You already know the ones that Ive talked about, but just recently we got one launched out of BBS finance and well youre, seeing right now on the screen. Who is this one well its time to talk about Ferro protocol, ticker symbol, Fair because it started at one cent and guess where it is right now? 16 cents? Hmm! So I know a lot of people are really happy calling their Fair tokens on Chronos chain, which is really good kudos to you all, and that is why Im making this video is this the next 100x crypto? Well, let me tell you it already did something very nice that I mean you take a look at the list right now. My watch list, and some of them are just sideways trading, not really making some spectacular movements yet right, but fair protocol Federal protocol is doing really something nice and I want to tell you everything. All Chrono chain holder must know, and as always, if I miss something, let me know in the comments down there, because I know a lot of people are getting excited about this one and theyre getting to know a lot of them. Well, Im also doing my due diligence so Im going to tell you turkonomics team security, my personal opinion, of course, and where it where actually it ranks on D5 llama, because its growing really rapidly on tvl. What does that mean? Well, it means that people are putting their money on feral protocol on their website because well guess what is the apy right now under the Vault 500 plus percent? Oh, oh yep! So if you wanted to be bullish in Chronos chain, this is exactly why and Im very happy to see this kind of projects flourish and thats.

What were here go ahead and smash the like button. Please subscribe to the channel if you want to and turn on those notification Bells, always looking at Chrono chain at this amazing projects and the ones that are really captivating my eyes. Well, youre saying arena in the channel lets go ahead and get started where actually it began, and here it is initial Jam offering a launch pad out of DVS Finance Pharaoh here today. Here it is, I did not participate on this Launchpad right as I mentioned before, but you want to know how many Fair tokens I own Ill tell you very very soon, but now here it is where everything started you can view the content learn more. This is inside VVS, finance and well. It started at one cent and let me tell you something: coming back to the price: Ive been part of Versa. Token Ive been part of other different tokens, Argo as well, and single miners, or so, and sometimes when they launch they crash really nicely and or they just have a trade, for example. Uh Versa token, as youre seeing right here started at, I believe, 10 cents. Right now, its 7 cents, this one started at one cent and went all the way to 16 cents. You know already D5. I dont have to explain it to you. You know that sometimes the balloon gets all the way up to the moon to the sky and all of the sudden it crashes Im gon na tell you even more details on that, because theres a lot to talk about so hang out with me for a second.

What is feral protocol, I think thats. The best thing you want to know right now. Well, its built on the Chronos chain. Feral protocol is a stable, swap amm protocol that brings more efficient ways for users to exchange Farm tokens by creating more efficient pools and what have you they have. Two utilities one is going to be the stable Swap and the other one is going to be. The liquidity pulls right here, you can see them and basically lower fees, lower slippage, uh limited to knowing permanent loss and more utilization of pools, so its something that weve seen before this is an automated Market maker, something that weve seen before, which is good, and I, Like it because, as soon as just start, giving high apis youre going to be what getting peoples attentions and, of course, now Im seeing it on the uh on the tvl and guess what I mean my its its approaching MMF MMF right now, uh my American Finance And you – and I know that Matt Miracle Finance was way above 1.6 billion in tvl right now. Its less than 100 million cannot even cannot believe it right, but that is like the reality so lets move on but, like Ive said, Im gon na go ahead and scroll down here. It started here on the on this launch. Pad 25 million fare at one cent. Each once again, this is really huge. I havent seen this in a while.

I got ta be honest. I havent seen this in a while, so Kudos fairholders, you really made it now. I can tell that not many people have realized gains or the whales havent sold, because usually you have something like Versa. You have something like Argo drops immediately, but I havent seen that because they may have put it inside the Vault and that helps everybody, not just the fuel. Ah right, it kind of has this devious finest ish stake with the bolts Im gon na tell you more very very soon. Now what is the place for Pharaoh? Well were seeing 3100. I believe, when I started talking about tectonic and DVS Finance, we were looking at at around 21 and the the 31s, the 2000 or so so, its starting its brand new, its a brand new token, very nice, 3100 and, like Ive, said its doing really well right. Now we know that it has 5 billion total circulating thats. I mean total Supply thats, not bad. Honestly, I like it. I mean Im already used to trillions right, especially right now talking with all the different cryptos billion five thats good. I dont think its gon na need burning in my opinion, but I think its good Kudos on the circulating Supply is not so much crazy right. A little bit more than mm have about way less than BBS finance and tectonic very good everybody. Next, Twitter, The Following on Twitter, is not that huge, so its barely starting, but it already has a good head start when it comes to the price and they are adding way more things and pretty much.

This is what Im gon na be talking right now: the D5 llama ranking and theyre already. You know talking about AMA, so uh feral protocol. If you are watching this reach out to me and lets go ahead and have a an AMA bring you to the channel or something like that, I I think that will be pretty cool, mainly because I want to know my Chronos family here watching one. We all want to know whats going on with you and what do you offer for the long term right, because I know you have your medium, where you tell us more but of course, its always good to hear from the founders themselves. Now, when I come to the website – and this is whats going to be looking like so Im, gon na go to the main page – and here it is right, like Ive, said its something that uh other different platforms have too but hey theyre. Getting a lot of attention and I think, because theyre combining uh, what we have with other different protocols and what bvs BBS Finance has with the xbvs and the vaults thats, something that I really really like. So its growing tvl, 78.7 billion um. Sorry, a million and the market cap were seeing 118 million wow solid, solid, locked involved. You cannot see it here, but locked in ball is 23.6 million. Circulator Supply is 707 million, so 707 million and 5 billion total Supply.

What does that mean? Well, remember when we are looking at here, it is when were looking at some kind of price prediction. For example, if Pharaoh had VVS Finance market cap of 123 million right uh, we will be one Fair will be worth 36 Cents, so an increase because right now, according to the page, the market cap is 118 and VVS Finance has 123 million. So I mean there might be different changes right here, but not bad at all. Federal is actually at a good Head Start, in my opinion, right now that is pharaoh, and the best thing that you can do here, of course, is: do the swap the pulls Im sure that theyre gon na be adding way more as they continue and the staking Here it is heres the big deal for steak, and I I think why people like it a lot. You guys see this total value and fare, so youre gon na be buying fair or uh, getting from VBS Finance. What Im doing and you enable it just take your fare and youre gon na be receiving X, fare same thing that happens with VVS finance and that X, fare youre, gon na be able to put in an evolves youre pretty much getting a lot of money for It now its 557 that is delicious. So when we ask ourselves, can this be the next 10x 50x100x, its putting itself in a really good position, knowing that we also have other ones right in front of uh Pharaoh like VVS Finance, tectonic and MMF with MMO as well, so its a big compact ecosystem? These three that I mentioned that I already views theyre already liquidated and theyre done Pharaoh.

It is not have to understand something when it comes to deep fry. I dont know who you are. I dont know how great you sound. I dont know how price amazing product you have put in youre gon na come down. It does seem to be that way. If you, for some reason, do dont have a specific Vault section where you lock it up and people cannot sell it, and that is what Pharaoh has done. That is why bvs Finance has kept that first place because MMF easily bid VBS Finance in that short term. That we had early 2022 remember but as soon as the bear Market came, it dropped like a like a rocket, and that was really sad to see. But previous Finance held strong because people are not able to sell it, even though the prices are really down. So wow the fact that this is happening for Pharaoh, starting kicking off really nice, with this APR and also you know, being able to have liquidity pools and that stable, swap putting in a good position, in my opinion, for a nice long term, run 100x. Well, you already did 14x, not bad at all. Lets go further. Thats, pretty good! Ask her how many federal you own thats a great question, heres the answer after I finish my Versa tokens taken on VBS Finance, I kind of been just being migrating from one pool to the other one from one mining to the other one and Im happy that Vvs has Pharaoh for a while just uh.

Let me tell you: it has 493 000 blocks left, so this is roughly um. Well, its not gon na tell me here. Oh I, oh yes, I think it. It did. Tell me like what 30 something days. Yeah. 33. 30 32 days left where I can still continue to be getting my. What is the APR? I believe it was 200 or something last time I checked it, its still loading, but basically its its a really nice APR, and so far I almost got 100 Fair. Once this ends Ill be able to go to the Pharaoh token of a fair protocol website and Ill be able to get my X fare and Ill be able to get that delicious APR. While I lock it, you see thats the beautiful thing about D5. You get a bunch of APR, but sadly you have to lock it up and wait for a long long time classic right. I dont know why its not loading, but it was pretty nice Im gon na refresh and see if we can see it later now when it comes to ferotoconomics, we know already 5 billion, not bad at all. You can find all of this on the website. I dont want to make this video super super long, but you can take a look at all of this uh. I want a couple of the things that I like is the federal team, so we theyre a group of crypto Believers with a strong background in product design.

Software engineering and marketing coming together aiming to build a sharefare protocol with the world, especially with the with the Chronos family, thats, pretty good when it comes to security, because this is something they did not add on their website and at first I was like well who Has reviewed you or audited the project and well they have it right here on the medium. Smart contracts in Pharaoh have been audited by block SEC. As of May 2022. good. There you go thats all I needed to know so. Yeah theyve been audited, thats, pretty good and, of course, theres way more things that you can take a look here as the FAQs and and much more, but just understand that as soon as they have X, Fair thats for governance, so theyre gon na have governance same As VVS finance and youre, pretty much gon na be um as as you own and as you have your deposits here on inside the Vault later on. Youre gon na have a say as far as what the future of this project make look like, and if you like this well of course, that would be awesome if it keeps going forward right now when it comes to the to the tvl the tvl. This is extremely important, because guess what Pharaoh is right here and its position? Four at 58 million tvl guys that is insane just for reference. Take a look at this. This is MMF. It reached one point, something: 1.

21 1.30, something billion and it reach all the way. Now, less than 100 million, that is insane what a drop right, but it is what it is. We go ahead and take a look at tectonic, for example, different way right with the tvl as well Rich, passing 1 billion now its 455, which is not bad at all. What about VVS Finance, which is still attack same as MMF? Well, you see how he kept that tvl delicious tvl, because you know you are not being able to sell off once youre inside the Vault, but pharaoh just growing Pharaoh is just exploding from less than one million all the way to 50 plus and its growing growing Growing right now, that is why, if youre a Kronos chain Army soldier, you need to be aware of this one, its very important and, of course, price predictions is going to continue growing everybody there. You guys have it Pharaoh protocol. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below for me, Im happy that Im earning more on DVS finance and, of course, what it doesnt sound like a bad project to me to buy, to hold, to stake and to hold on and sell. In my opinion, when its extremely high, because as usual, D5 projects collapse as the bear Market comes right now, hasnt happened its probably because its inside the Vault. What are your thoughts? Let me know down there.