I make mistakes in videos. I just keep on rolling forward all right. So if you dont know me youre not familiar with me, my names austin, i make crypto content every single day here on my channel post it to twitter real, active helping. You guys navigate crypto, because i have one goal in mind and thats to help you make more money in crypto by the way. Links in the description below to my patreon group check that out. If youre interested its a private group, where i help people individually as well as just help, you guys navigate crypto its a massive community over a thousand plus people over there theres a massive discord check that out links in the description below to my patreon group and Its like 20 bucks a month, its really really cheap, all right. So, if youre, tired of being alone, maybe check it out all right so lets jump into this. The crypto market got some really interesting stuff to show you here so lets. Look at this, so the overall market right now, 919 billion about um, 80 billion away from 1 trillion want to get us back there. I think thats a pretty massive emotional marker to to to look at there. As far as like the attainment of that now, we could have some risk downside. I think theres still that inherent risk with bitcoin and ethereum to drop down into the 16 000 uh for bitcoin and ethereum for to go below a thousand thats still possible.

Now, in the last seven days, ethereum has made a nice run up bitcoin up about seven percent ethereum up about 16, but i got this. I want to show you this. I saw this last night um. This is brand new um. I just found this twitter account. Last night i was im always looking for new things, and i thought this was amazing, uh piece of content. Look at this. This is basically uh. The great bowler bull run, uh bitcoin, the great bull run of cycle four begins the circles. Homie homeopathic center homothetic homo homo ethetic centers model. Cant say that right today, but look at this cycle. One began back in 2011 right here with my mouse. As you can see this and it tracks it up to 2014 to 1k and then shows it in cycle 2 right here where my mouse is shows up moving down to 200, the bottom of this, and then this is going all the way from 2014 to 2018. Moving up over in the last part of this moving up into by 2018, 13, 000, again dropping down to three uh and then by 2021, all the way up to 60, 000, okay, um and then uh, which we actually had around 67 or so. But then right here coming into 2022, its showing us right now kind of where were at right now? Okay! So if you look at the historical here, you can see this is bitcoin, but this applies to the whole market.

Guys applies to the whole market. Look at this supply, so you, if its showing per this this trend data that 20 000 could be our baseline, could be kind of as low as we go and then moving up all the way into 2024. Look at this for bitcoin of 2024 to 400, 000 per bitcoin, and then again you get kind of that bear movement down that market moving down moving to about 150 and then into 2027 2.4 et cetera. Now. The reason i show this to you is if this is interesting, even if you dont own bitcoin, it dont care about bitcoin, you should and heres why bitcoin makes up a large percent percentage of the overall market cap look: 389 billion of the 919 billion is bitcoin. Okay, so where bitcoin goes, the rest of the crypto market shall follow all right, so are we going to keep going up? This would show you that we have basically reached the bottom and that we in that over the next, the remainder of 22 and into the beginning of 23, see right here its like so right here. So if you look down here, theres 22 and 23 were kind of in the middle of 2022, so kind of gradually moving up the rest of 22 and into 23 youll start to see kind of move up back into 30 thousand range right in here. That would say that the overall market looks like its going to start lifting per this uh bar uh uh ta analysis this this particular chart now theres, always differing point of views, theres, always kind of counter views and things like that.

What do you think drop in the comments below? Let me know your thoughts, but i thought this was interesting. So heres where were at is the crypto market going to go back up? Is there do we have opportunities for us to uh? Well, number one is crypto marketing go back up. Yes, absolutely right. We know that the crypto markets going to get bigger right now were were at the function of kind of a perfect storm scenario. With macro economic, you know pressures on us, uh inflation, recession global. You know war with russia, ukraine, global supply chain, all that stuffs there, okay, but thats already been thats already built into the price of crypto right now we might have some short term downside risk in the next month or two months where bitcoin might be pushed down. A little bit lower and ethereum by the way, but ultimately theyre going to come back, i mean, ultimately, we all believe and know that bitcoin is going to go back up its just historical. You can you can look at the chart that chart that i showed you from all the way to 2011 to now. You can see it kind of goes through this cycle right. It goes to this cycle all right, and so we all readily agree that theres, massive upside in bitcoin, ethereum and and and that equates to massive upside for the rest of the altcoin market, cardano solana, polka, dot xrp. All the major guys will move up along with that well move up along with bitcoin and ethereum.

So we know that will happen so that answers the baseline question. Yes, the crypto market will go back up, may have some short term volatility. Some short term bearish risk down, but ultimately you know this is how its like its kind of this trough scenario per that uh chart. I just showed you all right so thats all.