Today we have some shiba inu news that i definitely need to address with you guys. So if you guys want to know exactly whats going on smash, the like button, click subscribe and keep watching Music. So todays video has to do with shiba, inu and, because a recent announcement and a recent finding within my portfolio on has raised some concerns now just to be clear. The purpose of this video is not to raise any fund its just the part of investing when it comes to investing in something like cryptocurrency. You guys know. I appreciate this technology because its so new makes it very volatile and a lot of things have to get fixed along the way and one of those things just got fixed on when it comes to she beating a token now before we do get into todays Video guys, please do not fall victim to any of the scams down below. In the comments section, i do my best to report each and every one of them, but it is hard to get each and every one in a timely manner. So please understand that i will never ask you to reach out to me via whatsapp when it comes to investing in stocks cryptocurrency or real estate. Also for all my subscribers out there, who have subscribed for my dividend, portfolio updates – i will have one coming out in the coming days: im just waiting to receive the last portion of the dividends for the month of june, all right.

So that being said, lets get into it all right. So, as you guys can see here, we are once again experiencing some red days when it comes to the cryptocurrency market, with a current market cap at 940 billion dollars down 4.6 percent in the last 24 hours. As you guys can see, bitcoin down 4.9 percent ethereum down 7.6 percent, you know guys. I have been saying for the last couple weeks. I do think there will be more pain in the crypto space and uh. I know i made a video about a month ago. Now that i would not be surprised if we see a 12 000 bitcoin now this is not to create fud. Once again, this is just my own personal opinion, of course, do your own due diligence but im just giving you my thoughts and uh. If we do see, bitcoin start to inch towards that, fifteen thousand dollar mark im gon na start slowly. Adding to my bitcoin position now were not here to talk about bitcoin, ethereum and all that we are here to talk about shiba ini token, as you guys can see. We just broke that 10 level that we rallied upon. You know our shibanu was up over 44 last week. It had a crazy week but, as you guys can see its down nine point: nine percent in the last 24 hours down 6.4 in the last seven days, 522.9 million dollars traded in the last 24 hours and a 5.

8 billion dollar market cap. Now we are gon na get into todays news in just a minute here guys. I just want to take a look at the charts quickly, as you guys can see. It looks like we hit a 24 hour bottom here were starting to do a little bit of a movement upwards, but honestly guys, like i said i do not think this is going to last. Take a look the seven days. This was the big rally we saw and now were starting to correct. Of course, we take a look at the 30 day chart you guys can see. We have a u pattern here and if we zoom out to the one year chart you guys can see that were just moving along. You know it compared to some other cryptos ahead of it shiba inus chart. I brought this up in another video. Does not look that bad right? Yes, we saw a nice consolidation period here if it wasnt for the terra ust collapse. Who knows where wed be right now, right, like with shiberium coming so close to hopefully being released in the next couple of weeks or months? That could actually pump shiba inus price. But of course we had this massive sell off, followed by another weekend, sell off in bitcoin ethereum the rest of crypto space and weve experienced a little bit of a recovery rally over the last couple of days, mainly due because as well as the stock market also Has recovered, but i think a lot of people are excited regarding sheep eating simply because shiberium is coming soon, hopefully its.

The reason why im not talking about shabiri right now is because i actually want to see it released first before i start talking about it right. I dont want to pump anything up, get my hopes up and everyone elses as well, and its just being delayed, delayed, delayed saitama. Now guys, i dont want to hate on any other tokens out there any other coins, but you know that was a massive letdown for the entire um saitama space and all the investors with it by the way im still holding my satama um. I dont think theres much going on there, but of course you know long term holds well see what happens over the long run. But if you take a look at etherscan tokenship, you guys can see. We have 1 million 187 698 holders of the token, so were up about a thousand or two, since my video the other day uh, where i believe we were at one million one hundred and eighty five thousand, so people are still adding to ship theyre still becoming New holders and ship – and that hopefully maintains to we get past 1.2 million again and continue the trend upwards, but again guys do keep in mind. Theres gon na be a lot of volatility in the next couple of months now. Whats really interesting is i got an email right here: pulls dogecoin and shiba inu from crypto earn, so you guys know that im a big fan of krypto.

com. I really do like the platform and one of the things i loved the most was that i could stake majority of my tokens or coins on and earn anywheres from three to 12 percent interest. Well, thats, exactly what i was doing with my ship tokens. As i was having them staked – and i was earning about three percent on my crypto deposit – and i was very happy with that – i was getting paid out in shiba inu. I just kept holding it for the long term. So lets take a look at this. A little bit more in depth, has revised a number of tokens that will be available on their crypto earned program, with dogecoin shibuyini being among the coins that will be removed from the platforms earned future. The cryptocurrencies exchange is one of the largest in the world. Cementing their status as a key player in the industry over the past few years and stamping their brand on the former staples center, now known as arena now we do know that the last few months and last few weeks have been a very volatile time for Crypto, but you know this is what happens when it comes to cryptocurrencies right again. Im gon na reiterate this. That cryptocurrencies are so new theyre, so volatile that youre gon na get tokens that do very well for a certain period of time and then youre going to do really really bad and youre not going to be able to earn interest on those coins or tokens.

Simply because theres just not enough money and not enough transactions going through the blockchain on them, so am i concerned necessarily with removing dogecoin and shibu inu from their earn program. No, not at all, because again, this is just a sign of the times right. We already saw them lower the amount of interest youll actually receive on your crypto earned deposit simply because well, we are in a massive crypto winter and a recession across north america. So this is usually what happens during recession. Is that you do see. Multi billion dollar companies actually cut their dividends when times get tough preserve capital. In case things get even worse. Now we did get some results that the big banks, the united states, have raised their dividend and well have to keep a close eye on that, but nonetheless guys im going to continue to hold my dogecoin and my shiba inu tokens. I do not plan on selling any of them until its life changing money which for me would be a couple hundred thousand dollars earned, because i can do a lot more with that couple hundred thousand dollars investing it in certain other cryptos or real estates and stocks. So there you go, everybody hope you all got value from todays video. You know, let me know down below in the comment section if this concerns you at all or if youre, just holding for the long term. Also, let me know down below what your top five coins are in your portfolio for the next five to ten years.