This is a big one, so were going to get into this before i do it, especially. These are the first 26 coins that i spoke about on the channel. If you had invested 100 bucks into each of these, when i released videos about them and youre still holding that cryptic being profit for around eight and a half k. But if you had cashed out at the top of the market on all those coins, youd be in profit for 123 000 thats, the difference between cashing out in a ball circle on the best cycle, staggered cash outs in a bull cycle. Folks, if you think its going to continue going up um, but now were in a bear cycle, it is the best time to invest it doesnt matter, if its, the nasdaq, the dow jones, whatever it is, bear cycles and recessions always bring back significant returns on investment And smart investors always invest heavily more heavily during the bare cycles, but its a scary thing to do. People get freaked out, theyre like you can go lower youre lower and people dont end up doing it. But if you want to see the coins im buying up, you can come check out copy. My crypto goes to the site, see the success stories. Im um ive been buying up a couple coins recently uh planning on buying more and dollar cost averaging into the market. More and more and more throughout this bear cycle, and if you want to see the coins that i think can do the 20 axis the 40x, the 50x 100 xs just click the link in the description and check it out right, voyager so market cup of 60 Million now massive massive fall from grace.

Really, when you bear in mind a one point voyager this past year was at like seven bucks, um and basically you know this is a a celsius equivalent right its you go on. You put your crypto on there. You get some interest, build your wealth as it were: uh earn your 12 apr apy uh with your digital assets, but and oh fdc, insured on up to 250k, so usd is held by our banking partner uh. So you can cash out, so the cash you hold with voyager is protected. Apparently, however, voyager digital files for bankruptcy protection as crypto crisis deepens, the lender has more than a hundred thousand creditors and billions of dollars in liabilities, so voyager filed for bankruptcy for u.s bankruptcy, protection, um, the toronto listed broker and lender filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy late Uh late on tuesday night um in federal court in new york, after suffering losses of more than 650 million on a loan to three hours, capital, a failed, uh venture capital firm. So the collapse of voyager came less than a week after it suspended uh trading and prevented customers from withdrawing funds. Remember they said insured insured for 250k per person um. So three arrows was obviously known for its aggressive bets that crypto prices would rise and had borrowed heavily from industry players, and you do do that during the bulls. You know. Bull cycles like that is common ive done that in the past, where you can borrow because it allows you to not have because you can collateralize your crypto to do it, but if youre doing it at the top of the market youre you get wrecked and thats Whats happened with three arrows um, so yeah severely underwater as the prices of all their their big holdings.

Um collapsed, so prices of uh leading cryptos have tomorrowed about 70 from their peak last year. The company fell into bankruptcy in spite of a rescue loan uh last month from alameda research. The trading firm controlled by some bankman freed uh voyager, had draw had drawn down the maximum 75 million permitted in a single 30 day period, making alameda its largest unsecured creditor. Um voyagers collapse will be more widely felt since the company had a large customer base, among do it yourself. Crypto investors. At the end of march, its liabilities amounted to 5.7 billion dollars uh. The chapter 11 petition seeks to provide voyager with protection from legal claims while it pursues a restructuring, so the company said in the filing that it has more than 100 000 creditors and liabilities of between 1 billion and 10 billion. It owes nearly a million dollars to google um, with the rest of its largest, unsecured credits as being customers and voyager have said that it had 110 million of cash and owned crypto assets on hand plus 1.3 billion in crypto assets on its platform. So this is subject court approval uh, but it hopes to repay customers with a combination of crypto assets, proceeds from three rows: uh bankruptcy shares in the company. When it re emerges from insolvency and voyager tokens um, the company said it also holds 350 million dollars of customers. Cash in u.s dollar deposits in an omni in an omnimpus account.

A metropolitan commercial bank clients would be paid back after a reconciliation and fraud prevention process. Um, so this is a rough one, because fundamentally people are obviously cant access. What they want its to say its the same as whats happening with celsius. Um so metropolitan said that the voyager customer funds it held are protected by uh the uh by us federal deposit insurance for up to 250k per depositor for each account ownership category, so the account does not hold crypto or any other asset. Voyager said in the past that the fdic would reimburse u.s dollar funds in the event of the companys failure. So this chief executive of voyager said in the wake of fire of the filing that we strongly believe in the future of the industry. But the prolonged volatility in the crypto markets and the default of three hours capital requires to take this decisive action. Uh and the downturn is obviously also struck celsius which froze customer withdrawals and block fire which also lent money to three hours and secured a rescue loan from ftx. So the uh, the gulf deepens and the problems deepen within the market um. Something to be aware of and fundamentally guys something to be aware of in the next time were in a bull cycle, because there will be companies that emerge. Offering positive yields and youve got to be aware of this, and remember this because whats happening with celsius whats happening with voyager, just because this has happened once you know this will happen again, therell be other companies that appear that do the same thing in you know.

Three or four years so dont get stuck holding your crypto without you know, effectively giving control of your crypto over to someone, because this has now fallen from effectively 2 billion market cap down to 60 million its a massive massive massive collapse and maybe their restructuring works. Maybe that they come back from insolvency, maybe they are in a better position, um in a in a years time or so, but right now um. I would be avoiding all of these at as much as possible. In fact, ive said it before, but even on, centralized exchanges dont hold too much on them because during a bear cycle, a lot of exchanges and its happened before block withdrawals for a little bit while they sort out their liquidity. And if you need that to hand for any particular reason having it in a metamask or having it on a ledger or a trezor, is this most sensible way but yeah the difficulties, worsen and uh im sure celsius are gon na, be in a similar position. Very very soon, if theyre not already um started investigating this theyre, probably gon na be pulling the trigger on it fairly soon. I would imagine um so yeah, so guys, dont dont hold on block five dont well dont hold on any of these lending platforms, because theyre youre, not in control of your crypto and you do need to be in control of your crypto um. Its definitely worth bearing in mind for the future uh thats it for me guys hope, youre all keeping well.

I hope you dont have anything locked in voyager um, like the video subscribe to the channel hit that notification. So you know when new content is coming out and uh guys if you want to see the coins im buying up right now in this bear cycle, the ones that are gon na, be, i think, some of the biggest gainers in the market next year then come Check out copy, my crypto, i swear. I share everything im doing right now. The bear cycle like ive said before, and i continue to say, is the best time to invest. You dont have to throw all your money in at once. You can dollar cost average uh. Getting on to quality crypto projects that continue in development, continuing building during the bear cycle is key uh.