you love proof of stake so much? To be honest, its not only proof of stake.. I love innovation and I love different way to secure blockchain.. My first company, Just Mining, was starting by proposal. First, GPU minor plug and place. People just receiving the machine plug into internet electricity and just plug in start., And the machine make a wire bank to your direct bank account at the end of the month.. But the job of just mining is right by two things.. The first thing is a conviction. We want to secure blockchain and we are sure that the future will be right with the blockchain technology.. The second thing is our job is to propose a very complex solution, with a very simple tool to our customers, enterprise and institution.. Our job is not only in the proof of stake. Its also the delegated proof of stake, the proof of work and different kind of solutions for secure blockchain. And to propose this opportunity in the end of every people around here. computer beeps, Right guys, question of the Week, let us know. What is your favorite crypto project in France And tell us why, in the comment section below and youll be eligible for a prize. Woo And now your goal is to get the institutions Yeah. and bring traditional players and make them realize. Crypto is the future. Yes., And at this moment we have two very important problematic.

. The first one is. We have to find the word for talk with institution. And when Im talking about word is not just for talking. Its also finds a way legally to drive money from traditional bank account, with traditional restriction to cryptocurrency space. Anti money laundering, fighting against the finance meant of terrorism. This kind of thing. Its very important for cryptocurrency space, to understand this very important thing.. And after this we saw a lot of institution wanting to go in the cryptocurrency space.. Why? Because of the inflation because of the actual political and jail political situation., And also because we can drive 10 15 20 here, the years thats not normal in the traditional finance, and we can bring it the traditional finance and we will do it. Fantastic. Im looking forward To seeing you bring these people on board and grow the space, even more. Owen, one last question: Yeah. A very simple one. Youre, a serial entrepreneur. Youre, a very busy man.. You have the schedule or agenda of a prime minister every day.. Why do you do what you do? What makes you want to do this Whats the purpose? To be honest, what Im doing is learning every day. And its very fast. As you know, Im 24 year old, wow, Alex and Owen laugh Thing is so fast and Im. Just trying to learn and to working very hard just to deserve my position today and to understand a bit more. What can I do and trying to bring to the ecosystem what the ecosystem is was bringing to me in the past.

Thats, my first way.. The second thing is, I want to enjoy it., You know you are at the right position., You discover the right technology. Its profitable.. You can create a lot of company.. We are a bit less than a hundred people.. We have a lot of opportunity, different businesses and we can deliver.. We can propose something useful, Just that., Just feeling that the proposition of value of our different company is important for the future. And we are building something huger than just us.. That is very cool for us. And we want to continue to learn it. This way, Huger than just us for the greater good is exactly why I believe most people are in this space.. I know that.. Thank you so much for your contribution. Great job.. It was Owen. Dont, forget to check him out and join us every Wednesday premier at a PC near you, eight oclock GMT. See you next week. Guys.