So if you use a box and then find yourself in a buy and hold position, youre doing something wrong. Now, when we trade using the bots were generating cash flow, which enables us to reinvest and compound at speed, we can also use those profits to maybe invest into say, bitcoin ethereum, something like that or any other altcoin. That can go up and appreciate value. Now, when we use the bots, all right were somewhat in control and we can influence the outcome through the coins we trade and the grids we apply, buying and holding were just hoping and praying on whats going to happen within the market. Now you can see on my screen here theres an example, and i just want to analyze this example of what not to do in my personal opinion, and then we can assess and detail the strategy for 2022, the best strategy for 2022.. So, first and foremost, this is a 50 range and this bot would have been launched in 2021 running the bull market, all the way up to the top and then, rather than locking in profits, protecting the capital and then trading in the downward direction. It has okay going up to the top and then its rode all the way down, eventually coming out of range and then being at a significant loss down to market price. And you can see that it is out of range and down 38 now to get back to a break.

Even position. Whats going to have to happen is for this to increase and ill just estimate that probably increase about 140 okay based on average, buy price and bot profit. Thats earned thats a significant increase now when and if it does go back up in value its just a waiting game and thats, something that i would not want to be doing. There is no guarantee that it will go back up in price. As such, we need to have a firmer strategy in place to make money, whatever the markets doing and im going to detail. That strategy for you now so ive just jumped into trading view to talk through this in a bit more detail and the strategy for 2022 and beyond in my personal opinion, needs to be that we can buy directional trade using the bots and what that means is, If the markets going up, we can trade with it. The market goes down, we can trade with it lets just talk through just what we can see on the screen here. Just if we could trade in one direction and the green is in a bull market right or upward trending market, so using the same launch point as in the previous example of what not to do lets just say: okay, if you could just trade in the north Direction of the north direction only which is the bull market you launched at that same point and as a market moved up, you made 20 percent as a market move down because were trading in the north direction without our stop losses in place.

So, as a market fell after our bull market, we would have locked in some profit and protected our capital if the market fell to the downside like it does right here, we wouldnt have been trading, so were just talking about the green lines here. The bear market, then uh sort of kicked off for a little while called a smaller bear market, whatever you want to call it, but we then got down to sort of mid chantal in the jam where it started to move output again and this if youre a Bull market trader, you would have entered back in unless every example you made another 20 all right again, protecting your capital when the market moved to the downside again protecting your profit, protecting your capital getting out at a gain. I never turning a profit to a loss. So here you can just see if you were a bull trader, could only trade as a market was moving up? You still would have been in a better position than just trading the bull market in 2021 and then just rewriting it down the current market price. Here all right, a nice 40 right just an example: thats 40. Now you can see same example. Bear market trader can only make money as the market falls and after the bull market in 21, you would have traded downwards done very, very well. A nice 20. There theres a market move sideways. You may potentially trade as well, but ive left that out, however, again just recently uh from april onwards, again a nice 20 and you can see a nice 40 now, if you do blend those two together, you could trade in both directions: bi directional using the bots.

You can see if we add those together as a nice 80, and that is so far in front of that minus 38 percent. On the other example of what not to do what this means is, you can make money whatever the market is doing, whether its going up, whether its going down, whether its going sideways? If you need to step away for two three four months, you know that you can come back. Youve got the skill set to make money. Whatever its doing, i think its very, very important right now, if you are entering or just beginning to trade, just talk through the couple of scenarios, so this is where were at right now with market price, so being a bi directional bot trader right now, if the Market goes up, youve got a strategy, the market goes sideways, youve got a strategy. If the market continues to fall, say we see a ten thousand dollar bitcoin or a five thousand dollar bitcoin. You dont care. You can make money if it goes down to 5k, but moves to the side at 5k for two three four months you can trade and if it goes back into a bull market, all right coming into uh 2023 pumps back up, you are making money were not Hoping praying waiting were in control were influencing the outcome and you can make the bots work for you so 2022 and beyond. I think you need to be trading in every direction being able to do that and therefore you are in control and can be consistent and profitable.