So this particular technical analyst predicts a massive bull run for bitcoin and for all of crypto, and he has an interesting model that ive never seen before its called the circles. Homothetic centers model – i know right its a mouthful – were gon na jump into it. Actually, take a look at it now heres the thing with ta its only one perspective. Many people have different perspectives, but this one caught my eye because its totally different and he goes back all the way to 2012, and this thing is played out pretty accurately up to this point now when exactly the bull run will come, he doesnt have an exact Date, but we can kind of get at it and have a time frame here at least a year, maybe so were going to jump into this right after this dont go anywhere: Music. Music. All right! Welcome back make sure you hit that like button here on your way in so this is ta analyst on twitter uh and he has a really good following here on twitter talking about some algorithmic trading and you know hes a former professor of math uh mathematical logic. So hes an expert when it comes to math, which is what you want to see when youre looking at ta right. Thats, not me by the way. But i do like to learn as much as i can from people who are very smart, like this guy and so lets dive into his model.

This is fascinating, so it says bitcoin is ready for a massive bull run. Let me pull this out, so it starts back in 2012. Okay, and you can see these circles that hes drawn – and you can see this line – this blue line that has predicted when bear and bull markets will come into play now. This yellow line is kind of like your consolidation period, where its kind of trading sideways its pretty boring, but look at this model. This is super fascinating. So if we go way back to 2012 and hes created this on trading view, you can see that he predicted the massive bull run here. In 2012 the initial bull run for bitcoin uh, and then we had a little bit of a bear market throughout 2014 and 2015.. It consolidated a little bit here in the middle of 2015 and then 2016. We had a massive run up again now: im going to look at another chart here in a sec thats going to show some actual numbers so bear with me here. Then the bear market happened. 2018. We kind of started falling off, we traded sideways in 2019 and 2020 and then what happened recently well in 2020 uh, you know right around when the pandemic hit, we experienced another bull run and hes accurately predicted this. The entire way, through whats happening right now well, were in a bear market, and he basically has this bear market lasting until the end of 2022 and then some consolidation a little bit here in 2023 with another big bull, run happening in late 2023 into 2024.

. So if this model continues to go the way its went since 2012, i think he could be on to something here now recently. He put some numbers to this as well, so this is kind of the same chart, actually its dating back to 2011 uh. In this model so check this out, basically hes showing that, by you know, late 2024 bitcoin could be near 400, 000. Think about that right now, hes, showing it right at 20, 000., basically hes showing this is almost the bottom. Maybe we go a little bit lower than outside of his circle, but you know we havent gone outside of his circle here too much at all, so you know from this model, basically were kind of near bottom or at bottom. We did dip a little bit below this, of course to that 17.5. Maybe we get down to that 16k, you know the thing is so many people are talking about that 16k number. It almost makes me want to say that its not going to happen because everybodys thinking its going to happen, what ive learned when crypto is expect the unexpected right uh, if everybodys talking about something it probably wont happen that way, but well see right. If it does, it does right were here, were not going anywhere were playing the long game with bitcoin and crypto, but uh. If we look out into 2027 okay late, 2026, 2007 2027, this model would predict bitcoin being 2.

4 million per bitcoin. Think about that uh. If you go out till 2030 youre looking at a 10 million dollar bitcoin now say what you want its just one model right, but from 2011 to this point in 2022, 11 years this model has played out perfectly. So will history repeat itself i dont know i want to ask you. Let me know your comments about this down below and you can see even the bear market when we get into a bear market in 2025, bitcoin will be at 150k. Can you imagine the bear market when bitcoin goes to 150k and people are freaking out? Oh man, i cant wait for that. So let me know what you think about this down below.