This MAJOR Crypto CEO Is Bullish On Helium $HNT!

s, ceo brian schroeder. In a recent interview, he mentions some of his purchases of bitcoin at 29 and 19 000, but also highlights helium as a token that he is bullish on thats. A massive shout out for helium from a very prominent figure in the crypto space, but its not the first shark […]

BITCOIN COLLAPSE NEXT!!!!!???? WATCH BEFORE TOMORROW!! BTC + Crypto Price Prediction Analysis

7 to 19 999 dollars, as i speak right now, its obviously not a good position and theres a lot of talk about if bitcoin could drop lower. But i just want to put a few things into perspective right, i mean from this high to where we are right now were down by about […]


86. In the last 24 hours, you can see bitcoins down 4.6. This is a continuation video from yesterday we were actually looking at that 1100 level. As a key support. I had a small long trade where i believed that we were going to get a bounce from this level. It didnt happen. Unfortunately, […]

I Guess I Can Never Take a Break Again…RIP Crypto Mining

Okay, i left in charge of the crypto market and mining and you just crashed everything. Well, i mean what happened im just messing around, so i took a little bit of a break but im back having some fun and in this video i wanted to take some time to just get myself caught […]

quant crypto price prediction | Qnt coin analysis

This is bitcoin mindset. Now this is a quantitative one hour. Coupon trading view chat. Now, if you look carefully at this chart uh, you can see that uh previously, i predicted that the price was going to move in an upward direction after the hidden divergence around here, as you can see because around […]


I dont think ive ever been so happy being back, but the reason why im happy being back in ukraine is not being really particular because of ukraine is because you and i now we can keep doing some streams. So i just wanted to make this video here to announce were going to continue […]

Top 5 Crypto to buy in July 2022 (INSANE ALTCOIN Potential)

If you enjoy this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video lets see if we can get 1 000 likes lets get down to the desktop okay, so theres Going to be a bit of […]

Crypto Is GROWING + This Is SUPER WEIRD & LARGE Ripple XRP Metaverse Partnership

I have no idea where it actually will be anyway. Welcome back to another news, i missed where i go over news i missed and without further ado lets jump right into it. Results from a recent bank of america survey show that consumers are still enthusiastic about crypto and digital currencies as a form […]

Explosive New Crypto Game Set To Launch As An Animoca Brands Subsidiary!

I am your host hustle and, as always, we will be diving into the nft gaming markets as today. The open alpha for a game, which is very highly anticipated from animoka brands, which is life beyond the team with life beyond, has been behind products such as assassins, creed and other top triple a […]

@Hasheur (AKA Owen Simonin) – France's Top Crypto Influencer | Crypto News | Cryptonites

Welcome back to Cryptonites., And today we have a very special guest. upbeat music, One of the biggest crypto influencer YouTuber serial entrepreneur, a personal friend of mine from just mining. man. Speaking French upbeat, music plays Owen Simonin. Owen. Thank you so much for coming bro.. How are you Great yourself, Yes., Very great., […]