The bear market continues to take players off the table. Is it possible for cardano to blast off by september? Well, my name is ben. Is your nightly crypto news wrap up lets get it. I mean look right now. It looks like that. Everythings bad and im not going to deny that every asset class is getting hurt. The one im most interested in is crypto because a lot of people are in crypto and crypto really does seem to be imploding, but it goes from 3 trillion to 1 trillion. Why should it stop at one trillion theres, no real value there, yeah nfts, i mean you know you look at these companies theres these companies that you never heard of and they blew up over the weekend and you just say to yourself: holy cow, theres, 600 million Dollars just going down the drain, we had gary ganzo the chairman on a few weeks ago and he just said: look anybody who has a come hither rate of investment? You just you know its the rate that you earn. You can kind of forget about it and thats whats happening all right. All right places can sam bankman freed save melissa? How many can you say? Does anyone in the world remember when jim cramer was right about anything, i sure dont if he counter traded everything he said, youd be making a killing in any market, hes, probably still mad from selling off all his bitcoin in june last year? That means he didnt sell in may and walk away, and a few months after he sold bitcoin ran up to its all time high, i guess, should have not sold in june to make it moon.

Of course, jimbo is known for anything but perfect timing. Why does cnbc pay this guy? I cant even believe he has the audacity to say that crypto doesnt have any value great advice. Coming from the same guy who told his followers they would easily make 35 to 40 on ethereum back in april. Why in the world, would he go on national television and tell the world to buy into a downtrend, especially when he knows that the feds hawkish approach to tame inflation has hurt the markets overall hes wrong time and time again, yet he still confidently shields the cnbc. Investing club every time, hes front of a camera, you can get exclusive bad advice from jim for 400 bucks a year or you can pay 30 dollars to learn crypto from real experts at the bet lab academy. Your call in the meantime lets pass it to our guy frankie candles for a market watch thanks ben all right guys, lets jump in and do a little market watch here. Weve got bitcoin with a little bit of a pump tonight coming in at about twenty thousand five hundred and sixty five dollars up about one point: eight percent ethereum creeping up on that twelve hundred dollar mark up almost five percent on the day lets go ahead and Check our top movers thor chain up about eight point: nine percent sandbox up seven percent on the day maker up seven percent on the day, gmt up about six point: seven percent, nexo of six point: six percent and avax up six percent on the day.

So guys, right now, we are looking like we are getting some bullish signals on the longer time frames. I know its been happening the past week, or so we just cant get them to hold. It looks like they might hold this time and you want to remember if these bullish signals on the higher time frames confirm you want to understand that sometimes they take time to play out. So if you see some dumps on the lower time frame, it could just be noise before those longer time frames come through and play out. If you guys want to follow me, its frankie candles on youtube or frankie underscore candles on all socials back to the news, appreciate it frank, as always, now its no secret that this bear market has taken its toll on everything and everyone. Although i personally feel like this is the perfect time to rebuild from the ground up, not everyone can take that approach. Insolvency is a word, ive been seeing a lot lately and its unfortunate. How many exchanges have ended up in the discard pile weve, seen? Whats happened to celsius vault and many others in fact voyager just filed for bankruptcy because of their exposure to three arrows capital. So how many exchanges have bit the dust as a result of all this negative volatility? Finbold ran a story earlier this morning. This headline bear market wipes, 25 cryptocurrency exchanges in 30 days story might surprise a lot of people, but when you think about how brutal this downtrend has been combined with inflation, bad risk management over leveraged positions, exposure to other companies that became insolvent 25 is a high Number, but it doesnt surprise me at all in the meantime, be cautious with leaving your crypto on exchanges.

Next fed meeting is on july 26th, and something tells me that there are still a handful of players that are still on the board. That might not be here in a few months to protect yourself from exchanges going insolvent. I highly recommend purchasing a ledger hardware wallet with a ledger wallet. You have the custody to your own crypto and not the exchanges. You can also use the ledger: live app to buy and sell crypto manage your nfts and onboard onto over 15 web 3. Dapps. Take the next step into crypto and dont. Leave your fate into somebody. Elses hands. Weve got a link down below in the description. If you want to purchase one to end on a positive note, just because were in a bear market, well that doesnt mean you cant, take time to build. Look at whats happening with charles and the gang over at cardano. Over the weekend, the vassal hard fork successfully launched on the test net theyre one step closer to launching vassal on the main net, which will take cardano to the next level, especially for dapps and d5. In due time, cardano is going to absolutely shoot to the moon. The question is: how long will it take to get us there? Neural profits, pie torch, which fin bowl describes as a deep learning algorithm predicts that the price of cardano could pump to 2.90 cents by september this year sounds like opium zeroing. Eight is only around 45 cents now im, not saying whether or not thats going to happen, but the article mentions up until the ust collapse.

Its predictions have been relatively correct if ada doesnt make it to 2.96 by september, thats, okay ill, send them a valentines day card, only ogs.