Now, if you like this content, why not go ahead and smash that, like ill really appreciate that and if youre brand new to the channel, why not go ahead? Tap the bell? Select all notifications and youll never miss a video that we put out for you at crypto, now its really important that you understand that im, not a financial advisor, and none of this is financial advice. This is just my thoughts, my opinions and what im looking to buy in this market now without further ado lets, get on down into the desktop and take a look at project number one. Now, first up weve got algorand the blockchain for future finance. Now its fast its cheap, its super green, its probably the most energy efficient layer, one out there. Now we had a fantastic update from stephen bergman. So thank him for that on the channel last friday, if you havent watched that video really recommend that you go and do so now, its one of the strongest teams that have researched in the whole of crypto so lets have a look at coin market cap on This one now this ones ranked 27 by market cap previous all time, high comes in at 2.99, now its currently trading at 0.2995. At time of recording. Now i just couldnt wait to get my hands on more algorand, so somebody owed me a little bit of money and ive just used that money this morning, ive traded it up for algorand.

Now, ive only purchased a very, very small amount because i am expecting lower prices so when those lower prices come in ill, be looking to swap some stablecoin into algorand now lets have a look at number two. We have cardano making the world better for all. My former biggest holding in crypto before i parked up in stable coins expecting cheaper prices to come now. Im super excited to accumulate this one. I just cant wait uh to see what the future of the ecosystem is going to bring. Now, if d5 does turn back to be a success, this is where i think its going to happen. Okay, now i love how charles and the team they do business. They do things slow, but they make sure they get it right. Now, im gon na have a look at the price on this one currently ranked eighth by market cap. Now this one had a previous all time, high of 3.10, now trading at 0.46 free eight, now im really patiently waiting to accumulate this one. Just like many other members in the discord, so yeah super excited for the price to drop on this one. We are expecting lower prices. Now lets have a look at number three on my list. We have elrond the internet scale. Blockchain is live now. This one just had to make the list now. I was really really impressed of how they dealt with the hack. They just recently had on the maya decks so impressed by the team.

They were so fast to protect the project and the communication that they put out for me was just absolutely first class despite the unfortunate situation, so i actually think that they may come out stronger from that now. Lets have a look at this one ranked 44 by market cap. Now this one had a previous all time, high of 544.25 and now currently at 50.58. Again, it looks a steel, definitely want to go, go away and do your research on now moving on weve got chain link coming in at number. Four securely connect smart contracts with off chain data and services, its a decentralized blockchain oracle network that allows other platforms to securely and rapidly interact with shared unchained data. Now i think this one is an absolute steal and im immensely immensely confident that this one will make me some magical internet money when the market gets more bullish. I just think the price is crazy. You know i sold all mine and now the price im looking at getting back in im, just going to get double the coins for the same amount of fiat that ive deployed now lets have a look at this one ranked 23rd by market cap. Now. Previous all time, high is 53 dollars, a time recording its now 6.23 now im, not just fomo in yet. I do believe that im gon na get in a little bit cheaper than it currently is so ive got. My buy. Orders set really excited for those to come in now, its a volatile asset, but its just something i just had to have some exposure of my in my portfolio too.

Now lets have a look at number five, but before we do were just gon na. Have a brief interruption for i wanted to bring to your attention, ladies and gentlemen, that we have the cheeky crypto podcast now that is a separate channel on youtube. So why not go ahead and subscribe to that? If you love living and breathing crypto 24 7, you know ive got regular daily, shows uh, hosted by myself ik and mike and weve got a special guest lined up. We talk anything to do with the crypto verse. Weve got it covered, so i think youll really enjoy that, especially on your journeys to work its great to listen to now. Moving on to number five weve got v chain, an absolute channel, favorite, the public blockchain that derives its value from activities created by members within the ecosystem, solving real world economic problems. Now this is one you must go. Do your research on joining cheeky crypto help me discover this one and everything that ive read on v chain date and its potential to be a major player in the global supply chain network. Just really really excites me again. I think the price currently is absolutely criminal. So lets have a look at it currently ranked 31 by market cap. Now, the all time high on this one was just under uh 28 cents, currently trading at 0.02281. Now i think the price is amazing and im super excited to be buying this potentially under two cent, and you know, dare i say it, we dont know how crazy this bear markets gon na get.

Could this go down to one cent who knows time will see, but if that happened, that will just be mind boggling, because wow and you know when v chain. Hopefully one day, ladies and gentlemen, does go to the moon. The cheeky crypto discord is going to go. Absolutely wild so thats going to be the place to be when v chain starts to blast off now. Lets move on and have a look at number six. We have xrp utility for the new global economy. Now, if you dont know, whats been going on with this one youve been living under a rock for the last few years check out my xrp videos, if you want to keep up to date with the project now, if you dont have any of this one in Your portfolio thats fine thats, entirely up to you, but i think this one has all the catalysts that absolutely explode when the time comes. This could be the bargain of a lifetime. Now lets have a look at this one ranked seventh by market cap now, the previous all time high was way back in 2018 at 3.40, now its currently trading at 0.3279. Again, we know why the price is heavily suppressed. If you dont, i dont know where youve been but go, go away on this one and do your research now, the last one lucky number seven ive thrown in for a bit of fun, because this ones a bit more speculative its not up there with the majors.

But im really hoping for myself personally and anyone else invested in it that it could do well. So at number seven we have jasmine decentralized data democracy. Now this final one on todays list and theres, so many others that could have made it. But this is hopefully my lucky number, seven, its a speculative project for me at the moment, but its a project designed to allow uh people to control their use of their own personal data and share that with companies that would be willing to pay for it. So its an interesting one for you to go read up on now lets just have a look at it here on coin market cap, so its rank 387 and its currently trading at 0.00. So its less than a cent now again, like ive, mentioned this ones speculative im, not following in and certainly theres, no way that im allocating as much of my portfolio and percentage terms to this one, as i would for uh, algorand or cardano, for example, or even V chain so again its a smaller percentage of my portfolio, but one that im deemed as higher risk, but a project that ive liked what ive read up on and im willing to uh invest some capital in. So, ladies and gentlemen, im gon na leave that there with you now id love to know what all coins youre really excited to buy in the bear market.