Considering some peoples portfolios are down 70 or more now again, if you need your portfolio reviewed, you want to talk to me. You want to get my live, buy and sellers in real time, so you know what im buying or selling, or you want to join that 10k. 200K challenge. You can do all of that with patreon its that very first link in my description. Use that link and sign up for patreon and make sure the patreon and discord app is downloaded to your phone as well, and stay tuned to the end of the video were going to my top five stocks and top five cryptos and im still giving out free. Bitcoins and this friday i am giving out my last playstation 5 for the month and then next month were gon na try and get more from ebay and again dont forget to smash that like button and follow me on twitter. Those links are in my description. All right lets talk about what the rich are doing, what the big institutions are doing in the worst market we have ever seen in 43 years and why? For some people this could be the opportunity of a lifetime to actually become millionaires with just a few literally a few thousand dollars, because right now, if youre buying something now and its gon na go up, a thousand percent youre gon na see some insane insane amount Of money coming your way lets also talk about what it means that powell confirmed this hard landing for us over.

The next three months lets talk about why theres certain sectors and im talking about tech sectors, theyre guaranteeing and which stocks in them are guaranteeing a 50 upside just by the end of this year, then lets also talk about why its pretty scary that bitcoin again went Under 20, 000 hitting 19 200 now lets talk about why hedge funds, like three arrows, was forced to liquidate and why thats scary for voyager other cryptocurrencies and lots of other actual exchanges. Now, if youre brand new to my channel, consider subscribing down below as long as youre subscribed, and you have that bell notification, icon turn now youll get daily updates. Seven days a week on the stock and crypto markets, you can keep on making money and again dont forget to subscribe to the channel and if you havent hit that, like button smash that like button and again, if you want to get those live, buy ins alerts In real time, if you want to talk to me, if you want to get your portfolio reviewed or even join, that 10k 200k challenge make sure you subscribe to patreon its that very first link in my description, theres only a few spots available and then once you Do that get that patreon and discord applications downloaded to your iphone or to your android phone, so you can get started all right lets get into it. A quick look lets take a look. What are big winners for today, and we got voyager digital thats up 57, which is kind of funny yeah.

Well, when youre down to like 50, you know 50 cents going up. 57 sounds like a whole lot digital turbine over here, and that this is because well talk about, but anyways three hours has been forced to liquidate so well discuss that doshun is up four percent. Some will say this is the biggest move, those of dogecoins life, but no, we did have times where those going pumped 100 120 000 percent – and so this is a little move. Shibainu is doing absolutely nothing four percent as well. These are not pumps kupeng, which is uh, i believe the south korean uh amazon or the north korean and then quantum so theres really nothing happening, and then the biggest losers bed bath and beyond 25 percent evgo 15 carnival 14 ooh cardinals less now than it was In 2020, during the pandemic, when the whole world thought we were going to go in like a three years of starvation and just eating each other alive, and no, we survived that and now its actually less than that thats pretty much insane helion newegg is down so Meme stocks are basically just bleeding out bleeding out what else over here a firm is reaching just lower lows. Lemonade is now 17., my goodness lets switch to stock so were already going to look at lets, switch to cryptos all right uh. So lets refresh this and take a look at bitcoin. Oh, it is holding on to 20 000 by literally 80 bucks.

Goodness, gracious remember! If we dump the underneath, this were probably going to 18 900 well have a soft low ma. Maybe i dont even think ill call thats our support line, and then it will probably drop to 14 000 lets. Take a look at charts over here a little bit of a buy alert for dogecoin, because trading view is stupid. Sometimes it doesnt make sense a four percent pump. You know, even five percent does not mean you should be loading up on. Doge bitcoin is now 54. and almost going probably gon na go under 19 000 again today, sell alert, massive alert on bitcoin massive seller on ethereum ripple. How low can it go well, its about to go in the 20 cent range, and you know i would never in my life, be saying that were going to be buying ripple in the 20 range because really had not all this inflation and craziness with russia and Ukraine happened wed, be at like five dollars for ripple so kind of nuts cardano over here 46 cents. Again, i want to load up at 37 cents, polka dot over here at 707, so its trying to get to six dollar engine again. If you want to get 10 interest on polka dot year over year over year, 10 interest rate and 75 hours of free bitcoin use. The second link in my description for voyager youll, get that free, bitcoin and 10 on polka dot against the second link.

Or you could use the referral code theyre both in the description of this video polygomatic in the 40 cent range again same story, and i know if you just just remember to the patient, go to spoils. We sold off most of our crypto in march. Then we sold off the rest like november 26th and december 3rd. Those are my patreon. You can go back to those dates. We sold it december 3rd through december, 6th, some november 26th and then a giant chunk of a march but um. What am i bi? Matic? Now, im, finally, in that buy range, so 37 cents, formatic 37 cents for cardano. Those are my buy signals. So lana ive said this. I dont know 50 times in the last 50 videos, but i would like to pick up solana in the 20 range. Maybe i wont be greedy, maybe ill buy some at 25, but still 34 is too much for me, so whats next for the stock market after the worst first half since the 1970s yeah youre talking what oh, my goodness, whoo so 1970s, so getting to 2000 is 30 years and then add another 22 years to that so youre talking about the worst market in 52, almost three years almost 53 years – and you know for a brand new investor, youre gon na be like man im getting out because everything is going to zero and Everybody else thats been investing for a while theyre gon na say i have a once in a 52 year period, opportunity to buy stocks and cryptocurrencies on the low.

Once in 52 years now, thats incredible now lets take a look over here, dow edges higher. As s p, 500 falls as powell says, no guarantee of a soft landing, so he guaranteed powell guaranteed us a hard landing. So what am i doing? Im loading up on cash and im waiting for that hard landing. Once we have that massive dip, i will throw in half of that cash and then once we have that second crash im gon na throw in the other half and then ill be all in on the market. Thats gon na happen very soon. Im, im gon na, say, im gon na call in the next six weeks or less so wall streets, favorite stock sector has a potential basically 50 up as we enter the second half. What are we talking about? Google, microsoft, quite a few other ones, so lets take a look here: price change in 2022. Look at this bleed out. This is pretty horrible decline in the 4p ratio, thats pretty terrible. So really you know some of these men. You have to load up on them and you know lets just take a look, somewhat implied insane potential here. You have a 63 three percent upside on amazon, caesars, 131 bed, bath and body works 117 upside tjx. We got hasbro taper street general motors is 70 upside nike, 40 upside goodness. So you know save this. Take a screenshot of this all right. Bitcoin now drops below twenty thousand dollars again, as pressure continues to mount trying to push it to fourteen thousand dollars.

So bitcoin fell below the twenty thousand dollars on wednesdays number of factors from macroeconomics, worried and issued with cryptocurrency companies to continue to wait on the market. Inflation continues to destroy everything. The crash in prices over the last few weeks, which has wiped off billions off of crypto, is continuing, companies are being liquidated and then the new turmoil rocks crypto escort orders hedge funds to liquidate. What are we talking about here? Well, we. We are talking about three arrows is now basically forced to liquidate assets, another blow to the digital asset markets that are already cratering. Amid the collapse of a once high flying startup, then you have to know just remember: any dummy in the market can hit the buy button. Whats really important to know is when to hit the buy button. But then whats even more important is to know when to get out, because you could be up five, ten fifteen, even a hundred thousand dollars. But if you dont know when to get out and then have that patience to wait to get back in youre, going to lose all your profits that you made initially and then youll probably end up somewhere between like 50 to 90 in the negative and thats the Importance of my patreon i like to kind of let people know when im buying when im selling, so you can kind of see how i make money every single year over year over year. I dont want that average, eight or ten percent year over year, thats, not how you get rich.

You know its just how you have enough money at the end of your life for retirement. I want you to pray, prosperous and again. This is why we do it. If you want to be part of my patreon click, the link in my description, theres, very few spots available, i think, were less than 100 now and then were closed up for the whole year and join it. Youll get the live, buy and sellers youll be able to talk to me. Youll get the sell alerts youll be able to see my portfolio as we take it to 100k and then were going to take that 100k portfolio to a million, and that just tells you way of making money get in and get out at the appropriate times. And you know when you know when, for example, why did i get out of my most of my cryptocurrencies lets, go over here last year march and then dumped most of the little bitter that i re bought after the crash? Well ill? Show you right here. If we go back the last two years and we kind of go march of last year, when were around 58 to 60 000, why did i sell well heres what i sold, because i didnt just magically sell out of nowhere? I saw because elon musk said cryptocurrency is getting frothy and too expensive, so i said maybe hes right, maybe hes wrong, but you know i bought this thing over here at nine thousand dollars.

I bought it even cheaper. I bought ethereum at 120. You know and lets take a look at ethereum, so i bought ethereum at 120 and then i bought a bunch at 600.. So i have some accounts and you know lets go back maybe five years right around here, i was buying it like 120 bucks. This chart doesnt even show it. Oh it does. Actually here we go so i bought it 121 dollars somewhere around there. Then i rebought it as it was pumping over here around 600 and then when elon musk said crypto is getting too expensive in march of last year and we were kind of right here we were up. What i did is, i just kind of said. You know what im gon na set a uh alert and when this thing dumps at any point, i will sell it off so right around. Here i sold off yeah. It was actually a little bit more than its around 24.80. I sold off half of it and then it continued pumping up and i sold off the rest at around 3 200 ish for my other portfolios, and i missed this big run up to wherever he went to 4 800 because i just waited. I waited because i wanted to rebuy it back and that that never really happened and then, when we kind of went to over here, you know and we dipped back down to 2900. I bought it and then, at the end of december here, uh december 6th.

I cant actually see it on this chart i sold off all of it and then i was done because we just seen basically nothing but bleed outs for the remainder of time now, im actually getting back into it. So a little bit of elon musk. Good luck on there on the part in some research – and i just made so much money that i have to use to buy properties, and i got out now so far: 550 first stock pick of the day, then we have teledoc. Then we have amazon. Then we have tesla really want to pick up tesla. Let me refresh this. I want to pick up tesla in the id say: 650 ish range, so im going to hold on and then paypal. I want to pick up paypal in the 69 range, and you know right here. I probably could have almost picked it up, because where was our low 69.77, i didnt set that limit to buy order, though again, thank you for watching. If you want to get your portfolio, whether its stocks or crypto is reviewed, then rebalanced, i can do that for you if you want to get the live, buy and seller. If you get access to my portfolio and my private discord group chat of 2 000 people and get access to that patreon, you can do all of that.