Uh were gon na start with crash for me crush its, not my favorite, but still sometimes i can win their like pretty good balance, so lets try um today, im playing with 17 players, not bad uh. Here for my bed we have 100 and ill. Just stop. Were gon na just random 100 because i dont think its gon na fly until 100. lets try and see how its gon na work today, because last time this game was very strange. It was like the rocket flight till one x and maybe two, but i hope right now, its gon na work pretty good, and i want to stop here for now and it was a good idea good. I like it today. Its working very good lets. Try again so right now its eight players already nine ten, i like, when people playing with me, because i can watch when theyre stopping the game and maybe im gon na step two when its like 10 people already stopped, and i want to do it. Okay, i stopped it at one point. I can see one point: uh 64.. I was good, but not really good, so lets try uh to stop right now, maybe two eggs with something. Let me see how its gon na work – okay and no okay, Music lets. Try again, i hope its gon na apply till five eggs and im gon na start. Maybe at four lets just try. I didnt lose like i started and there was only winners right.

Oh i lose its. My first lose not bad. Okay, im playing already like fifth round or something like that, and i lose only one time: okay, i think right now, im gon na stop it at three x and i lost again and only two players out of 20 stop the rocket right in the time. Okay. Okay, because no one could knew that its gon na fly until one point something sometimes it should fly higher. Okay, let me just no really: okay, okay, im focused lets, try again waiting for the rocket repairing rain. Okay, fish lets fly higher, okay, im gon na stop because im scared and a lot of players already stopped, but its still flying were gon na wait next round really its gon na fly until 10. I think or something like that, even more. Oh, my god, why did i stopped? It went until 20. 58 and i stopped at 1.45. Oh my god, okay im gon na wait! No, i think right now its not gon na fly so high. I think now its gon na be one point something because when it flies, i stop here when its fly, when it flies higher after that, almost every time flies very low. Okay, not bad, but still lets try again. Okay, i want to wait a little bit. Maybe its gon na fly higher, but i hope im not gon na lose something wrong here. Okay were starting, and let me wait a little bit, maybe until free, please, okay, good stopping right now, because im scared, oh my god in one second ill win.

Oh my god! Okay, good lets try again to wait a little bit, but i think no, i think, right now. Its gon na fly, maybe 1.50. Okay lets see: okay, im gon na stop at 2, 30.. Okay, almost almost okay, very strange, very strange, but okay lets see how its gon na fly right now. I hope its gon na go until maybe four really okay, but right now its supposed to fly higher because right now it was like very low like 1.16 or something like that. So right now, you need to play until 20. Okay lets go. Lets see okay, good for now, okay, but two times you fly very low, youre supposed to fly right now very high im sure its gon na be like that, because sometimes low supposed to be higher right now. Okay, lets see im gon na wait until four eggs. Okay, its already much better it didnt fail. Still fine, okay, told you, but its not oh its already five. Oh my god. I think im gon na wait. Almost everyone stopped, but i think its this time when its flying like very high. Oh, my god, is it gon na be 20 x? Oh my god. I think i need to stop because i think its gon na fall – oh my god, okay im, stopping because im very scared. Oh my god, 53.16 lets try again see when its two times. Four. Two times i cant talk wait a minute when its falling two times like one x, its supposed to fly higher next time.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I think its flying good again like very high. No okay, maybe right now, but 3.30 is already okay, because its like a little not bad lets. Try again, i still cant believe what happened right now, no and rainbow two okay lets look like that before this time. It was three point something right now was one point something so right now its supposed to fly higher lets see if its working or its gon na play low again and after okay, its low right now its supposed to be higher lets see, i hope, its gon Na work really lets see its supposed to be like that behold, im, really old, okay lets wait a little bit really! Oh my god. Look at my balance. I didnt see it. Oh, my god, rich girl, thats man. Okay, let me see preparing rain okay, one! Second one: second: oh my god: okay im gon na win right now, ive felt it okay im gon na its here, because im scared. Let me see how high its gon na fly no way. No, its gon na fly until 10 right almost 9.72 really, and i stopped at 1.3. Okay guys so its kind of working that few times it flies low and after it flies higher, but i think its obviously so yeah. Sometimes you need to guess when its gon na fly like that, so i think this game was very, very, very cool.

I got very cool balance right now. I still cant believe that i have so much money, so i think you should try to play it. Its very cool you dont know how much youre gon na get but im shocked, really its very cool, if you want to try link, is always below this video and also there is a link to my telegram channel where we can cheat about everything. So i think, its very cool that we can talk about something and i really hope you to see there. So it was tricks, see you next time.