As with you always, this is rich doing another video today on xdc, but before i get started, please click the like and subscribe button as it helps this channel grow very quickly, so were looking at xdc its still sitting down here under 3 cents. I mean honestly. I cant stop buying. I just keep stacking more and more of it at this price, because i know its going to its going to move whether anyone likes it or not. This price is not going to last for much longer. The whole market has to move its inevitable. I mean right now, looking at any cryptocurrency, most people are just tired of looking at it. They feel like this. Is it you know it? Why doesnt it go to the upside at all? Why does it trade sideways im? So sick of it going down and thats the sediment out there thats how people feel right now i look at things a little bit different when it comes to cryptocurrency, because right now im looking at this as a buying opportunity, because i know once we do finally Come out of crypto winner, which we talk a lot about on this channel, things are going to look great everythings going to be bright and you know people are going to become rich off of this and i mean under three cents come on. So then we see this – this has to do with iso 222. and everybodys heard about it, and we know xdc is also going to be part of this, so think about it like that, when the new financial system is finally done being built and its fully operational, Where do you think xdcs price is going to be then? And then we see this its happening change is coming xrp, xdc, xlm, the three xs of crypto and believe it or not.

A lot of people will always say well. Xrp and xlm are gon na roll. The entire thing: no, it doesnt work that way its all going to be tied together. Each of these cryptocurrencies are going to play their part. So when you go over to twitter and you look and you see, xd sees a scam because of this or because of that right now you got to, and you got ta remind yourself were in crypto winner, everybodys gon na be fighting everything it doesnt matter what It is, you could type in stock market over on twitter and itll. Come up stock market crash imminent coming this year. No one knows that for sure its speculation can it happen. Yes, stocks dont, look good either right now and thats, probably whats, holding this market down. So far – and i mean a lot of people are still speculating – we need bitcoin to start taking off before everything else does. But what happens if we go into a utility run? Instead, then, we no longer need bitcoin and if you turn on any of the business channels, you know fox business news or msnbc on there. Theyre talking about crypto like its all over and everybody, should just cash out and be done because thats, the sediment thats, the narrative they set right now you cant buy into that narrative. If you do, you will miss out so xdc might be. The most underrated slept on coin in this market and thats the truth.

This is going to be big. Its going to be very, very big and people are going to be like wow. I really should have invested in xdc when i had my chance. So utility bowl cycle is imminent. That means its going to happen. If you hold any of these cryptocurrencies im talking about any of the iso 222 tokens, you know, whats coming were no longer guessing. You know two years ago, when you heard of iso 222 people would say well that was way down the road, but here we are in 2022 and were much closer now november is right around the corner. I believe all of these cryptocurrencies and people will argue this. So i want to let you know what i see so lets go. So if you look at iso 222 in november, a lot of people, if even if you bring it up, theyll, say yeah, but the us says 2025. guess what we dont have to wait on. The u.s these cryptocurrencies can start moving up right after november, because a lot of other other countries are already bringing them in theyre adapting this system theyre going to start using it. Some are already prepared to use it right after november, so we dont need the us to see price movement on these cryptocurrencies. A lot of people dont see that so xdc is one of those coins where you wake up one day and you have a yacht in your backyard and you wonder where it came from.

Then you realize that all of trade finances tokenized and thats the thing it can happen very quick people think they always have time to invest later, but why wouldnt you invest when its cheap, instead of later, when its expensive, you know right now, you could get xdc Under three cents, maybe a year from now, you cant touch it for under a quarter or maybe under a dollar. Who knows where this goes in a year. So the time to invest is when you can get the most for your money, its like anything like think about it. If they lowered gas prices for one day to say i dont know 99 cents, a gallon youd be out there with 55 gallon drums filling them up, because you want to stock up on it. Well, it should be the same thing with cryptocurrency when its cheap. You should stock up on it. You know where its going. You know the future. It has. Q and t is out it doesnt move money. Why waste your time on something that doesnt move, money, xlm and xdc move money and the thing is q and t has a different purpose. You take a look at the map and you could see where q and t is q. T is a great investment. It has a lot of upside potential, but back to xdc. I always tell you on this channel and ive been telling you, since the very first video ive ever made, that anything that moves money, any cryptocurrency currency that has to do with transactions or money, is going to be massive.

The next thing you should be looking at is: how does it play into health care because thats also very important its going to become more important in the future? You know. Technology plays a big factor in all healthcare around the world. Its like you, go to the hospital and you want to go to the most modern hospital because they most likely have the most modern technology and thats. How you got ta. Look at everything, especially when it comes to crypto, because the best technology will have the most value, the best utility, the best use case. So whenever you go to invest – and you say – hey im going to buy crypto this weekend once i get paid im going to put say – i dont know 100 200 in you want to get the most for your money, but you also want to get the best Quality for your money – and i believe xdc has a little bit of both of that so todays crypto jeopardy. How will i retire a millionaire, correct, xdc, xlm, q and t and thats, because i told you, q and t you should not be sleeping on it, because its going to be huge and xdc moves money. Remember that so world economic for forum, trade, tech? We see this. The first of such transactions has been successfully concluded with the trade, tech, distribution technology and the blockchain platform provided by xdc network, and we know this is going to be big.

People think that trota is going to take all the value out of xdc and it doesnt work that way. Dont get caught up in that mess, isnt q and t moving its network to x, dc, meaning q and t is leaving the ethereum network to migrate somewhere, which makes more sense, and i said, q and t was always going to leave ethereum no matter what at Some point because ethereum is dying technology, in my opinion, its way, overpriced its old tech, even though they have a few upgrades coming. I dont think theyre going to even come close to what these other cryptocurrencies have going on, and i believe if qnt was to go to flair xdc was to go to flair. I think that could be even bigger, so on flair, finance xdc is supported. So we know x dc will most likely be on flare. Its probably just a done deal at this point, but flare is going to connect everything and q and t kind of does the same thing in a different way. Now, if the two of them came together, it would be massive. I mean it would be mind. Blowing honestly people say that cant happen were going to have to wait and see so xdc x. Fin adoption is about to explode 2022 cbdcs metaverse, nft trade, finance, etc. Thats what you got to look at you got to look at all of that. You know we know its going to be involved not only in payments but its also going to be involved in metaverse nft cbdcs.

It thats going to be the big one right there, because that is how xdc is tied to the money and the transactions. So with that said, im going to wrap up todays video. I want to thank you all for watching well see in the next one.