This is bitcoin mindset. Now this is a quantitative one hour. Coupon trading view chat. Now, if you look carefully at this chart uh, you can see that uh previously, i predicted that the price was going to move in an upward direction after the hidden divergence around here, as you can see because around here as the price of quant was making these Higher lows, the rsi was making these lower lows and the stochastics were also making these lower lows. And on top of that, we got a confirmation that hey the stochastics were in the oversold zones and that the stochastics were about to get out of the to cross. From the oversoul zones moving up upwards and i predicted that also the price will be doing the same. That is moving upwards and, as you can see, yes, the price moved upwards after the hitting up after the hidden bullish divergence. Yes, the price of quant moved upwards, but, as it was almost approaching, this yellow resistance level here when it almost hit the resistance level around here, you can see that it reversed. You can see that it reversed and instead it moved in a downward direction. You know so uh and you can see here that the the volumes of sellers carrying high volumes of sellers came in and after that you can see that the price started to move downwards. You know so that was a big big uh, big change and from there you can see that from there the price of uh quant has started and continuously started to move downwards, but it was going well because at least we had hit a high of 67.

005 uh Us dollars, but right now the price is falling, but previously the 100 ema had crossed above the had crossed and moved above the blue, 200 ema, and you can see the price was going upwards here. The price was going upwards, but later on, we hit this. After hitting this uh after after reaching this uh resistance level, it all changed and the price right now is uh reversing that is moving downwards. As you can see, and currently you can see that uh the you can see that the uh 100 ema line is crossing moving downwards. It is the 100 ema is crossing the 200 ema moving downwards right now, you can see what is happening here. If you look carefully, let me zoom so that you can see clearly you can see that so this is what is happening right now. Thats whats happening. So the question is what is going to happen after this? It seems like the bears are coming in. You can see the volumes here. We got big volumes of sellers here coming in around here and we get another. We get more big volumes. You can see. Most of the big volumes of sellers coming in are making the prices to move like crazy in the downward direction. If you could get like big volumes of sellers and big volumes of buyers, it could kind of balance it and we move in a range. But if we are getting consecutively, these are big volumes of sellers.

Hey this. This shows us that we are only one hour in the downward trend. Currently you know, but you never know things might change. You never know um. So this is the current situation of quant uh, but uh i was i was thinking of like if i see any any any any signal ill be thinking of taking some opportunities. You know and predictions, but currently i see no like nothing like a bullish divergence. If i can see a bullish or or a hidden divergence, if i can see a regular bullish dividend or a hidden, a bullish difference, it could be a good signal. You know, but currently im seeing nothing, but this is what has been happening with quant um show what you think about this in the comments down below dont forget to hit the like the subscription and the notification button. This is no financial advice.