So i have some very important news that i want to go ahead and share with you all regarding ticker symbol, crow. One of my favorite coins at this moment guys and some recent statements that the ceo just made about the business itself, so i want to go ahead and share this here with you all were going to break down where crow is going to be moving. Next were going to keep it short and sweet. If this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video it helps reach more people and subscribe to the channel for more updates on crow and if you want six totally free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars, use That link down below sign up for we will deposit, just one dollar onto the platform, guys and again, youre going to get six totally free stocks lets go ahead and get right to it so check this out. These are a statements from the ceo himself right via his official twitter account and before i dive into what he mentioned here about crow as an actual business and what shapes what steps theyre going to take next to begin to grow right to continue to grow. I want to say that this is one of the main reasons for which i am still holding my position on crow and for which i find true value in code. The fact that this is an actual business, the fact that it has fundamental value the fact that we can actually get updates like these right, just, for example, if youre holding a position on bitcoin like i myself, am holding a position on bitcoin right and im.

Not here to bash on it, but bitcoin has no fundamental value, its not a commodity, its, not a product, its not a service, its not a company right and theres. No ceo theres, no one at the head that can come out here and give us some relevant news. Its more so just like this business accepts a bitcoin, so it pushes up this business. Tesla no longer accepts a bitcoin so now its going to pull back right and again, thats not to bash on bitcoin because im holding opposition on it. But it has no fundamental value, guys its priced at where its priced at simply due to the value that people give in the case of If i were to ask you what is quite simply put its a business, its a platform, an institution, a part of a long term, growing industry, with already over 10 million users right so check this out right here, a statement made by the ceo himself on The importance of scale last year was a race to scale in our industry and pushed really hard to get to maximum user base and revenue, while market conditions were favorable right and thats thats just the truth. Last year people were going crazy for crypto right. We had dogepop, we had a lot of projects that gained a lot of momentum, shiba, inu and the market was going crazy. We were very bullish. It was a really positive and exciting time for crypto.

However, we did it because we knew that once the bear market arrived, there would be a cool off in activity and revenues would drop. Now the lows are much higher due to our skill. What is low today was record breaking revenue in early 2021. I agree so once you have scale, what do you do? Optimize unit economics? We started the process in q1, so were in a good place. Now these were some tough and unpopular calls. They were also the right calls to make more and more people begin to recognize. It again, these are the adjustments. These are the sort of updates that we get on what were investing on again, its a business and here were being told, hey these decisions were made. This is how we will continue to go. This is what weve done. In q1, some decisions were unpopular. We saw it with the credit card rewards that were decreased and how they ended up, acting as a negative catalyst, although the ceo did later come out here and ended up giving us back. Some of those rewards right, in spite of our skill in our public unit economics, optimization exercise. There is still plenty of fun being manufactured every day. I have seen two just this week that we are slowing down, withdrawals and running special deposit promotions. This is all false. Clickbait our withdrawals policy as the same is the same as it always was. We did not implement any new restrictions, we run no special deposit promotions and we make sure all regular ones that we do run are profitable.

People are free to foot all they want. He is literally calling people out who spread foot on the company right, hes hes, a savager, but this doesnt change. The facts. Crypto.Com will be a top five, maybe even top three crypto platform globally by revenue this year, only two other players have higher user. Counting us running a trusted safe and regulated platform with a global reach is costly. Only a handful of players reach the scale required to support it and honestly, if we had to take a guess of those other two platforms more like most likely. One of them is probably robin hood, the other, of course, being weeble, which, if you want six free stocks, use that link down below and sign up for weeble just deposit one dollar onto the platform right. But he is estimating that by the end of this year, crow will be at top five in top three and again, this is just yet another reason for which im very excited uh to hold my position on it. Im happy is on this very short list, because the rest is going to be either acquired or out of business. The industry will be better off after subscale companies with broken business models are out literally meaning. Smaller exchanges are going to phase out right, theyre not going to be in businesses uh. There will be some short term pain and weve seen some of it play out already, but the whole space will emerge stronger because of this much needed cleanup now back to building.

We are only at 330 million crypto holders globally, still plenty to do before we cross the chasm and reach early majority onwards guys. So, overall again, i think this is super cool. I think its awesome, the fact that we have basically a voice the fact that there is a leader for this project right that theres, actually someone that can give us updates, where im not just holding something and were out of the loop right many times its crazy To think about the fact that you buy in into these right and theres no fundamental value again not to bash any projects, any coins, any tokens out there. But this is just one of the reasons as someone who invests in both the stock market in the crypto market right. This is almost very similar to at least in my opinion, a stock, and i get all those benefits, of course, while ultimately buying into a cryptocurrency. But this is why i find value in co for the long term lassie here, our total number of holders continues to grow now, at 261 375 day by day, its not like were seeing a massive increase, but nonetheless the numbers are showing us that im, not the Only one who finds value in code youre, not the only one who binds value and crow, but also investors in general, are taking this as an opportunity to pick some up for a discount. I mean just take a look at our trading activity.

Again, im not blowing smoke consisting of 89 buyers and 11 wimps that are selling their position, but overall there is a very positive sentiment for crow at this moment. This is all taking place during a time when the market is up a little bit over three percent uh, but were not necessarily rocketing. Again were just go more, so just kind of chilling here and cruising overall right.