We will be using a copy trade function because that way, we do not need to do any technical analysis and have no experience trading cryptocurrencies. I have no expectations and Im ready to fail and to potentially waste one thousand dollars. One day I was thinking what options do we have to make profit in crypto if everything is dramatically falling down before the market turns around, it can take some time, so investing in different cryptocurrencies would right now most probably lose as money thats. Why copy trading professional Traders on bitkit Exchange, which is currently top three derivatives exchange, could come into play to earn some crypto passive income after I registered on the platform, there is a tab called copy trade, so maybe youre asking yourself bro what even is copy trading And yes, it is exactly what the words actually say: we provide trading capital and give it to Traders offering their expertise. Those Traders then pretty much trade for us and take a small percentage fee. While we keep the rest of the profit that way we dont need to manually, open and close trades because Trader we choose is going to do it for us. On top of that, he is going to be managing the risk, so stop loss and take profit. Placement is completely dependent on the trade alone, so here on the copy trading tab, we can see a lot of different Traders with their strategies. All those crypto Traders are strictly audited by bitget and shown data comes from their real trades.

I searched through them and selected one of them, and this chosen Trader will get one thousand dollars for 72 hours to trade with and at the end of three days, well, analyze the results to see if he made some crypto gains. If I will make money, I will show you exactly how to choose a good Trader to follow, as well as a strategy to optimize copy trading results and potentially make even more profit Music foreign. So I just reviewed a lot of traits important numbers and performance of different Pro Traders listed here now Im following this trailer right here, and hopefully he is going to make nice gains in the upcoming days, but because Im in the crypto space for the past five Years and Im a Trader myself, I think I went with a different strategy when choosing a good Trader. I guess that majority of people would choose a Trader with the highest Roi percent, but I dont think this is the best idea. I went with a strategy: big money equals smart money thats why I filtered the Traders based on the AUM number, which means how much Capital different people delegated to the trader higher the number, the better. Of course, on top of that, I analyzed the Traders based on their risk management and how they are reacting and responding on a losing trade. We need to know that in trading the most important thing is trading psychology and risk management.

So knowing how a Trader reacts when losses occur is something we should definitely pay attention to. There is no Trader in the world that do not take classes over a longer period of time, thats why? I definitely did not choose a Trader that hasnt taken any losses with his trading strategy, because hes potentially not using a stop loss and just closes down the trade when he turns back in his favor, and there is a very famous quote about that. If you cant take a small loss, sooner or later, you will take the mother of all losses. So if the market crashes or pumps very quickly, Traders without a stop loss, are going to get liquidated and lose all their profits on only one trade, and that is exactly another thing to be aware of traits that go in negative for 100 or maybe even more. Tell us that a Trader does not use a stop loss. You can see here that Trader I followed and started copy trading is making losses with his trading, but those losses are small ones. Even though there are losses, those two graphs are showing that hes making money, which is the most important thing when it comes to trading, and also remember that we are not trading for a loss. We are not trading to break even we are trading, or in this case we are copy Trading to make profit. It has been 24 hours since Ive started doing copy trading, and we already have some interesting results.

It looks like there was a little over 24 dollars of profit secured, which is 2.4 percent, gain on the account very nice under history tab. It looks like there were so far three traits taken on ethereum and all of them made money. So at the moment, when ratio is 100, each trade here had an average position size of approximately one thousand dollars, but because the trader was using 50x Leverage, The Copy trade Capital was only 105 dollars. I will definitely monitor what will be happening in the upcoming days and show you the end results. The results are in and are very, very surprising in total crypto passive income doing copy trading on bitgood Exchange. In three days I earned just over 26 dollars, which is 2.6 gain on the account it looks like there were just two dollars profit since the first day, all together there were five traits taken. One trade was stopped out on break. Even there were four winning and one losing trade, and if we dont count the break, even trade, that puts the win ratio very high at 80 percent nice. It looks like that. Copy trading is not a get rich quick scheme if, of course, done right with proper risk management, which we will talk about a bit later. It would be very interesting to see the results of copy trading if I would continue doing that. But if you would also like to copy trades from different professional Traders sign up with the link in the description and get more than 4 000 US dollars for free.

In trading bonus because right now well talk about the most important thing when it comes to copy trading, and that is how to choose a good greater to follow. This is the most crucial step, because if we make a mistake here and not choose a good Trader with a profitable strategy, its very likely we are not going to earn money right. So, on the copy trading page of bitkit exchange, there are a lot of different traders to choose from some of them have an insanely High, Roi percent, which sometimes could also be a bad thing. Well, show you why, if we sort those Traders with the highest Roi first, we cannotice that yes, Roi is insanely high, but copiers p, l or total p. L could sometimes be in negative because of that, if we choose a Trader with a highest Roi percent, that does not mean hes making money for his followers. So we need to pay attention to Total p, l and copiers p l number, and it needs to be as high as possible, as well as a um number, which means the total Equity of followers larger. The value the more confident users are to the trader in general. Each number here needs to be, of course, positive and as high as possible. Maybe you also notice that that some Traders have an orange batch where it says full. Unfortunately, we cannot follow and copy their trades because their number of followers already reached the maximum, but we can still get notified when there are potentially going to be empty slots by clicking the button slot reminder if we actually like their trading performance.

So lets go back here and let me click on one Trader. We should be aware of more in depth, metrics and statistics about the trader. We want to follow. On the left side, there is a graph with profit and loss ratio and on the right here is the total income. We would really like to pick a strategy that has been proven through a longer period of time, and that is why I recommend switching from last 7 Days view to last one month. Both graphs here need to be in a very nice uptrend without major dips and its preferred if it goes up linearly or maybe even exponentially, or actually it should be very similar to an uptrend. We are familiar with, for example, on bitcoin, where, if we would like to be bullish, Bitcoin needs to be forming higher highs and higher lows. Now I discovered that even if both of those graphs are going nicely up and the ROI percent is high, that does not mean that the trader is actually profitable or that he has proper risk management. This Trader, for example, is showing an extremely good performance on the first glance because he has very high Roi percent and both of those graphs are going up. But if we now go into his orders and click copy trade, we can see that he still has some trades open and those trades are insanely underwater thats. Why we should always review his open trades as well as his pass trades to see if he actually has proper risk management and uses a stop loss trades that go 100 in negative or maybe even more signal to us.

That Trader could be relying on a liquidation price to get stopped out of a trade which, in my opinion, is never a good idea. Furthermore, past performance does not guarantee future results, so if a Trader did not get liquidated in the past, that does not mean that he cannot be in the future. So, unfortunately, copy trading is not risk free, but more historical data. We have about a Trader and more transaction, he has done more confident. We could be in his future performance. Id say that at least some kind of a sustainable Trader should complete it at least 100 trades, and we should have data of his trading performance for at least a month. Additionally, there is a number where it says joined. That means how long Trader uses bid get exchange, but that doesnt mean that he has been offering copy trading for that long. Also on the first page of copy trading, I would not be filtering Traders by Roi, because some of those numbers are crazy high, which is simply not sustainable. Over a long run, I would filter them by total p, l, copiers, pnl or AUM, which means the total Equity of followers make sure all values on the first page are positive. Then click some Traders and review their performance graphs, as well as their open and closed trades before we go into the optimizing strategy to potentially make more gains and maximize our crypto passive income lets click on one Trader here, because I need to show you something important When we are delegating our fun funds to trailers now lets click on the follow button in the upper right corner.

For us to even be able to copy trade, we need to transfer usdt to the correct wallet. So, first we need to transfer usdt from our spot wallet to usdd Futures wallet and fill in the amount you want to move. Of course, when I was doing this, I went with one thousand dollars here. There are also shown crypto trading pairs Trader will be trading and Below. There is a section where it says: follow Mount. This value is going to be an amount that Trader is going to use with each trade to determine this number. We should look at past trades and see what Leverage is the trader using and whats the average percentage loss, because we dont want to over or under position ourselves in trading. There is a very simple rule that says we should risk approximately one to three percent maximum of our entire trading Capital per trade. So if I have a trading account with one thousand dollars and a Trader, I want to follow, uses 5x leverage and an average loss is around lets, say 10 percent using 2. Two percent risk of our entire trading account. The number we want to use in the follow mode section is two hundred dollars. This amount will be used as margin and with 5x leverage position. Size will be 1 000 contracts. One of the reasons why I partnered with bitget to sponsor and make this copy trading video is because they secured a partnership with a famous football club Juventus.

So after you also sign up on bitget with a link in the description and have some copy trading results, its time to optimize them to potentially make even more gains. Just to note, if you are in US, you dont need a VPN to use copy trading and there is no need for kyc verification now to optimize and increase our profit. We should focus on performance of each Trader because I followed only one. I cannot really do any optimization, but if you will follow more Traders definitely keep an eye on their performance and who has been making you the most crypto passive income. We can give more trading Capital to traders that have made us the most money, so lets click on this edit button and change the follow mode value to something higher. If we were before using two percent risk of our entire trading account, we can now increase that to three percent with 5x leverage and an average loss of 10 percent on one thousand dollars account, we can go from 200 to 300. Now, if a Trader, we follow lost as money, we can click on him and go with unfollow button. We can then search for another trailer to delegate our trading Capital to or simply increase delegated funds of Traders. We already follow, as we did before now, Smash Up the like button and subscribe for more interesting videos about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies four thousand dollars.