I am crypto berry and todays video. We will be talking about yields. Art project, however, do know that anything i say will not be an investment or financial advice. So always do your own research Music. Now, here, as you can see, we have the official website open. We will be using this and their whitepaper to learn about this project. So in this video we will learn what the project is. How does it work what it has to offer us how much we can earn through it? What are the security measures taken by the project itself to ensure that it is safe, what other utilities or features do they have? And finally, we will talk about their pre sale, but just a quick announcement about the pre sale. It is currently live right now, as you can see here and by the time the video is uploaded. You will only have a few hours left to get the tokens on a discounted price, so make sure you do not miss it. They have the guides on the git book that explains how you can buy from pre sale, so make sure to follow it and take part in the pre sale. If you want to invest in this project now, lets move forward. First lets learn what this project is. It says here that it is the highest paying protocol in crypto. Now, if you have been active in the crypto community lately you probably have heard about the auto stacking and auto compounding projects that are skyrocketing these days.

The reason is how convenient they are, with minimum risk and maximum profit potential. As you can see here, we get an api of eighteen thousand, seven, fifty seven percent, which is absolutely massive. This means that if you invest one thousand dollar in ylc token, which is a native token, you can earn up to nine million dollars of ylz in a year which of course, is possible in the most ideal situation, when the rfv sustains the rebased reward of 365 Days, but you can have an idea on how much you can make even something slightly less than this would be massive. So basically you buy the token you hold them in your wallet. You dont have to move them anywhere. You dont have to lock them. You keep full custody of them and you start earning yield based on the apy. You get rewarded every five minutes, which is probably the most frequently based reward. You will see in these kind of projects now heres how the whole thing work, because obviously they are not making money out of thin air. They have a mechanism and a protocol applied. That is doing all this so heres how it works. This project uses a positive rebase mechanism, which is possible when we have an elastic supply, so we are able to control the price of the token we set a particular price of the token when the value drops from that set price supply is reduced and by reducing The supply value is increased and it reaches that set price.

This is called rebasing when the value increases from the set price. The supply is increased and the value drops to the set price. This is called positive, rebating and that is used in this project. It says in the about section: the glz is a solid decentralized financial asset that recompenses users with a sustainable, fixed compound interest model through the use of its one of the kind yap protocol yields are comes to you with the industrys highest non fixed api in history, Paid to you every five minutes and a simple buy hold on system that is meant to grow your ylc portfolio in the comfort of your own wallet at a speed never seen before it further says here that all yields are holders are rewarded with automatic compound interest, Which is paid every 5 minutes which we already have discussed, and we have also discussed the estimate that how much you can make with this api now here comes the technical part that explains how the whole things work. In summary, we have transaction fees that is applied on buying and selling and through the transaction fees they power their protocol. That does all this. So here is the transaction fees, its distribution, and what does it actually do by trading fees? 12, 3, jail. Four percent, ycf. 2.5 percent wizards chest 2.5 percent, lava lake cell trading fees, 18 percent, four percent jail, six percent, ycf 4.5 percent – without just three point: five percent lava lake yale is a smart liquidity pool, will benefit from trading fees that to backing the liquidity of the bnb via Z pair on pancake swap ensuring an ever increasing collateral value of ylz and helping further expansion into more decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Ycf stands for yield guard coverage, fern, which helps sustain and back the stacking rewards provided by the positive rebase without just supports of icf. It provides a marketing budget for gilgard and finds new product development. Lava cake basically means black hole. A total of six percent of all buy and sell transactions of ylc are burnt in the lava lake, the more that is traded, the more get put into the fire causing the fire pit to grow in size, larger and larger, through self fulfilling auto compounding which, in Return acts to reduce the circulating supply of ylz and keeping the yield guard protocol stable and circulating supply more valuable, so heres. How this whole thing works now lets talk about what makes this project secure. We have been having problems in other projects so to make sure that this project is safe. They have been audited and k was seated by solidprood and consult.net, which are very renowned and trusted places to get audited, and they have worked with solid, prude and console to remove all contract bugs to optimize contract and to make the contract rack proof. They have locked. The liquidity for thousand years, which is another rock proof measure, and they also have ruck proof contract talking about what other utilities or features do they have. They have their own nft collections. They have nft minting and stacking features. They have partnership in the nft area with the play to earn this unique new engine, so things are definitely looking very good in this project anyways.

This is all i have for you guys in this video again do not miss their pre sale.