What is up, everyone welcome to crypto capital adventure thanks for coming by hit the subscribe and like on the way in lets jump into the video. Can we just snap back to this for a second look at this im excited everybody. This is, i i took a week off and it feels like i took like a month off but were in a new studio. I still got some sound treatment to do. I got to set up some cameras and and all this, but we got the new background. Im hyped about it were ready for the next bull market thats. All i can say, were ready for the next bull market, but lets jump into the cardinal charts. I know thats. What youre here for this is ada on the weekly before we dive in to ada charts. I want to start here s p 500 index, its, not bitcoin. If you hold, if youre, holding cardano or any altcoin its not bitcoin, you need to be looking at im kind of im over that whole that whole thought process of watch, bitcoin, bitcoins, whatnot, no, its watch, traditional on equity markets and crypto will crypto will follow its. Not bitcoin and then all coins its crypto crypto will follow. This is the article i want to start with for context: dont be duped by doomsayers. Jpmorgan says the smv smb500 will rebound to 4 900.. Now the reason im bringing this up is because, even even during my hiatus, this is what im thinking about im thinking about this potential rebound that could potentially happen and how it will just shock everyone, and in traditional markets they are its a storyteller to it all.

If were gon na see, crypto make a recovery or rebound or just start moving up at all its going to start with traditional markets, and this is s p 500 index and this article – and this analyst basically talking about a pretty big, a big move for traditional Markets uh, it says, looking at this would be 500 right. Now you might be convinced the stock market is destined for doom in 2022.. Listen looking at crypto in general, if youre on crypto twitter, you might feel that you might see that emotional aspect of of just markets right now and you might feel like man. This is getting. This is going to get worse and it very well could. But that fear thats kind of intertwining itself through social media and headlines and all that its sinking into just the mindset and the operation of everybody thats in these markets. And that could be a dangerous thing. When that emotional aspect starts to kind of hinder your ability to make good decisions, sound wise decisions and its kind of what i want to talk about in this video, so going back here to the charts. This is what the articles saying: 4 900 to the upside thats, a new all time high its around 2700 for f for the s p 500. Now, if were going to something like ada its going to be likely more than a 20 to 30 percent game gain in an environment like that heres, a daily chart, we have 140 or so to the upside in play.

Right now and its kind of how i started the opening, because it sounds ridiculous and theres theres people out there that just dont like it, they dont like that that im even allowing for such upside, but they also dont like that. At the same time, im talking about potential but were going to get to that were going to get to why that is the thats. The secret sauce, everyone its where the its where the wisdom is in that dilemma, that a lot of people seem to have so lets start here on the weekly theres, some things im noticing that i wanted to bring up number one look at this trend line. Going all the way back here, so let me get rid of some of these drawings, but this trend line going all the way back here to 2018 ada, still above it and actually consolidating above it on the short to midterm, uh, some short to midterm patterns that Were going to look at? Secondly, momentum: the momentum of ada right now, if we look at it on the rsi slower, moving momentum, oscillator its the most oversold its ever been and its consolidating down here and the the thing i want to point out on this chart is: it is down here And the case for just upside right now is is, is growing but dont be deceived by hey its the lowest. Its ever been were going to get an upside like immediately.

Dont. Be deceived by that thought because weve been in these oversold environments, where ada kind of just does kind of go sideways and kind of tortures, everybody for four weeks crypto in general, and these oversold environments, weeks and months, right and so dont be surprised if, if that Type of consolidate consolidation happens. It is just trickling down here going sideways on the rsi. We we see this. This type of thing happen back here, uh going into the 2018 low. We can see back here. These look at these lower lows: the pain uh going into january 2020, well thats. What was happening on the rsi, which is kind of like just trickling sideways for a while, so be ready for that and and then be ready in the stock rsi for just hanging out in that oversoul territory for a while. This is the time to plan. This is, in my view, historically on these weekly charts and any crypto youre looking at when were in these environments down here, its painful its ugly, its boring its very unknown, but this is where the opportunity is looking back. Most people will look back at these charts. One day im telling you and they will say: oh man, what was i doing back then? Why was i paralyzed by fear last thing on this weekly chart? I want to talk about. Is this the weekly macd, the blue line, getting ready potentially for a cross above that signal line in red uh its the setup? Is there we, we kind of got tricked, tricked and faked out a little bit back here in april, be careful for something like that, but this could be a huge deal if that blue line, the macd crosses above that signal line, so lets keep an eye out For that over this coming week or two, and also actually on that macd, you can see this.

Let me get back to that. The histogram getting very close to zero, potentially putting in a green candle, soon lets see how this week goes and lets zoom in over. Here to the daily chart, this is the this is the chart. This is the the dilemma for so many people. Let me let me break down the targets number one. We have this ascending triangle that ada has broken down through the downside right right here. The lower trend line and it hasnt hit its target yet down here around 30 cents it broke to the downside and just its just been sideways trading for for a while right. This is this is a daily candle back in june 12th. So a few weeks of just sideways structure and consolidation that were going to talk about, but this case for 140 to the upside lies within that ascending triangle. Its the case for a busted triangle, meaning that the target to the downside never happens and we get the break to the downside, but ada just shows strength and boom busted triangle to the upside target: around a dollar ten for ada in an environment like that, it Doesnt happen perfectly where its just like boom fake out boom right its just. We have to let structure form we have to let consolidation form we have to let the markets tell the story of which direction its going to go if the direction is up and if, if s p, 500 index does see just this, this rally and this recovery And a rebound right, if were in that environment, this is the case for ada 140 percent to the upside a to back above a dollar, and then at that moment wed be seeing and watching what markets in general are doing.

What sentiment is doing now? Thats the busted ascending triangle: now the thing is right now: ada is consolidating right, it is consolidating – and this helps us on the short term kind of just give us something to track. Give us something to watch, and this is the descending triangle. On the six hour chart now so uh, the consolidation that we just looked at on the daily. This is what it looks like on the six hours very sideways, its weeks of sideways uh and in a crypto market. This is painful. For many. Many of you know its painful for me just to see this were in crypto. Everybody, you know were were all about just like these huge swings to the upside huge swings to the downside, and we track that and were used to that when its sideways things get just weird its just its like crickets and everybodys, just silent and wondering whats gon Na happen next, but this is the descending triangle, so its good to see some structure happening, consolidation happening for ada. Some might chart this differently. This is what i see here. These are some lower highs and weve got just kind of this area: around 43 to 45 cents, lower trend line area ada just bouncing around on and just bouncing between the two. Now one thing to note were approaching the apex of this descending triangle target to the downside: 35 cents. If ada makes it way to the downside, we will be breaking this long macro.

Lower trend line in white that we looked at over here on the weekly remember goes all the way back here to 2018, that trend line wed be breaking below that in an environment where ada is breaking out of this descending triangle, hitting a target to 35 cents. This could be the stepping stones of ada reaching the 30 cent target, which is the ascending triangle target to the downside. Right, maybe break out to the downside, pull back to the trend line, that long term trend line and then continuing to the downside. It could be painful, it could take some time. It could be rough again. It could just play games in that roller coaster. Type of ride way that it does crypto does but thats to the downside, so were talking 35 cent target on the short to mid term. Actually, really short term because were really approaching this uh this apex of the triangle and were also talking. The ascending triangle target around 30 cents so 30 to 35 cents to the downside. Its some pain, uh to the downside, were looking at around 22 down to around 40 37 right, so thats that that thats that play to the downside. But again i digress from that, because we have this this world that were living in where, if theres a recovery, if things turn around and people get shocked by this weve seen this happen before theres going to be people in the comments that would say that that Might say itll never happen.

Weve seen this happen before were just everything just goes. Bullish markets are green, everybodys, feeling great right. Twitter is all positive and and bitcoins going back to a hundred thousand dollars, like weve weve, seen that before with every 10 plus breakout. If ada is gon na break out to the upside, this is whats in play. We have this target to the upside out of the descending triangle, around 65 percent notice, where that is thats. These trend lines me that meet from that ascending triangle. So this is the case for the busted ascending triangle to the upside, coming out of the descending triangle target to the upside descending triangles. Interestingly enough, according to bulkowski, i follow his data a lot on the patternsite.com. I really like his data 53 percent of the time. A breakout can be in any direction, but its upward 53 of the time in relation to descending triangles its interesting right. So i know its kind of 50 50 but theres according to his trades and his data 53 percent of time, theres an upward target or upward breakout. So this is the case for ada, as we really go into the kind of this next week or so uh going into this apex of this descending triangle. So let me let me backtrack a little bit in the intro. I said theres that 140 100 plus target to the upside case and then theres. This downside case, like a 40 crash, the answer on how to navigate that is very simple, and this is this is where people get caught up theres a lot of people on youtube.

Theres, a lot of people, maybe still watching this video theyre like theyre, just ready for this answer. They just cant, wait to hear my prediction and what im gon na say – and this is where people get tripped up. I dont predict everybody. Nobody in this world, including the people in this article from jp morgan, knows whats going to happen next thats, the sooner you realize that the sooner you stop scouring youtube and going on twitter and trying to follow the top analysts that are going to tell you what To do and whats going to happen next, the sooner you do that and realize that its impossible, because it doesnt exist. Nobody knows you will be well on your way to success. Im telling you the reason i do. These charts is to visualize every scenario and theres a lot of people dont like that they want their predictions. They want to be kind of told and, and just they want to, they want to see the prediction get that feeling of opium for these upside targets. If somebodys going to predict upside targets – and they just want to go off of that for the momentary satisfaction but theres – absolutely no wisdom there – its foolishness to do that, and so what you want to do is follow ta for for its rules, its a road map. It puts all emotion, aside, understand the targets one to the upside here and to the downside here and in this moment say: listen am i comfortable, and this is why this is why i do these videos so that i can sit here every day as im doing My own ta and im saying i understand, i understand the two extremes: a dollar ten to the upside and like 25 to 30 cents to the downside.

I understand theres extremes and i see them. I visualize them and in this moment, im ready for them, meaning if we crash im cool like im, not going to be like distraught and at the same time, if i am going to be accumulating, i have the plan. The plan is in place. Put that on the shelf, its done now to the upside to the other extreme, a dollar ten ill ill, just straight up, enjoy the ride. Right, im sure ill sit here and be like man. I should have accumulated a little bit more down here. Maybe theres theres always like that case to say that, but im fine if we get that breakout to the upside, and so i can log off this video leave this studio and just feel comfortable with with just turning off the crypto switch. In my mind, comfortable with my portfolio, because i visualize these scenarios and whats funny is, i dont sit here predicting. But if you all watch my technical analysis, we track these patterns. We track all of these moves and these moving averages and all this and theres a lot of things we havent even talked about in this video in relation to uh, to just other indicators like the moving averages the 20 day moving average. Look at that resistance here, but these things theyve offered so much guidance and they continue to they offer so much consistency and we, we replay videos all the time that just show it happening in real time, and so i really think thats going to continue to be The case because this is a just a solid roadmap technical analysis offers a solid roadmap so that we can make the best sound decisions in regards to our portfolios, and this is not financial advice.

Everybody i dont sit here, giving financial advice im, simply tracking the data with you and and thats. All we can do is track the data and be best prepared for the next move in this crazy world of crypto. So those are my thoughts, its kind of a reintroduction of my technical analysis. I its been off only a week but like it feels like so long but uh. I hope you all are well. Ada has just been sideways, theres really not much happening, but were going to continue to track it hit the subscribe.