Some terra luna news – and we are also going to be going through everything else – that you need to know to be fully up to date and trust me youre not going to want to miss any of this video, because the news at the end is pretty hard Hitting anyway, if you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy sitting in his room talking about crypto. So if you do like that sort of thing consider smashing the like button, if youre new here, i really appreciate if you smash that subscribe button and lets jump straight into this video. So, first of all, we had this news come out just recently: voyager files for bankruptcy, citing contagion in the crypto market and three arrows capital loan default were also having news that etoro is laying off 100 workers, and their spac deal has also been terminated. Now, of course, theyre not halting withdrawals or anything, but this keeps happening. The dominoes keep falling and i posted this on twitter just recently, voyager filing for bankruptcy is intense. The latest in a domino to collapse for crypto. Ask yourself right now: who is next? Do you still have money on these platforms and why sort it out things will get better but its not worth the risk. So this is my opinion as to whats happening right now, its simply not worth the risk to hold your long term holds on any of these exchanges, just get it over into cold storage.

I personally use ledger if you guys want to use that theres a link in the description, but you can use whatever you want. You can even use a meta mask. You can use whatever you want, but get off these exchanges. So if the exchange that you use is the next domino to full youre not going to be sat there on your hands, wondering whether or not you can get your crypto back, and that is the serious serious warning i have for every one of you, crypto investors. If you are new here, this is how you keep yourself. Safe, were gon na get through. This trust me, i think, were gon na get through this. We saw this before we are probably nearing the bottom. Maybe we have another 50 drop from here, but we are nearing the bottom. We are seeing some clarity, but still more exchanges can fall so keep yourself safe at all costs. You can always just move your coins straight back onto the exchange when we get through this anyway, with that said, as well. Even the likes of coinbase in an sec form 10q filed in may coinbase divulged, that is bankruptcy proceedings over 250 billion in custodial fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies that it holds on at behalf of its customers, could potentially be included in the bankruptcy in state a state. If you hold your money on coinbase, probably the largest exchange or the most well known exchange, at least they could take your coins and use them when they file for bankruptcy.

So please please, keep yourself safe anyway, bitcoin right now, still just over twenty thousand weve seen a few wicks down, and you know it just keeps doing the same thing over and over repeating itself its pretty much exactly what we saw up here. Obviously, ive been saying this for a while, we saw this trap door open and if we dont make any movements upwards, most likely were gon na make the same downwards movement we saw here so again if you cant hold through this volatility, make a decision based on Knowing we are potentially going lower, can you handle the fact that maybe we do pump and youve sold your coins too early, or can you just hold through this? For me, dollar cost averaging is the answer with the crypto bubbles. We see here gmt, for example, a coin that ive been speaking about basically goes up and down, and you can make the best of that situation by longing and shorting it right in the market. Right now, in a bear market, its better to go with the trend, so shorting the market. Of course you need to know exactly what youre doing, but these are the kind of things that im doing over on bitmark. You can short these coins up to 100x leverage and right now they have a welcome bonus of up to 500 just for signing up a thousand dollars when you make your first deposit and 1 500, when you make your first trade, so theres a link down there In the description youll be supporting the channel if you do follow that link, but this is one of the exchanges that you can use, one of the exchanges that i recommend – and they are of course, partners here on the channel now moving on, we got the crypto Greed and fear sitting at an 18, basically where weve been for the last week or so last week in an 11 in extreme fear, so we are moving upwards from that, which is technically a good thing.

If we move over to the coin market cap, you can see an increase of 2. It would be lovely to get back above that 1 trillion dollar market cap, but right now i actually remember passing that back like two years ago whenever it was – and it was such a monumental occasion so itd be lovely to get back past that, but we are Seeing bitcoin ethereum and some of these other coins making some nice movements over the last week, solana, even up 12, if you are still holding coins for the long term like ive, said dollar cost averaging throughout. This is what im personally doing, and i think thats going to see the most amounts of returns going forward, because thats simply what would have created the most amount of returns in the last bear market and remember the projects that are still building during this winter. During this fearful market are the ones that are most likely going to make it to the next bull run. Now with tara luna, we have classic down today 6.2 and we are having a few little bits and bobs come out here and there nothing too substantial. Although we have seen a new white paper come out from the terra rebels from the lunar rebels, terra rebels or lunar rebels, one of those theyve released this emergency management and recovery of luna classic. This is an in depth white paper, which is great to see all of the reasons why this is happening, what they plan to do, which is awesome to see, and i do think that there is an opportunity to make money here.

I think that uh, given the market situation, its more likely that theres gon na be blood in the market right, its more likely that were gon na have violent swings with this uh terror classic. But i love to see a community come together with a coin weve seen it a number of different times of a number of different coins and getting in on those coins. Super early and holding them into a bull market has made people millions. So this is an opportunity here, but of course this could go to absolute zero, so know that going in and of course none of this is financial advice. I personally hold a small amount of luna classic myself. Now, a little bit more news. We have paybolt announcing that theyre, giving a special place to luna classic in the default token list on paypal and also in their web 3 crypto payment gateway just a little bit of news around terra classic there im tying into what i said right at the start. We have uprise losing 20 million of client funds in lunar short bet, so they bet against luna now and they lost their clients money. So these platforms, we never know what theyre doing behind the scenes. Lastly, on the luna terra luna side, weve got korea and us agree to share investigation. They are on terror, so theyre honing in on dokuan, terraform labs and everyone behind this, and hopefully we do find out very soon.

What really happened – and i think thats going to be very interesting, very, very interesting indeed. I want to know what you guys think. Let me know down in the comment section where you guys think this is going to go and just before i forget, i have started a new channel called crypto conner. I upload short content. I upload clips and i also upload up to date, videos on luna classic and a bunch of other things. So if you fancy supporting the channel, i would really appreciate if you follow, that link down there in my description to my new channel and just smash a little subscribe button, thanks guys moving on, i did want to talk quickly before we jump into the news. I sometimes go back and i check this wallet. This is the third largest wallet that doesnt seem to be an exchanges wallet and we can see that they make absolutely incredible decisions right, theyre, basically, a long term holder, a long term accumulator but similar to what i do. They take profits and they wait right. So we can see here they sold 500 bitcoins at 30. 000.. Remember that was already a 50 drop. They sold 500 bitcoin and theyve been steadily accumulating day by day, just building that position back up and we can see them rinse and repeating this process over and over again. Of course theyre not always right, but this is a very interesting and very logical way to build your own portfolios.

When there is euphoria in the market, you can take profits. You can rebuy when the market goes down. Of course, you have to understand the risks of missing out on your positions, but this is how you build your portfolios using market volatility so interesting stuff. There now lets mash through the news. Today we got shiba inu plans to launch stablecoin and reward token interesting stuff. Let me know with all of this stuff going on. Would you trust a shiba inu stablecoin im, not too sure myself, but the worlds? First short, bitcoin etfcs exposure explode 300 in just days. So remember we spoke about this. The pro shares short bitcoin etf has started to trade now, and it has eclipsed others in inflows. Now, with this said, i want to remind you guys that the majority is normally wrong. Okay, so if we take bitcoin and whats happened in the past right here, this etf, the long etf – was opened near the top of the market right. It was open near the top of the market. It made people some money for a few weeks and then everyone got wrecked now were seeing the exact opposite play out. The majority is not normally right when it comes to this right, thats, just simply how it is. If the majority was normally right, the majority would be rich thats. How i see it and to see this sort of thing happening actually makes me feel quite bullish.

Now this doesnt mean that this is going to be bullish in the short term, but when the majority thinks one way like shorting the market, we can see on twitter that the majority of people are shorting the market right when the majority thinks in one way, normally Its wrong right normally could be wrong. This time they could be all right. We could make loads of millionaires from shorting the market. Who knows next up, we got elon musk, accepting dogecoin for the boring company on its las vegas transit system loop. I wanted to have a look at this when i was in vegas with my financial friend, but we went there and it was closed. Sadly, hopefully, one day ill get a chance to ride on this more interesting is we have meta ready to double down on its nft bets? They have a new head of fintech and he has said that the media giant has no plans to steer away from its nft focus strategy. Despite the recent sharp downturn in the market, great stuff, to see here, big companies still believing in the metaverse believing in nfts and all of that sort of stuff and then lastly, we have boris johnsons political woes inadvertently set back uk regulation. Look at his face. This is both good and bad news. I personally think that regulation is a good thing for the cryptocurrency market, but maybe not such a good thing when were in this mist of extreme fear.

So maybe this is good news. The can will get kicked down the road we can get some stability back in the market, then they can come in and smash up some regulation and completely smash down the market again and give us again some good opportunities, the dollar cost average.